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Enima suggested? What should I do?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

Hi there,

A doctor told me that I need enima. I want to know if that is safe?

Also, why is enima required in general? Is it absolutely necessary. Is it something serious?

Thank you

Category: General Physician


I would assume that you mean Enema (& not Enima)

Enema might be needed to relieve constipation or bowel cleansing to stimulate stool evacuation. So, if you are finding it difficult to pass stool out of your rectum, the doctor must have advised the enema. But usually that is the last resort for the treatment and if the laxatives are not helping. It is also suggested before a complicated medical procedure.

Mild constipation may occur when you don't eat enough fibre or drink the right amount of water as needed by the body. In case of a severe constipation where the patient has passed 3 or less than 3 stools over a period of seven days may be asked to undergo enema. The doctor may also ask to undergo the procedure before the X-ray of colon or colonoscopy. 

Pregnant women are also sometime asked to undergo enema before the labor to avoid accidental poop spill while pushing during labor. Though not common, some hospitals and doctors still ask patient to undergo the enema (misspelled as enima) due to the following reason:
  • Enema clears the back passage which gives more space for the delivery of baby
  • It make the labor shorter
  • Enema reduces the risk of contamination during the birth

But enema during labor is not compulsory and should be avoided if the bowel movements are normal.

Enema is a fairly safe procedure. It can be administered both at medical centre or at home. 
Medical centres are preferred place for enema if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. Home kits are also available which contains information if the procedure is performed at home. You might be required to do fasting or follow a prescribed diet before the procedure. 

To answer your question whether enima (spelled as enema) is necessary and what can be the alternatives to enema, I would say enema is mostly used for severe constipation. So try having a diet rich in fibre (>25gm per day) and drink at least 8-12 glasses of water daily. 

In most cases enema is not serious and is only used to relieve constipation or clean the colon. Your doctor might suggest to undergo further investigations like colonoscopy, X-ray etc to detect polyps or colon cancer.

I'd strongly suggest asking a doctor with more details and probably find an alternate solution and go for enema if it still requires.

If by enima you mean something else, you can also share your medical records/prescription etc while consulting doctor on JustDoc

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