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Pennis Size: Can I increase the length & girth of my pennis?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

Size of my Pennis is 5.9 inches. I wish to increase the length & girth of my pennis through medicines, oils, devices etc.

I read somewhere that if you increase blood circulation to pennis you can increase size as well. Is it true? Also is watermelon good for pennis elongation? 

I read somewhere that size DOES matter for a better sexual relationship, how true is that? Some people have even 10 inches of pennis (I've seen pictures), and I feel mine is very small. So please help me?

Category: Sexology


Size of the penis has nothing to do with sexual satisfaction. This is a very big misconception among people. Over my 15 years of career, I've seen thousands of patients come looking to increase their size.

Science behind increasing Penis size 

Let me tell you that there is no widely agreed solution to increase penis length or girth. Most people face difficulty in sexual intercourse due to other problems like erectile dysfunction & Premature ejaculation. Talk to a sex doctor and see if they can help you with any of these problems.

If the penis is shorter than 3 inches (when erect), people can consider pursuing surgical options with proper guidance & consultation of a doctor. This surgery is though controversial and very rarely done.

This Elongation surgery has some probable side-effects where its function might be compromised. You might even find it difficult to get it erect. In fact, the addition in penis length is not very significant. 

Things that are NOT helpful in increasing penis size & girth
  • Stretching
  • Hanging Weights
  • Using penis rings
  • Penile Extenders
  • Online ads with creams & pills (be wary of such products)
  • Taking herbal viagra
  • Any product claiming it will increase the size

Please refrain yourself from following any of the above practices.

What is the right Penis Size?
90% of the people (around the world) have a penis size between 3.9 inches to 6.3 inches. So a 6-inch penis would indeed be way above average. This measurement is from the tip of the penis to where your pubic bone is connected.

Similarly, Average girth is 4.7 inches when erect & 3.6 inches when resting.

Is Pennis Size important?
Based on several studies, size doesn't matter when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Males who are conscious about their penis length might have higher chances of suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. 

Watermelon is in general good for blood circulation but it has no direct correlation with penis length. Blood circulation is healthy for your penis and can help you conquer erectile dysfunction at best. Anyway, you might see people with extraordinarily large penises. 

What do men think about their Penis size?
According to a survey of 65,000 men, about 55% men reported that they are unsatisfied with the size of their penis. This response was in line with another study done 2 years back where over 50% men were unhappy with their penis length. Clearly, a lot of people need to get aware of the reality.

I hope my answer was useful to you. Read more

If you are really concerned about improving your sexual life, there are so many things with which we can help you. Consult a sexologist on JustDoc about that.

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