• Natural Home Remedies For Impotence in Males

    Out of all the problems that men face in their lives, many consider impotence the gravest. More often than not, they believe that suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction makes them less of a man. They are too embarrassed to speak about it, let alone seek help, and that’s where the problem lies.

    Impotence is not an uncommon problem and, in most cases, can be overcome quite easily. Understanding the meaning of impotence and what is causing it is the first step to recovery. A man who has impotence is unable to achieve an erection, and when he does, it doesn’t last for long. The condition is also associated with the inability of a man to achieve ejaculation.

    Almost every man out there desires a better sex like, and as both of the aforementioned points can have a significant impact on their ability to engage in intercourse, men have a tough time dealing with it.

    If you have impotence, know that you’re not alone and that around half of the men between the ages of 40 and 70 have experienced the same problem at least on one occasion, if not more.

    You probably already know that the older you get, the greater the risk of impotence but it is important to note that age isn’t the only factor that can contribute towards this condition.

    There are a number of causes of erectile dysfunction, some factors being medical, some physical and some emotional. For instance, a person suffering from an endocrine disease, such as diabetes, may experience impotence as it is the endocrine system that produces the hormones which are instrumental in regulating the body’s reproductive processes, metabolism, sexual function, mood and more. Neurological disorders, too, can be a cause of erectile dysfunction as they hamper the brain’s ability to communicate with the reproductive organs. Blood flow to the penis is necessary for an erection, and if this flow is blocked due to a cardiac condition or because the person is on medication, it may result in impotence.

    Other than medical reasons, factors such as depression, performance anxiety and more can also come in the way of a man achieving an erection. When battling impotence, men often turn to drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Staxyn. Although these drugs do show results, when it comes to treatment for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, it’s always better to go natural. Improving your relationship with your partner, practising Kegel exercises or eating the right food could be the answer to your problem. Here are a few natural remedies that will help you combat impotence and get your sex life back on track. Some natural or alternative remedies for impotence include:

    1. Improving your relationship

    A man needs to be sexually aroused for his penis to become and remain erect. The absence of such arousal can be the reason behind impotence. This often happens when the person is bored or unhappy with the relationship. Adding a little spice one’s sex life, by trying out new positions or even a whole new setting, like a hotel room, can go a long way in creating a better sex life. Other issues in a relationship, such as anger and lack of communication, can also result in reduced levels of sexual arousal which, in turn, leads to impotence. Increasing communication and improving the relationship can solve the problem of impotence as well as lead to a happier life.


    There exist quite a few men who are unable to achieve an erection simply because they worry too much about whether they will be able to. Men, especially those with an inferiority complex, get stressed out about whether they are capable of satisfying their partner. This performance anxiety is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction and can be overcome quite easily. Talking to one’s partner and making a conscious effort to reduce the level of stress and anxiety help to combat impotence. Couples are sometimes advised to abstain from sex and focus of non-sexual touch for a few days or weeks. This helps them to become more comfortable with each other, reduce anxiety, increase sexual desire and, finally, do away with impotence.

    2. Walking

    Studies have revealed that a majority of males who face impotence are overweight. Obese men are two and a half time more likely to develop the condition that other men. This is because obesity increases the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, including atherosclerosis, wherein cholesterol gets deposited on the walls of blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to flow to the penis among other organs. Obesity also results in lower levels of testosterone, a hormone which is instrumental in the male sexual function. It has been shown that exercising can help men to lower the risk of impotence during midlife by seventy percent. Simply walking two miles every day can help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and can even do away with it.

    3. Kegel exercises

    Kegel exercises are mainly used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles in order to control or lower the risk of urinary incontinence along with other pelvic floor problems. They have long been associated with improving the sexual health of both men and women. When a man does kegel exercises, his bulbocavernosus muscles are strengthened. These muscles play a major role in penile rigidity, allowing the blood to flow into the penis and keeping it erect during intercourse.

    4. Circulation

    When a man is aroused, blood rushes to his penis, leading to an erection. The circulation of blood in the body, thus, plays an important role in a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. A man can improve the flow of blood by exercising, maintaining a healthy diet and by taking some time out to relax. Ginkgo Biloba is a herb which is used to treat conditions in which the flow of blood has been reduced, and thus can help men to overcome the problem of impotence. In addition to its numerous other health benefits, garlic is known to help improve the circulation of blood in the body and can be taken to prevent or control erectile dysfunction.

    5. Horny goat weed

    As the name suggests, horny goat weed is an herb which is used to improve sexual function. It is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction which increases the flow of blood, raises sexual desire and prevents involuntary ejaculation. Italian researchers believe that the herb contains icariin, a compound which helps to increase libido and treat impotence, leading to a better sex life. Legend has it that the weed got its name after a farmer realised that his flock became sexually active after they consumed the herb.

    6. Boron

    Many consider boron as one of the most effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. It is a trace mineral that is essential for the body and has a positive impact on its tissues and processes. It works in a similar fashion as Viagra, raising the libido of the man, increasing the level of testosterone in his body and regulating his sex hormones. Reduced levels of testosterone are one of the causes of erectile dysfunction and thus boron acts as a simple remedy for impotence.

    7. Saw palmetto

    Prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia are among the causes of erectile dysfunction as these conditions can result in the inflammation of the prostate. Those suffering from these conditions often find it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection even when they are aroused. Impotence caused because of this condition can be treated by taking saw palmetto, which is a herb that is used to reduce symptoms such as an enlarged prostate. By reducing the swelling and inflammation in the prostate, it helps men to achieve an erection.

    8. Acupuncture

    A type of alternative medicine, acupuncture is a therapy in which needles are inserted into various parts of the body. Although most commonly used to relieve pain, it is also used to treat various other conditions, including impotence. Studies have revealed that acupuncture can restore normal erections and combat the issue of erectile dysfunction.

    9. Ginseng

    Often referred to as the new Viagra or herbal Viagra, ginseng is a root which can be used as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, among other medical conditions. Studies have revealed that ginseng can not only improve erectile function but also lead to increased levels of sexual satisfaction. It can contribute to a better sex life in other ways as well, such as by improving a man’s testosterone levels.

    10. L-arginine and L-citrulline

    L-arginine is an amino acid which is present in the body and also found in protein foods. It helps in the formation of nitric acid which is useful for the relaxation of blood vessels. When blood vessels are relaxed, men are in a better position to achieve an erection and also sustain it. L-citrulline can also help to decrease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help a man to maintain an erection. Citrulline is present in watermelon, which is why watermelon juice has come to be known as nature’s Viagra.

    11. Improving your lifestyle

    Research has shown that heavy smokers are more likely to face difficulties in achieving an erection as compared to non-smokers. Drinking and smoking can adversely affect the circulation of blood in the body, and this can ultimately lead to impotence. Improving one’s lifestyle and maintaining a healthy diet are some of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of impotence as well as prevent many other medical conditions.

    These natural remedies for erectile dysfunction or impotence can work wonders in improving your condition and providing you with a better sex life. However, as the causes of the condition vary from person to person, its remedies also vary and thus it is essential to seek help from a specialist.

  • Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

    Apart from the satisfying feeling that masturbation gives, there are also some side effects that tag along if you do it too often. Widely experienced, masturbation has a role to play in your receding hair line. The seminal fluid that is released when one masturbates is composed of 10% protein and 90% water. Hence when a person masturbates, the excessive ejection of the seminal fluid may lead to a protein deficiency in the body, further leading to hair loss. The protein is responsible for the repair of the tissues of the body and also hair growth.

    The testosterone levels also increase at the point of ejaculation where the testosterone gets converted into DHT.

    As a human’s scalp is sensitive to DHT, excessive masturbation can lead to hair loss. Therefore, if a person is addicted to masturbation, there is a good chance that the person may experience hair loss.

    Stages of masturbation that aggravates hair loss

    Depending on one’s frequency and severity of masturbation, men go through four broad stages of masturbation. Sexual exhaustion leading to hair loss can be broadly categorised into four main stages. They are as follows:

    1. Problematic Hair Loss:

      This is the initial stage of losing hair caused due to over masturbation. It can be seen among males aged between 16 to 30 years. This stage is marked with receding hairlines along with other symptoms like fatigue and mood swings.

    2. Severe Hair Loss:

      Excessive masturbating lifestyle leads to loss of hair especially on the top front part of the head. Chronic masturbators in this stage experience added symptoms like back pain, mood swings, disturbed sleep, and fatigue.

    3. Very Severe Hair Loss:

      If a man in his 20s continues excessive masturbation for years later, he might develop a bald spot almost as much as the size of an orange. He may also face similar symptoms like the ones in Severe Hair Loss accompanied with insomnia and anxiety.

    4. Extremely Severe Hair Loss:

      In this stage, the baldness reaches its extreme level where there is hardly any hair left on the head. This predicament may be accompanied with prostate problems and a suppressed immune system.

    does masturbation cause hair loss infographics

    Chronic Masturbation Speeds Up Hair Loss

    Self-satisfaction is an important part of a person’s mental peace. It has been scientifically proved that masturbation helps one maintain a healthy immune system and a healthy lifestyle. It releases tension and lowers blood pressure in stressful situations. However, there are many who are addicted to masturbation and can make them a chronic masturbator over time. If this stage arrives, he or she will strive to achieve orgasm multiple times in an hour or a day. If this rigorous practice continues, it will speed up the process of hair loss.

    It is observed that chronic masturbators lose most of their hair before they turn thirty years, because of sexual exhaustion.

    Masturbation and Genetics

    Largely observed, chronic masturbators along with their practice of masturbating multiple times in a day are also affected genetically when it comes to hair loss. If a man inherits it through his genes, he will suffer from male pattern baldness regardless of being a chronic masturbator or not.

    male pattern baldness

    If one has early balding in their genes, then excessive masturbation may trigger the balding gene leading to extreme hair loss.

    Masturbation and DHT levels

    Masturbation creates a chemical reaction that secretes a number of hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters. After a person reaches orgasm, the ejaculation triggers the transformation of testosterone to DTH. If a large amount of ejaculation takes place in less number of days, a huge amount of DHT gets built up. The scalp is attacked by this built up which affects the nutritional supply to the hair roots.

    masturbation and DHT level

    DHT also stimulates a gland called sebaceous gland which is responsible for maintaining the oil content of your scalp which maintains the nutritional level required for healthy hair.

    Should You Stop Masturbating?

    Masturbation is a rejuvenating exercise and a part of a healthy sex life. Many types of research show that there are several health benefits of masturbating such as:
    1. Prevents cancer
    2. Increases immunity
    3. Boosts your mood
    4. Helps your sex last longer
    5. Manages premature ejaculation
    6. Improves sperm motility
    7. Manages stress and depression
    8. Prevents from STDs and pregnancy

    Considering all the above aspects, an excess of any activity may create unhealthy imbalances in the body and mind. If the practice of masturbation over rules your senses, it can cause many issues in the present time as well as in the future.

    What is the solution?

    Combating hair fall caused due to excessive masturbation can be done in many ways.

    1. You can take a break for a few days from masturbating and having sex, or at least stop yourself at the point of ejaculation. By doing this, you will not use up your proteins and DHT levels.
    2. Medication for deficiencies can also help largely to inhibit DHT production along with some dietary changes.
    3.You can also approach a sex doctor and consume safe supplements for a faster result.
    4.Many doctors also suggest yoga and exercise so that the body remains active and the protein and DHT level is maintained.
    5. There are some natural solutions for better hair that you can try

    Hair fall cannot be only linked to masturbation but a number of factors such as genetics, lifestyle, medications, DHT sensitivity etc. Masturbation within limits is NOT the cause of hair fall.

  • 8 Reasons You Need to Try Pole Fitness

    You may have heard about pole fitness from a friend or read it somewhere on the internet. However, it was just a passing thing and you easily forgot about it after a few minutes.

    But now, here you are again, reading this article out of rekindled curiosity. We've brought together our doctors and fitness experts to write in detail about pole fitness. We've listed some of the reasons we think should be enough to get you to at least give pole fitness a try.

    1) It's sexually suggestive

    Myth: It's indecent and should only be seen in nightclubs. This is the stereotype, pole dancing is branded with. International Pole Sports Federation is a real thing.

    However, this hasn't stopped its continuous rise in popularity, both among women and men. Being branded as such also has its benefits. It opens a great topic for discussion on discrimination, the boundaries on what men and women can do, and how it can empower a person's life. This widens your perspective on many things and allows you to interact with people and talk about things that transcend a simple dance exercise.

    2) You become an actor/actress for a moment
    You can imagine you're playing the role of a dancer in strip clubs, except you don't need to strip to make everything erotic.

    Using carefully planned choreography, slow and precise muscle movements, and inviting floor works, you get to unleash your hidden sensuality without inciting physical contact with your audience. It's a safe way to unleash your inner seductress/gigolo while strengthening your muscles simultaneously.

    3) You get to have a bonding moment with friends
    Taking classes together with friends makes everything more fun and entertaining. Having someone you can talk to, practice with, and perform for, increases motivation to continue improving your skills on the dance pole.

    Basic Invert Blog talks in detail about pole dancing techniques, advantages and many fun facts. Feel free to check out their articles.

    4) You get more attention and instruction
    Unlike other fitness classes, pole dancing courses usually have fewer students. This gives instructors more time to focus on each student and assist them to achieve proper form and perform better moves and tricks.
    It's almost like you have a personal coach because of the attention you can get from your trainer.

    5) It combines several disciplines into one
    Pole dancing moves are created by combining gymnastics, dancing, and ballet. Add a little of yoga and Pilates, and wear high-heels all at the same time. That's how a regular day works for pole dancers.

    Pole dancing also beats individual gym exercises by combining endurance, strength, and flexibility training in just a few moves. After you're done with your routine, you'll feel like you did a whole day workout at the gym. You may quickly get exhausted at first, but you can soon feel the fruits of your labor.

    6) It uses your own weight against you
    Ask any pole dancer, who have tried both regular gym workouts and pole dancing, which is more difficult: gym weight training or pole dancing. We're sure that most of them will say pole dancing is more challenging.

    Despite being more difficult, more women prefer pole dancing over regular gym training probably due to the benefits you get from it. A simple pole climb is harder to do than bicep curls because you're pulling your weight up in the air instead of 2kg of metal.

    Even if the exercises are harder to execute, you're working more muscles all throughout your body which is obviously way better.

    7) It gives a sense of accomplishment
    Those who have tried it went crazy after they successfully executed moves they thought was impossible for them to do. Since the moves are harder to do than expected, you get a sudden burst of confidence and exhilaration when you get to properly execute even one of them. This makes it more addicting in a good way.

    8) It does more than just tone your muscles
    It looks easy when pole dancers do their act because they've trained countless of hours to perfect one whole routine. It takes incredible amounts of patience and perseverance which are the key factors you should remember if you want to succeed in this art form. As time passes, you also get to build your confidence while you get a more toned body from continuously perfecting your routine.
    These key concepts can be applied in other areas in your life, including career and relationship.

  • How do your relationships describe you?

    Ever heard the quote "Birds of the same feather flock together"? Not only is it true in its true meaning, but also as a proverb.

    Just like upbringing in our family, our parents or other relatives have a huge influence on how we look at the outer world, we develop environmental changes as we age with those who are around us. Be it friends, business associates, work colleagues, relatives, siblings, schoolmates, roommates, clients or bosses and everyone else. We know our opinions are formed based on what our relationships think about a certain topic.

    We also act a certain way because it is how we learnt it from those around us. And that affects the way we think. So if you have a belief about something very strongly that reflects in most of your actions, chances are there could be someone who has brought about that belief among your relationships. Most times it is our parents or family, other times it is your friends or schoolmates or college batchmates or roommates.

    Although it is definitely not true that all the qualities of your friends or relationships are imbibed as such in yourself, but often a lot of similarity exists on a broad perspective of many things. If it your loved one that you are closest to and interact most with, it is sure that some of the opinions and qualities you possess will be in common, as well as it is sure that some of your opinions and qualities will be influenced by new things you learn in the relationship.

    Relationships may change us without us realizing it, so if we want a certain trait, we must associate with those who believe it. This is also the reason why temples were built. Churches, mosques, gurudwaras and all religious monuments preach to people of their religion who believe in a certain way of life and a God. This brings us to one very important understanding, that is this: if you have positive people in your life, who stand by what you say & do, your perspective will be generally positive. On the other hand, if you carry negative people in your life, who give you stress, don't support you, or keep nagging, you will have a negative impact as well. No matter how much a stranger or a therapist counsels you, as long as you have those people in your life, things are difficult to change.

    So it all boils down to who we associate ourself with. If its someone worthy, you will also improve, so look around and make the changes for a healthy mind and clear soul.

  • Is your child really safe from abuse?

    We all think our children and relatives are safe from any type of incidents of abuse, but the facts state otherwise. A lot of cases are discovered when its too late and many interventions are aimed at life support and sustaining a good environment.

    These children especially require child psychologist sessions to correct the damage that has been caused to them. Connect with a good therapist if you know someone who needs a counselling. Beware of the signs when they appear and always pay attention as a parent to your child's abnormal behaviour.

  • Signs you're in a wrong relationship

    A lot of things can go wrong in a relationship and sometimes we cannot even predict them.

    11 years ago Brangelina started off at a high note, but hit the rock bottom for few reasons common to everyday relationships. Before you consider taking the plunge into marriage, have you considered if yours is the right partner?

    Does your partner listen to you attentively?

    Chances are if you have a good rapport, you must also engage in meaningful conversations atleast once a while. Everyone, man or woman long to have a deep and insightful discussion about life and choices. If your partner completes you and supports you when you're at your weakest, it is a good trustworthy connection. The point here is to develop a bond and understanding, where the two of you get space to share as well as breathe.

    Does your partner look at you with love or lust?

    If your partner is only in the relationship for the physical intimacy or 'action', possibly this won't run for too long. Lust is easily replaced by other partners once lost and partners lose interest very quick if they are not serious about you. If your partner thinks about growing old with you and talks about it, and not just the "last night you spent together", that's a positive sign in a relation.

    Is your partner ready for commitment?

    Whatever be the past history or his/her affairs, but if your partner has chosen you, both of you must be ready to look at a long life together and have a positive outlook to each other's families. Whether its about having babies or about the "wedding day", your partner should be at your side, every step along the way.

    Is your partner's relationship with you detrimental?

    Does your partner drink, smoke or abuse drugs a lot more than one should? If yes, do you feel ashamed about the fact and do you think it affects your relationship in a negative manner? Or has your partner ever physically or mentally abused you in private or in public? If yes, then you need to give a serious thought to the future of you two, since it won't be long before you will have to call it quits.

    Brangelina had to divorce because of Pitt's abusive side and negligent parenting. We hope you take our advice seriously and give your relationship a thought. While a lot of aspects can be fixed in a relationship, but these are big issues that will inevitably lead to a break-up eventually. So before you fall into the trap, know the compatibility you both share and discuss these points with your partner as well.

  • Does Having Sex Daily Increase or Decrease Sperm Count?

    One out of five young men face with the issue of low sperm count. Your one of daily habits can lead to difficulty conceiving, with a low sperm count or poor sperm quality. Here, a new infographic by Superdrug, compiled using several medical studies, reveals what to avoid to keep semen sprightly.

    Those tight underwear and pants can lead to reduction in sperm count. In a study, men who wore tight underwear for 120 days saw 100 percent reduction in sperm counts.

    Obesity not only lead to cardiac problem but is one of the primary reason for male infertility. Those with a BMI more than 24 can have a 22 percent decline in sperm count.

    Smoking cigarettes can harm DNA, prompting sperm mutations. Drinking alcohol also lessens sperm count and concentration and lowers the percentage of normal sperm.

    Non-stick pans and takeaway wrappers contain PFC's (perfluorochemicals) which have been shown to cause a reduction in normal sperm.

    Chemicals found in sunscreen can reduce sperm count by 33 per cent. One chemical, octinoxate alters hormone levels, and oxybenzine slows sperm production.

    Plastic bottles and the lining of food cans contain bisphenol A. High concentrations of this chemical affect sperm motility - its ability to move spontaneously and actively.

    Did you know
    The most common sex problem is Premature Ejaculation?

    Consult a sexologist to know more about the issues.

    Source Dailymail.co.uk

  • 6 Common Supplements to Increase Sperm Count

    Low sperm count affects a lot of relationship every year in India. Your sperm count is considered lower than normal if you have fewer than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. However these 6 supplement should be taken daily to increase your sperm count.

    1. Zinc: make both men and women infertile

    Zinc is a critical element and even a small deficiency can lead to infertility and low libido. Low zinc in men impairs testosterone production and put them on risk of developing prostate cancer. A research study showed that increasing zinc intake in infertile men improves sperm count and have positive effects on sperm motility.

    Food sources: Oysters, Beef, Crabs, Fortified Cereal, lobster, Pork Chop, Cashews, Chickpea, Swiss Cheese, Oat Meal, Kidney Beans, Almonds etc.

    2. Selenium: Nutritionally Essential for Humans

    Selenium is necessary for the production of sperm. It plays critical roles in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protection from oxidative damage and infection.

    Food sources: Brazil nuts, Tuna, Shrimp, Salmons, Yogurt, Mushrooms, Baked beans, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Brown rice, Eggs etc.

    3. Vitamin E: It's So Important!

    Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. Studies have shown it to improve sperm health and motility in men thereby increasing the percent of live sperm. A study performed on rat showed that those with no vitamin E were not able to reproduce. When the supplements was restored they fertility was completely restored.

    Food sources: Sunflower seeds, spinach, asparagus, kale, shrimp, olive oil, peanuts, avocado, dark leafy greens. etc.

    4. Folic acid (folate)

    Low intakes of folate can have devastating effects, ranging from birth defects to infertility in men and even cancers. Low levels of folate lead to abnormal sperm with too little or too many chromosomes. If an egg is fertilised with one of these abnormal sperm it could result in a birth defect such as downs syndrome, or an increase in miscarriage.

    Food sources: lentils,spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, parsley, black beans, navy beans, kidney beans, collard greens

    5. Vitamin B12: Why we need it?

    This is a type of the B complex vitamins. It is highly essential in cardiovascular support, DNA production, boost brain and nervous system activities, increase sperm count naturally and generally boost sperm health.

    Food sources: sardines, salmon, tuna, cod, lamb, shrimp, yogurt, chicken, mushroom etc.

    6. Vitamin C: We love it

    It contains collagen for beautiful skin and bones, produces serotonin for proper brain function, protect against free radicals and increase sperm count and increases sperm motility naturally.

    Food sources: Abundant in fruits and vegetables especially papaya, pineapple, oranges, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries, Brussels sprout, grape fruit, etc.

    You should consult a nutritionist to get a balanced diet plan.

  • All you need to know about your Contraceptive choices

    Contraception is a form of birth control that can be used by men or women to prevent conception (pregnancy) during intercourse.

    A woman can get pregnant if a man’s sperm reaches one of her eggs (ova). Contraception tries to stop this from happening by keeping the egg and sperm apart or by stopping egg production.

    Various forms of contraception exist in today’s market and your choices only make you more confused. Not only you, but your partner could also be confused as to which among you is taking the responsibility of “protection”.

    This is why, we’ve listed below most of the options available out there today to prevent pregnancy, suggested by our online gynecologist. (Bear in mind, contraception is Prevention of pregnancy, but once pregnant, contraception does not have any role.)
    Telemedicine 1.Barrier Contraceptives are condoms: for men and for women.
    More commonly the male condoms, offer 98-99% protection when used correctly, which means 1 in 100 women might get pregnant while using male condoms as a form of contraception. The male ‘barrier’ is the most common, widely accepted, cheap, reasonably effective and easily available method of preventing pregnancy.
    There are also “Barriers” for women like a diaphragm or a female condom that can be inserted as early as 6 hours prior to intercourse. Women condoms are less common since their efficacy is questionable. They contain a sponge that prevents sperm from entering your uterus. However, these can increase your chances of HIV infection if you are exposed to a person with AIDs and similarly other STIs. Or you could go for the feminine cervical rings that release a hormone in your body to prevent pregnancy.

    2.Oral Contraceptive Pills:(OCP’s) for women.
    These are pills that a woman has to take for first 28 days of her cycle, starting on the second menstrual day to prevent conception. These pills are essentially combination of estrogen & progesterone, that prevent egg-formation(Ovulation) in women taking them.These offer protection after 7 days of continuous use and last for 21 days, after which the woman ovulates and gets her next cycle. You need to wait till you are on the second day of the period to start taking the next round of pills. However, even if one pill is missed on a day, protection is off for next 7 days, till when she has to take the pills and use another contraceptive. These are effective upto 99% of the time, and the second most common form of contraceptive use worldwide. A little low on convenience, but combined with barrier contraception, they offer 100% safe sex. Another type of contraceptive pill called Emergency or Morning after pill also exists in cases of emergencies, but doctors advice against it due to its side effects. Another blog post will be coming over soon around this.

    3. Intra-uterine device or Implants: (IUDs)
    These are certain instruments placed in the body which contain substances which inhibit a woman’s fertility. Most often used by women post-partum, IUDs can be inserted into a woman’s reproductive tract that inhibit the sperm from reaching the egg and thereby prevent pregnancy. The commonest IUD is a Copper T which is inserted and placed by a trained Gynaecologist into a woman’s uterus that contains copper and releases substances that make the uterus hostile for conception. This is a valid method for upto 5 years with a efficacy of 99% when placed correctly. However, women are not so fond of this because of the rare adverse reactions like spotting, pains, and discomfort during intercourse.
    Another form of contraception is an Implant, that can be surgically placed in a location in the body(usually the upper arm), from where it slowly releases hormones that cause contraception.This protects from pregnancy for upto 4 years and is as effective as the IUD.

    Telemedicine 4.Intravenous Injectables/Hormonal Contraception:
    These are injections like Depo or Depo Provera that she can take, with a prescription from a qualified Gynaecologist, every 3-6 months depending on the drug and type, which release hormones over long-term to prevent pregnancy. However, these also have the side effect of spotting and require you to be off contraception for 6 months if you change your mind and want to conceive. Also women find taking injections every 3 or 6 months tedious and painful and opt for other painfree, hassle-free ways.

    5. Tubectomy/Vasectomy: (Sterilization)
    Another option is that you can undergo called tubectomy, in which they tie your fallopian tubes(in women) so that no ovum is released, it is also very effective in sterilization. Or men can undergo Vasectomy where sperm is prevented from being released by tying up the cord that connects to your testicles. But be careful with this as this operation can cause long-term infertility and if you wish to conceive in the future, it may not be possible to repair the tubes, so be sure you won’t be planning in the future.

    6.Contraceptive/Hormonal Skin Patch:
    You could go for the skin patches, that can be worn over your back or torso and release hormones slowly preventing pregnancy in women. These are hormonal treatments that are prescribed by your doctor and need to be replaced every 3 months on prescription. This is also a very effective method of contraception, but women may experience dizziness and bloating, or spotting due to the high amounts of hormones released through the skin into the body. Also when you change your mind, it may take 6 months for the body’s natural cycle to return before you can plan for pregnancy.

    If you still find choosing from all these above options confusing, want to go for a treatment or don’t want to choose yourself, leave the best to a medical team to consult a specialist doctor.
    OR to help you with this, JustDoc has Gynaecologists at all times to guide and assist you with the process.

  • What the itching down there means? For men & for women

    The most worrisome thought that first comes to mind is whether it is a sexually transmitted infection. And then you go on a guilt trip, thinking of all the things you've done or all the toilets you used that were not so hygienic. But in reality, this doesn't even matter.
    The most common symptom in sexually active persons is itching in the private areas.

    In women, Vaginitis (or vulvar itching)is a sign of either Bacterial Vaginosis or Candidiasis or Trichomonas Infection. While most people get cured after treatment, others have a relapse and might need treatment again. The diagnosis requires a good history from the patient about possible multiple sexual partners.

    In men & women, urethal itching can mean a UTI(Urinary tract Infection). When you feel a burning sensation down there as you're passing urine, and it feels as if something is pressing against the walls of your bladder or the exposed opening, it could be an infection causing the pain. Though most common infections are Urinary Tract Infections, any of these symptoms could also mean a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or Disease (STD). This is a topic much dreaded, however, with due course of time, it has spread over a large portion of the society, so don't be surprised if you harbor one. The treatment options are simple and can cure the illness, leaving behind minimal damage. The tests include a Culture & Sensitivity of the pus or/and the urine to catch the infection and treat with appropriate antibiotics.

    Hormonal changes in women on certain pills can also get this itchy feeling,but must be evaluated to make sure it is not something of concern otherwise.
    Also, though it might sound preachy, but it is very true, men & women wearing synthetic or mixed undergarments or liners are much more prone to getting an infection. This is because these don't allow air passage and as a result the sweat gets trapped in these areas, allowing the germs to breed and cause itching and even discharge. So always use a 100% pure cotton one and your private areas will remain fresh and reward you for good care!

    Or for all you know, the itch could mean nothing and be a healthy sign of actively growing skin, so consult a specialist regarding this and get your problems resolved asap!

    If you know that you are facing this issue, consider asking a urologist, doctor of genital studies.

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