• Mommy Makeover Ideas to Consider After Pregnancy

    Becoming a mother can do wonders for your life. Pregnant women are usually beautiful, with their fuller breasts and glowing skin tone. However, once pregnancy is over, mommies have to exercise and watch their diet carefully, in order to get rid of the excess weight they've gained during all this time. While some women find it easy to revert to their regular weight, others experience difficulties. Many of them have to put up with the sagginess of their breasts resulting from breastfeeding their babies.

    If healthy nutrition and regular exercise won't help you get back in shape, you may be one of the best candidates for a mommy makeover.

    What Does A Mommy Makeover Include?

    A mommy makeover is a mix of at least two cosmetic procedures meant to restore the natural shape of your body before pregnancy. The standard procedure involves liposuction and breast lifting. However, mommies can mix various cosmetic procedures in order to suit their personal beauty standards and goals. Moms can have liposuction combined with breast lift, but they can also choose tummy tuck surgery as an alternative to liposuction.


    According to surgeon Dr Thomas Pane some mommies choose all four procedures, as they want to be truly slim and fit, and to have a youthful look. Mommy makeover candidates who don't really know what they want should discuss these details with the cosmetic surgeon, in order to make the best decisions for their specific situation.

    Why getting a mommy makeover is a good thing to do?

    A mommy makeover can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence, especially
    if pregnancy has changed your shape a good deal. Liposuction or tummy tuck are the best ways to get rid of fat deposits from your stomach, hips and thighs. Breast lift or augmentation can restore the lost volume of your breasts, making them look youthful and vibrant. Many women have considered their mommy makeover has made them happier. Besides, their new look has made them more confident about themselves and about their ability to fulfill their new role of mothers.

    Do I qualify for a mommy makeover?

    You may qualify for this procedure if your physical appearance as been altered by pregnancy and childbirth, causing saggy breasts, stubborn fat deposits or excess skin in your mid section.


    Here are a few criteria that might make you a good candidate for a mommy makeover:

    • Your breasts have become saggy or uneven in size;

    • Your breasts are disproportionate in comparison to your body;

    • Your nipples don't point up anymore and their areolas are stretched out and larger than they used to be before pregnancy;

    • You have developed stretch marks on your belly and thighs;

    • You have excess skin on the abdomen;

    • You have fat deposits on your belly, hips and thighs.

  • Why is educating girls important for child health?

    The digital and print media is full today with support for the women of the country and equal rights. The world is run by the women all over, who are mothers, sisters, daughters and everything. Yet a lot of girls who are denied the basic education are the female population. It is due to the stereotype that the men of the family should be the bread-earners while women run the house. So if that is the mentality, it makes sense to look at how learned women can do the household better than illiterate. Girl education has turned out a key player in this as seen over the years in a study conducted. Go through the facts and you will be surprised yourself.

  • Stem cell Banking: Is it for you?

    If you're expecting, there are a lot of decisions to take and stem cell banking maybe one of them. Stem cell banking has researchers and doctors alike excited about the prospects for healing many major disorders, which otherwise have been chronically affecting patients. Read on to educate yourself on the pros & cons of this therapy.

    What is stem cell?
    Stem cells are hematopoeitic cells with the amazing power to transform into any cell/tissue/organ of the body. These are a special class of blood cells that can self-renew, multiply, and regenerate indefinitely. These are mainly extracted from 2 sources for treatment:
    1. umbilical cord blood and cord cells of a newborn
    2. adult bone marrow,blood, skin, liver.

    What are the uses of stem cell banking?
    Stem cells are cells that can be transformed to any part of the body that needs to be replaced. As a result these are used in a variety of disorders, which otherwise have limited treatment options available. It can be used for chronic illnesses that maybe metabolic or hereditary or childhood disorders and even for cancer therapy. A lot of cases have already been 100% healed using stem cells for cancer treatment. The list of medical problems that these cells can help in, is increasing by the day, as new age progresses are made in science & research. Some of the common disorders this can treat are Thalassemias, Cerebral Palsy, Hodgkin's & Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma,most Leukemias, certain anemias, blood and marrow-related disorders, autism, spinal cord injury and Multiple Sclerosis, some auto-immune disorders, congenital defects, and even heart attack or HIV (aka AIDS).
    How to bank stem cells?
    There are a lot of stem cell banking companies that operate and these vary from city to city. Talk to your doctor/ Gynecologist to know which one is best in your area and speak to different banks before you zero down on one. Find out their policies, advantages, pricing and quality assurance guarantee. The procedure that you will undergo while storing the cells from the baby's umbilical cord at birth are explained step-by-step below. This is just a general guideline. Each bank may vary this as per their protocol.

    1.At the time of pregnancy, the mother is registered with the stem cell bank and the due date and an account number assigned for collection of the cord cells at the time of birth of the baby.
    2. When the mother is in labor,a paramedic collects blood from the umbilical cord of the newborn and stores it in the special kit which is then express transported to their storage site.
    3. Particular tests are then performed to test the collected samples of cord blood and cord tissue to store it and then a certificate is provided to the parents.
    4. This can be stored for 21 years and then transferred to the baby or for lifetime.

    If at any point of time, a stem cell therapy is prescribed by the doctor, the company can be contacted to send forth the transplanted cells to a designated hospital of your choice.

    In the end, I would say, stem cell is surely a positive step for you and your baby both, but ultimately the decision is yours. Make sure to speak to a Gynecologist beforehand to also check for prenatal testing, NT scan and others.

  • What are our children really eating today?

    Children in olden days were much healthier, without needing too many doctor's visits. Now with the advent of processed foods, taste is superior to quality and hygiene. Lets have a look at how this has impacted our children and us included. What is the right diet for our children?

  • Why is my period late? Discovering the possibilities

    When the monthly cycle is delayed, women are in state of the biggest panic. But what are the real reasons that your period is delayed? When this is combined with other physical uneasiness, it is natural for you to get all tensed up. This is an easy question to answer for a doctor. So we asked a Gynaecologist for the top 10 most common reasons patients missed their periods and here they are:


    This is the most common and most feared reason women miss their periods. But there are certain days of the cycle that are more fertile than others and some days that are less. That means the possibility of getting pregnant depends on the days that you were sexually exposed (intercourse or others).


    This is primarily an imbalance of hormones that causes the ovaries to blow up and multiply in cystic formation. With multiple cysts, ovulation is disturbed and that causes periods to be delayed. Read more about it here.

    3.Primary Amenorrhea

    This is when a woman has never had her periods from the start. At age 16 is when a girl should attain puberty and start menstruating, but if she doesn't it could be a problem.


    A fibroid is a mass of tissue that maybe dense and located in your uterus. This can cause your period to get delayed once or every cycle till treatment is started.


    All women attain a time when they no longer menstruate due to aging and low estrogen. This has other effects on the body such as Osteoporosis as well, but the major change is loss of periods. While it maybe a welcome change, but it is important to speak to your doctor regarding this before hand to get the correct diagnosis.

    6.Lifestyle changes

    If you have been working out too much or if you have changed cities or changed your diet and schedule, it reflects on your body in ways you might not realize.

    7.Emotional Stress

    If your past month or months have been an emotional rollercoaster or if there has been a news that surprised you, it could affect your hormones and in turn your periods.

    8.Hormonal Imbalances

    Certain hormonal imbalances due to physical problems in the body can lead to missing your periods because the body only menstruates when the estrogen, progesterone, FSH & LH are all balanced at a certain level. Any abnormality can tip this balance and cause anovulation and lead to amenorrhea.


    This acts as a partial contraceptive and prevents new mothers from getting periods till they are breastfeeding. Once you stop breastfeeding, your menstrual cycle should return to normal and regular. You can read more about it here.


    Certain medications like pills taken to avoid periods, or injections or hormonal therapy taken can have an effect on periods and delay them. Also chemotherapy can delay or completely override the period cycle for any amount of time.

    So now you know what could be the likely cause you're missing it, but to get a complete treatment, it is best to speak to a doctor here.

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Vaginas

    Most of the people know a lot about human genitalia, but these 10 facts about vaginas will surprise you.

    Source: HB Health of Knightsbridge

  • 10 Super Cute Videos of Babies of All Time - ROFL

    Watch this funny YouTube video of 10 cutest babies in this world.
    Which baby did you find the cutest? Please leave your answers in the comments below

    Let's test your Baby Knowledge - Guess if the following fact is True or False?

    In the womb, all babies grow mustaches...that they eat

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  • C Section Vs. Normal Delivery... When and why?

    When you're Pregnant, your growing child and magnitude of the ways they affect your body is on your mind, particularly if it's your first time.

    But with pregnancy comes mixed feelings. Giving birth can be a time of anxieties, worry and even fear. At one end it’s great joy to bring in a new life into the world and on the other side fear of whether I will be able to handle the entire journey.

    To be moms soon buy all the books, start to visit all the websites, and watch pregnancy shows and various questions start to pop in their mind. Some of which are:
    "What would be my mode of delivery?"
    "Whether I will deliver vaginally or not?"

    "Would I be able to bear those difficult labour pains?"
    "Should I opt for C-Section directly?"

    Many patients ask me which is the better way of delivery. I have heard a lot of queries regarding the labour pains and how they think that incapable of bearing them. I have also witnessed numerous instances where patients want to go for a vaginal delivery without understanding the complications of their case.

    So to all Moms-to-be reading this, both the methods have their own pros cons. As a patient You need to understand that there may be absolute indications that your doctor has to go for a C-Section. Some women have narrow delivery passage which makes it difficult for the baby to come out. At times the size of the baby is too big for a normal delivery passage and thus vaginal delivery is not possible. Emergency C-Sections are also done in a few cases where fetal distress has been witnessed, like heartbeat of the baby being very high or low or else stool has been passed by the baby. C-SECTION is also indicated in case of abnormal position of the baby such as breech presentation or if there are twins or triplets or because the mother may have some major medical condition.

    If no such signs are observed, in my advice every pregnancy should be given a vaginal trial. Why I recommend this (pros of vaginal delivery) is because the vaginal method of delivery is the natural way of reproducing. Also this method has a lot less post delivery pain, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery time than C-Section and allows you to continue with your regular life from the very next day. Some studies (cons) have found that in certain cases women who deliver vaginally may have problem with urine incontinence /lingering pain in perineum.
    Nowadays, you even have epidural analgesia available which helps in relieving the labour pains.

    Dr. Garima Sawhney,
    Obstetrician & Gynecologist,
    Max Hospital, Delhi
    She has 8 years of experience in treating patients in Gynaecology. She is passionate about treating patients and create a better healthcare environment. She is also associated with several health NGOs to spread awareness about common diseases in Gynaecology.

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  • Eating these 5 foods is a must for pregnancy - Are you taking them?

    Wherever you maybe, a grandmother's advice or a mother's advice is unavoidable when it comes to big decisions in life. And this is one phase where their advice will be inevitably helpful. Here are top foods that are recommended by doctors a must to eat in pregnancy that help you in pregnancy for all your wholesome diet needs.

    Telemedicine Pure cow's milk is one of the best things for a mother for pregnancy. This simply goes on with the grandmother's advise and that is rarely wrong. So don't think about gulping that glass of hot or cold milk. Take as you wish, with chocolate, with kesar, badam or horlicks, or as a shake but its the best source of calcium and Vitamin D required for your baby's growth, so don't miss out on this easy health drink!

    Telemedicine A very important source of fibre, nuts are nutrition-packed fruit bags with goodies for you & your baby. You can choose which ones you like and eat, they come in all different shapes, sizes & flavours. Except walnuts (which are best avoided for first few months of pregnancy), you can consume any dry fruits like almonds, dried figs, pistachios, cashewnuts, prunes, dried dates, dried apricots, raisins and more.

    Fruits are undoubtedly the most loaded with Vitamins and anti-oxidants, like no other vegetable. Except papaya and pineapple, and mangoes (can be taken in limited quantity), you can choose from a wide variety of fruits like melons, watermelons, apples, oranges, mosambi, bananas, pears, pomegranate, grapes, guavas, avocados, cherries, plums, apricots, figs, kiwis, strawberries and any others.

    Greens like spinach, fenugreek, broccoli, leek, lettuce, beans, peas etc are rich in Iron and vitamins which are required for a healthy growth of your baby. They are essential for good and normal development and must be consumed daily in pregnancy. Also these are good in fibre and help in fighting the constipation that forms a part of pregnancy for many moms-to-be.

    5.Tender Coconut or juices
    A lot of pregnant women don't know about this magic drink, but I'm sure many others would have been advised from their grandmothers or mothers about the wonders a tender coconut can do to you. Like your blood, it is the only isotonic solution to your body's increased fluid requirement. No other health drink can give you the exact same amount of electrolytes as your blood. And bearing the same content, it is also easily absorbed by your baby through blood. So it is like giving your baby a sip of tender coconut and your body an energy drink that's 100% natural and safe. However if you do not have the drink in your area or is difficult to find, you can drink other juices as well that will promote a good nutritional balance.

  • 11 bad parenting signs that you should watch for

    We often blame the parents for the way kids behave and one of the most logical reasons for this is the parenting. Most parents don't treat their kids right when it comes to setting expectations and that's why they act in such a way.

    1.If your child intentionally disturbs you, it is because you are not physically affectionate enough. Your child keeps pestering you it is for a reason. All children ask for is attention from you that means love to them. Attention does not mean buying them gifts. Nothing can replace the quality time you spend with your children.

    2.If your child is lying, it means you overreacted to mistakes in the past. That is the only logical explanation as to why children lie. They are otherwise pure-hearted souls that have a clean intent, and don't learn bad habits unless forced to. Fear that you might overreact again causes a child to lie to you.

    3.If your child has a poor self-esteem it is because you advise them more than you encourage them. This is quite the case when children are over-instructed. Most children are not encouraged everytime they do a good deed, but are advised or even reprimanded everytime they do a mistake.

    4.If your child does not stand up for themselves it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public. Parents shouldn't do so even in front of friends, cousins or siblings. Children are very sensitive and even have an ego of their own. They mind it when they're taught to do the right thing in public or in front of people they know. Their ego is often hurt and when you tell them what to do and what not to do then they will not get the confidence in themselves to take a stand.

    5.If you buy everything for your children, still they take things that do not belong to them, it is because you don't let them choose. Your children also have choices, likes and dislikes, which they want to exercise. When you don't allow them to choose, your child chooses from options other than he/she is supposed to and picks up objects that he/she likes. So always go shopping and buy what your kid likes not what you feel you need to buy for your child.

    6.If your child is a coward, it is because you help them too quickly. Don't remove every obstacle from their path. Your child is a delicate being, but he knows how to take care of himself and do their routine as usual. If you always keep helping your child in each and every obstacle, he will not be able to become independent. Also he will become a coward, afraid of life's hurdles and dependent on you. Let him/her explore the world as he/she likes and get an idea of what lies ahead.

    7.If your child is jealous, the reason might be you compared them to others consistently. Your child is jealous because you taught them comparison. Never underestimate the power of a child. You should always respect their individuality. If you think your child isn't better than someone else's child, don't tell them that. Try instead to teach him to get better at the things he can work on improving.

    8. If your child gets angry quickly, the reason might be you have not praised them enough. They only get attention misbehaving. That is why your child might not behave his best when you want him to. Try to give your child some good quality time as a family and some time where just you two will bond that makes him feel special and cared for.

    9.If your child doesn't respect others feelings, the reason might be you always order them-not giving importance to their feelings. When you don't care for your child's feelings, he will learn to do the same and not respect others too. Such children might even be verbally explosive or tantrum kids, because you have been ordering him/her around.

    10.If your child is secretive, the reason is you blow things up very big. Ofcourse noone will like telling things to you that might provoke a big unwanted response from you. Try to limit your reaction when your child tells you about something you do not like. Otherwise this could make your kid keep secrets from you.

    11.If the child behaves very rudely, it is learnt from parents or others living with them. Yes, many times we don't realise that this but most things kids learn are from us consciously or unconsciously. This is also an old wives tale that children usually follow the lead of parents eventhough parents deny any such behaviour, but most children learn habits from their parents, family and people they stay with. Maybe you would want to be careful about the caregiver you choose to babysit your child.

    Inspite of all these measures, some children require counselling to get their problems dealt by speaking with a Child Psychologist. Or you can consult a Pediatrician to know the right skills for you here.

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