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Who is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrist are physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating patient affected with mental health problem. There is a misconception that psychiatrist only treat patient who are ‘insane or mad’. Psychiatrist deal with all type of mental dysfunction such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, insomnia, postpartum depression etc.

Why consult Online Psychiatrist?

It is for real that people in modern world suffer from some form of mental health issue be it related to depression, problem at work or in your relationship. It is certainly a good idea to consult a psychiatrist online from the comfort of home.

  • Convenience and Comfort
    Many people simply can’t take a day off every week to visit their psychiatrist. In such cases visiting psychologist online via Video/Audio can be an effective. Even the comfort of place while speaking to an online psychiatrist be effective during the treatment.
  • Relatively Inexpensive
    Online psychiatrist consultation are relatively inexpensive that in-person visit primarily because the psychiatrist can effectively optimise their time between consultation and also other overhead charges are reduced i.e infrastructure, travelling etc.
  • Remain Anonymous
    While consulting online with a psychiatrist, you may not have to disclose your identity. This gives you complete freedom to talk to your counsellor without any fear.
  • Choose right therapy and therapist online
    It is very important to learn more about the therapist before you start working with the them. Choosing psychiatrist online gives you the freedom to know about their education, their certifications, their experience, and the types of therapy they specialize in.

Are Online Psychiatrist as effective as meeting them personally?

Yes, it is equally effective. In fact, consulting psychiatrist online helps both the therapist as well as individual to keep track of progress because unlike face-to-face meeting with psychiatrist the individual does not have to take off from work to keep up an appointment. They can engage in online session with psychiatrist right from the comfort of their own home which makes them more regular with their regular follow ups. It is a wonderful option for ladies who are homemakers and cannot find time for regular sessions.

What is the diagnosis and how did you arrive at it?

Sometime a doctor a prescribe medication without fully diagnosing the medical condition. So if your doctor doesn’t mention the diagnosis, talk to him about the possible reason to come to a particular conclusion and his thinking behind a particular treatment plan.

How my mental health affect my weight and sleep pattern?

Everyone shown different physical sign due to mental illness. Some may lose weight and look sick while others may gain weight. Similar is the pattern for sleep. While it is often perceived that person with depression might have long sleeping hours but others have symptoms of insomnia.

Could other health condition affect my mental illness?

Studies have shown that health conditions such as thyroid issues, heart disease etc can worsen the symptoms of mental dysfunction.

What are the side effects of the prescribed drugs?

Discuss about the pros and cons of the prescribed medications. Also talk about how long it will take to manage the symptoms of mental health issues.

What lifestyle changes can help alleviate mental health symptoms?

Talk about the lifestyle changes you need to incorporate to manage the symptoms. These might include getting regular exercise, eating well, avoiding alcohol, and following a particular routine.

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