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Torn frenulum has caused extreme bleeding. How can I stop it from getting injured again?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

Question about Torn Frenulum (bleeding)

Hello Doctor,

Yesterday morning I ripped my Frenulum and there was extreme bleeding for long time. I went to see a doctor but I as the doctor was a lady, I became ashamed and didn't ask her properly.

I did some research online - a lot of people were going with antibiotics, creams or stitching. So how do I know that I have a tear that needs antibiotics or stitching?

Also, that I have a tear in my frenulum and bleeding has stopped, is there any treatment to prevent injury for second time and so it doesn't get torn again.

I got hit on my penis while I was with my girlfriend in the middle of sexual intercourse. My crotch area is still sore and it has been over a day. I'm getting slightly worried about the frenulum.

I'm in trouble, please help me with my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Sexology

Thanks for writing your query on

The frenulum is a thin fold of skin located in many parts of the body such as below tongue, inside upper lip etc., but I understand that you are mentioning the penile frenulum being ripped. Frenulum is also know as banjo string.

This part tear is like a cut in any other part of your body. Foreskin tear can at times become excruciating. Most of the times the symptoms are only temporary and pain & bleeding should stop soon.
It heals over time and it requires no surgical intervention, unless bleeding was not controlled and stitches must be put to stop it.
Otherwise the only 4 key points to remember are:- 
  • Keep the affected tissues in and around the frenulum clean, since the area sweats a lot and it can be prone to infection.
  • An antibiotic ointment like Bactroban or Soframycin may help just like other injuries
  • Avoid any friction for 6 weeks and allow time to heal, avoid sexual intercourse for a few weeks till the torn frenulum is healed properly. Duration varies from person to person depending on the depth of tear in the tissues.
  • After 6 weeks, always remember to use lubrication while masturbating or during sexual activity and this will prevent your frenulum from tearing and bleeding again in future.
In future it should heal back just as normal, however it may reoccur in incidents as what you describe. Sometimes the tear doesn't heal naturally itself. At times it gets torn again and again in the exact same place. This may produce a mild scarring, which may shorten the length of the frenulum, in which case you may need a surgical incision to correct it. Frenuloplasty might be advised then, which will increase the length of frenulum and prevent it from getting torn again.

Try online doctor consultation if the ripping starts again and we'll be able to help you.

Hope this answers your query.

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