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Swollen Testicle - What causes Inflammation of Testicles and How do I treat?

Last Updated - Fri, May 11 2018

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Detailed Question:

Hi Doctor,

I am 31 year old guy, my left testicle got some Swelling and fever also came. Its really paining sometimes while urinating. I am really worried about it. It is like my spermatic cord is enlarged. Please suggest me some treatment??


Category: General Physician

Dr. Nupur Tandon

Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Jolly Grant Dehradun.

Thanks for asking your question about Swollen testicle or enlarged testicle. Let me explain in detail for your answer.

The testicles are very sensitive, and it can be very uncomfortable if they are swollen and painful. Swollen testicles or Enlarged testicles results from swelling of scrotal sac, a lump, or a cyst within the testicle. The swollen testicle is common causes of injuryinflammation (orchitis)or infection.
Infections of the testicle
 or epididymis and scrotal cyst (spermatocele) or varicose veins (varicocele) can also result in the appearance of a Swollen testicle.

Common symptoms 
  1. Pain associated with ejaculation
  2. Abdominal pain, back pain or pressure
  3. Difficult or painful urination, or burning with urination (dysuria)
  4. Discharge or pus from the end of the penis
  5. Fever
  6. Pain in the testicle
  7. The scrotum that feels enlarged or swollen.
Read more to understand possible conditions of swelling of scrotum.
Testicular swelling causes 
Testicular swelling or swollen testicles can happen rapidly or gradually over time. The main causes are
  1. Testicular torsion which is a medical emergency caused due to injury or situation occurs when spermatic cord is twisted, can cause inflammation of the spermatic cord and thus blood circulation is stopped. This interruption of the blood supply can lead to tissue death of affected testicle. This is very painful injury and a serious condition that is not irreversible after 12 hours. 
  2. An injury or problems with the nerves, arteries or veins.
  3. Testicular cancer is an uncommon cause of swelling in the testicle, a situation that is common with a painless lump.
  4. Varicose veins in the scrotum or varicocele which can also appear as a swollen testicle.
  5. When congestive heart failure causes fluid formation in the lower extremities, it can be so severe as to cause scrotal swelling, although the testicles themselves are not affected. 
  6. Other causes include anatomical abnormalitiestesticular infection (inflammation of the epididymis) and Inguinal hernia (which may be mistaken for an enlarged testicle).
  7. Can arise from several different causes, some of which constitute a medical emergency. 
When should consult a doctor
  1. If the pain is severe or came on suddenly.
  2. If you have pain in the testicles and have fevers and chills, or blood in your urine.
  3. If you have mild pain, or if you have a lump or swelling.
Treatment and Risk Factors for Swollen Testicles 
As temporary or home treatment/remedy I would suggest:
  • Using a rolled up cloth between your legs and under your scrotum or u can wear an athletic support also.
  • Use an ice pack few times a day, to relieve from any swelling scrotum.
  • Cleaning any wound with warm water, but don't wrap with anything around penis such as a bandage or sticky tape.
When you need to visit a doctor:
  • If the swelling is because of infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics or will be hospitalized for IV antibiotics.
  • The doctor may do a scrotal ultrasound to diagnosis scrotum. This result will show if there are any abnormalities within the scrotal sac. 
Serious Complications of swollen testicles can be:
  • Serious complications can be like the removal of testicles, infertility, the spread of cancer or infection and scrotal abscess.
  • Surgery may be needed to prevent the condition if the underlying cause is varicocele, hernia, or hydrocoele. 
Since this can be a life-threatening issue and should not be ignored. If there is a sudden severe pain in the testicle or serious symptoms with nausea and vomiting. Please consult a doctor immediately.

Dr. Nupur Tandon

Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Jolly Grant Dehradun.

Dr. Nupur Tandon is an an eminent consultant physician and Diabetologist practicing in Bangalore. She has certification in management of diabetes and thyroid disorders.

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