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What is Ayurvedic Practice?

A lot has been accomplished in Ayurveda by Indians and treatments vary from skin diseases to hormonal imbalances. Ayurvedic doctors apply a holistic approach to healing for diagnosing and treating patients. A lot of different ayurvedic treatments have also stemmed up as a result of popular demand and some are even used for cosmetic therapies like skin treatments and for weight loss. Ayurvedic consultations online are usually free of cost and can help patients with understanding on ayurveda and the process of treatment.

What is Ayurvedic Process?

These promote purification and detoxification of the body so that you are rejuvenated and the body’s crucial points are stimulated to increase blood flow circulation, thereby removing any toxic waste present and causing pains or other sickness. Back pain and arthritis are commonly treated in this manner along with other forms of medications given by ayurvedic doctors. Most Ayurvedic herbs are safe to take, however, if you are pregnant or have pre-existing diagnosed conditions, do mention it to your doctor, so that precautions can be taken and advised accordingly.

What is Ayurvedic Skin Care?

A lot of skin care products have also stemmed from this branch of medicine itself because the effects provided by Ayurveda are supreme. Skin problems such as Acne, scars, stretch marks, blemishes, infections and others can be cured completely with ayurvedic medicine. As expected, a lot of brands have come up for filling up the void for commercial ayurvedic products, however only a doctor can tell from the composition and constituents on which ones will help you with your problems or not.

What is Scope of Ayurvedic?

A lot of treatments exist in the domain of ayurvedic speciality treatments in India and the scope is wider than allopathy in some areas. The reviews are distinctly positive and patients who try this once usually prefer it for other ailments as well. Ayurvedic treatment consists of different types of medicines, which affect the illnesses within the body in forms like powders, liquids like syrups, tablets, etc. Some treatments take the form of massages, such as for those with back pain, therapies may include Swedana, Shirodhara, Abhyanga and others, most of which use oil and aromatherapy as well, always in the supervision of doctors. This is to pin-point care towards the marmas or doshas of the body which are certain pressure sensitive areas connected to other organs of the body and which need to be massaged. It works like reflexology and has its own benefits.

List of top diseases treated by Ayurveda

  • Skin problems treatment
  • Back problems treatment
  • Cancer treatment (certain types)
  • Piles treatment
  • Gastritis or acidity problems
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hair loss issues
  • PCOD or PCOS or period problems
  • Medicines for Cold and sneezing problems
  • Sexual problems like Premature Ejaculation
  • Arthritis treatment

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What Customers are saying

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