Millions of people all over the world are suffering from one or other form of mental illness. In a highly developed country like the USA, one in every five adult persons experiences mental health problems. Mental health involves social, psychological as well as emotional well being. Our psychologists & psychiatrists share their experience of dealing these issues with society.

    It governs our ability to handle stress and relate ourselves to the society. The factors which contribute to the mental illness are
    • Hereditary factors • Passing through stressful situation for a long time • Insecurity and uncertainty • Trauma • Biological factors such as imbalances in various neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin etc.

    Treatment of mental illness

    There are several types of mental disorders such as depression, bipolar, panic attack, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia etc (source). The treatment involves counselling, therapies and medications. Usually, the treatment of mental illness prolongs for pretty long time. In some severe cases, it may be necessary to provide treatment for the whole life. The modern fourth generation psychiatric medicines work in neurotransmitter level providing great relief to the hapless patients. In almost all the countries of the world social stigma about mental illness poses obstacles in bringing the suffering patients to the ambit of modern treatment. The other hindrances in tackling the problem are lack of facilities and a dearth of qualified psychiatrists and mental health nurses. The World Health Organization has taken up a comprehensive plan of action for 2013-2020. It will focus on attitudinal changes for doing away with social stigma and criminal discriminations which have isolated the patients from society as well as the expansion of facilities for providing quality service to the mental health patients.

    Mental health and the nurses

    The mental health nurses have big roles to play in this crusade against mental disorders. The role of mental health nurses is distinctly different from the general nurses. The role demands great stamina both in physical as well as mental levels. The mental health nurses have to work in different environments which may include outpatient department and wards of hospitals, homes, in residences and community centres. The patients vary from children to very old.

    The various roles of mental health nurses

    ¬ Dealing with and providing cares to the acute patients. During the acute stage of the illness, the patients can be unpredictable and demanding. The nurses have to be highly compassionate and energetic in order to build a healthy emotional relationship with the patient. The patients may have various emotional as well as physical needs which may seem to be unnatural when compared to a general patient. The nurses have to meet all such needs in order to provide effective care to the patient. At times the nurse has to be diligent and at other time, demanding strict compliance from the patient may serve the purpose. This will only be possible when the patient will start believing the nurse and depend on the nurse for every emotional and physical need. The patient would find the solace from the confidence, enthusiasm and love in the eyes of the caregiving nurse.

    ¬ Administration of medicine and carrying out other treatment paraphernalia. Regular time bound medication is the core of the treatment and the responsibility for this lies on the nurse in totality. Often the medication may have some side effects. The nurse must be well equipped to deal with such side effects of the medicine. The nurse has also to monitor the result of the treatment and give feedback to the psychiatrist treating the patient. The nurses have trained in different faculties of nursing as well as symptoms of mental disorders. This theoretical knowledge strengthened by the experience in nursing gives them the power to recognize and identify the status of mental disorder of the patients, the improvements or deteriorations etc.

    ¬ Helping the patients in their endeavour to face specific mental illness symptoms. The nurses are well trained to help the patients deal stressful situations. In various stages of the illness, the patients may require overcoming many challenges. The nurses give them proper guidance at such circumstances. In most cases, the patients may refuse the medicines. Such situations are quite challenging for the nurses. The patient may become angry and behave rudely with the nurse. But the nurse has to be patient and keep calm. The confident and patient dealing of the nurse will surely bring senses to the patient.

    ¬ Helping the family to deal with the situation. The family members of the patient particularly the caregiver have to pass through stressful situations. The social stigma and various prejudices about the side effects of the medications make the situation very tough for them. Due to the intimate attachment with the patient, every suffering of the patient pains them. It is the duty of the mental health nurse to provide comfort to the family members. This they do by depicting the right picture of the illness, by identifying the improvements, by creating high hopes about the remission, by giving advice how to deal with the long treatment modalities, by telling the importance of keeping themselves healthy physically and mentally.

    ¬ Improvements in personal hygiene of the patient. Most mentally ill patients neglect personal hygiene. It is very important to bring them back to good personal hygiene habits. The nurses can play a very important role in this. Disciplining personal hygiene habits disciplines the mental faculty of the patients. This, in turn, helps in improving the mental illness. Regular physical exercises, games, swimming etc should be encouraged. This improves alertness of the brain. Physical exercise also improves the status of the neurotransmitters.

    In order to successfully accomplish all the above roles, the mental health nurses have to be versatile and perceptive. The nurses have to work around the patients’ lives. This may require arduous and long hours of work as well as travel to reach different locations. The jobs of mental health nurses are really a test of their inherent strength of personality and character. The nurses require lots of walking and should wear good quality shoes. This would provide comfort to their tired feet while giving a solemn look.

  • How To Manage Workplace Stress

    The need for employees to work hard in the fast-paced business world is one of the leading factors that cause stress and depression in many people. Although some people toughen up to handle the ever increasing pressures at work, most people resolve to shut down or even become passive. This almost always leads to low productivity, business processes grinding to a halt or little to no creativity. Unless one learns how to manage stress and workplace pressures, productivity becomes an issue in most business setups. You can also seek online counselling to get help from an expert. Discussed below are a few tips to help you manage workplace stress for better productivity.

    1. Report to work early
      Just because the contract says you should report to work at 8 or 9 in the morning doesn't mean you cannot show up early. Reporting to your station at least 30 minutes before the official time you enough time to savor your morning coffee, as well as check emails that may have trickled in overnight. With the 30 minutes head start, you will be able to handle and even reply to inboxes without any distractions. You will also be surprised how peaceful and quiet the office is at that time.

    2. Have a To-Do List
      Although smartphones, tablets, and laptops may be distracting, you can take advantage of these technologically advanced gadgets to manage your time better. In addition to using the calendar, take advantage of the To Do list, alarm, timer, and scheduler on your smartphone or laptop. These should help keep you on track and even handle tasks as they should. Timing tasks and having them cleared on time will help put you in power, hence do more in record time. Maintaining a daily planner also helps have a less stressful day.

    3. Be present in meetings
      We all dread long business meetings. This is one of the reasons most people feel bored and often engage in other activities such as checking the mail, or even worse, using the social media. Although these may seem important now, whatever is said in the meeting is more valuable and could force you into chasing after in later on in the day. Trying to multitask while in meetings will only take a toll on your day, and most probably drain your brain on the long run. Consider putting your phone or tablet in vibrate or silent mode to avoid getting distracted. Here is some advice.

    4. Try not to procrastinate
      The internet, and particularly the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are some of the main culprits that help us procrastinate. If you have to use the internet at work, then focus on what is required but don't wade off. If you need to surf to clear your mind, then just allow yourself to surf for at least 5 minutes, or 10 minutes on the most. Some sites such as ESPN.Com and other helpful ones may come in handy when you need to pass some time. Remember not to overdo it, as this will only help you procrastinate.

    5. Set time boundaries
      Although smart gadgets may help make your work easier and even improve your productivity, they can be the main reason why you do not have some 'me' time. As much as you want to remain connected, it's advisable to disconnect and do things that you love doing. This could be to tend to your garden, watch a favorite movie, unwind, or just have some time alone. Disconnecting from these gadgets and appreciating other things 'offline' helps your brain relax and keep you motivated. The best thing with protecting your personal time is that you get to benefit psychologically.

    6. Meditation
      Meditation has all sorts of properties that can benefit you as a person and also take you down a notch or two after work or during it. There are a variety of different sorts of meditation out there and they truly can help reduce stress if done properly. With numerous techniques for meditations out there, you’re sure to find one that will work around you and your busy life.

    All of these tips should help reduce the incidence of stress at work and help you get and stay focused as well as feel a lot better.

  • 12 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

    More brain power and more focus, means getting things done in a faster, efficient manner and comprehending things more easily. And, we’re just touching the tip of the iceberg here, there are plenty more benefits besides. So, how do you boost brain power – read on and find out.

    1. Do something challenging and new
      Fresh experiences, new hobbies, and even reading a new book can stimulate your brain. In addition to your usual routine, consider taking on something new to intrigue the mind. Changing your habits a bit or taking on something challenging can help increase your intellectual capacity.

    2. Engage in some aerobics
      Engaging your body in some physical exercise is particularly vital for your brain health. Aerobic exercises, for example, helps boost brain cell development by facilitating removal of toxic materials from the cell nucleus and promoting increased blood flow to the same. According to research, 20 minutes worth of aerobics is enough to facilitate improved cognitive and memory functions. Regular body exercise stimulates neuroplasticity, hence vital for your brain health.

    3. Memory training
      Memory training is vital particularly if you have been suffering from forgetfulness. Simple deeds such as memorizing your insurance number, credit card, ID, or telephone numbers can help boost your brain power. Make it a habit of memorizing numbers for this to happen.

    4. Be inquisitive
      Being curious creates new possibilities for the brain to solve some problems and come up with new ideas. It is out of curiosity that you get to learn new things, some of which many thought you would not.

    5. Have some positivity in life
      Taking too much focusing on negative forces can have a huge (negative) impact on your brain health. Stress and depression often burden brain cells and nerves making it almost impossible for the brain to produce new ones. Leading a positive life and having an active mind, however, paves the way for fresh brain neuron development, hence improved cognitive functions. It is never too late to lead a positive life. Kick out any negative thoughts and pessimists from your life to see something positive in life.

    6. Focus on healthy and nutritious meals
      Eating the right foods also plays a huge role in your brain power and health. The brain alone uses up up to 20% of all the nutrients and oxygen absorbed in the body. This is the reason why you need to focus on eating healthy and especially highly nutritious foods to improve your brain power. Some of the health food choices include organic proteins, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and pure water. Talk to one of our nutritionists for help.

    7. Nootropics
      Nootropics can be the answer to a lot of people’s concentration issues. Being able to focus, harder for longer will help you reap dividends at work and at home. Though not a limitless pill, nootropics can really help improve your focus and get more from your efforts.

    8. Sleep well
      Sleep can be best defined as a natural brain detox therapy. Brain cells not only regenerate when we sleep but also expunge toxic compounds from the same. This leaves your mind fresh and rejuvenated for the next day's events. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day to reap these benefits. Read our 10 tips for better sleep.

    9. Ditch the geeky gadgets
      While Sat Nav and smartphones seem to have made life much easier, they have definitely made out brains lazier. Creating a dependence on these only lowers your brain capacity, which is why you need to ditch these gadgets once in a while and take an old-school router.

    10. Ditch the calculator
      Many people rely on smartphones, calculators, and laptops to handle even the simplest tasks or math problems. While these gadgets make work much easier, they make your brain less active, hence lower brain power. Learn to use your brain to do simple calculations and other math equations instead of the calculator to boost your brain power.

    11. Quit smoking
      Cigarette smoking has many adverse effects on your brain health. First, it reduces the quality and amount of oxygen supplied to the brain. Quitting smoking can help reverse this and help boost your brain power.

    12. Read something new
      Look for a good, thrilling, or informative book or piece to read. Reading not only keeps your mind occupied but also helps trigger your imagination.

  • How To Select The Right Memory Foam Mattress

    If you are looking for a memory foam mattress, it is best to take your time. This product is an option for buyers that decide not to go with an innerspring mattress. These consumers are generally looking for something that provides a lot of support and is very comfortable.

    Our memory foam mattresses have very high ratings, so it is not a stretch to say that we are experts in our field. As such, here is what you need to know about choosing a memory foam mattress.

    Four Important Pieces Of Advice

    When you are purchasing a memory foam mattress, you need to know what to look for. Keep the following points in mind as you go through the buying process.

    1. The mmHG is important.

    When it comes to the comfort of the mattress, mmHG plays an important role. This unit of measurement shows how a mattress responds when pressure is applied. If the mattress has an mmHG of 32 or less, it is a pressure relieving product.

    The more pressure relief you have, the more comfortable the mattress is and the better you will sleep. In addition, you get better blood circulation with the mmHG is low as well. It is a fine balance, however, between having a high density mattress and a pressure relieving product at the same time.

    2. Don't forget about the foam density.

    Some people believe that the way the foam feels is the result of its density. However, that is not really the case. Foam density has more to do with how long the foam lasts. For example, if you are choosing between a three pound (per cubic foot) memory foam mattress and a five pound memory foam mattress, know that the latter is expected to "live" about ten years more than the former.

    high density memory foam

    The best memory foam mattresses such as those sold by Choosemattress are all five pounds or more. However, you do need to be aware that some companies are a little deceptive when it comes to the weight of the memory foam. They claim that they have a five pound product, but they do not state that the densest foam is only in the first one inch of the mattress. After that, the layers are not nearly as strong.

    3. Pay attention to the country of origin.

    Many mattresses that are sold in the United States come from somewhere else. There are companies that make false claims and state that their mattresses were made in the United States. In reality, the products were made somewhere else but were brought to America and assembled.

    Mattress parts that come from other countries generally are not tested to see what chemicals were used on them. Therefore, it is important to buy mattresses that really were made in the U.S. and Canada.

    4. Be aware of the indention load deflection (ILD).

    The indentation load deflection is a number that can be anywhere from six to forty. Memory foam mattresses generally fall between ten and sixteen ILD. A good memory foam mattress typically has several layers. Each layer has its own mmHG. This is good because the layers complement one another and help increase comfort.

    Finally, go with natural memory foam over regular memory foam. Regular memory foam has a lot of chemicals used on it, and it is hot to sleep on.

  • Tips for Getting More Rest and Feeling Better Today

    Are you staying up too late? Do you enjoy having an afternoon cup of coffee or a late night snack but find that indulging isn't conducive to getting a good night's sleep? Did the holidays mess with your sleep cycle to the point that you find yourself exhausted? You are not alone.

    If you want to get more sleep, there are a few tips shared by our counsellors that can help you going forward.

    1 Stick To A Schedule

    As much as possible, try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time. This includes the weekends.

    2 Set Up A Peaceful Environment

    The room where you sleep should be a nice temperature; if it is either too hot or too cold, you will have difficulty sleeping. In addition, make sure there is very little light getting in. Here are some good tips.

    3 Get Comfortable

    Your bed needs to feel good in order for you to relax and unwind. Also, if you share a bed with someone else, try and get something large. The two of you are less likely to disturb one another if you have some space. If that isn't in the budget right now, think about putting it on your Christmas list!

    4 Get Active

    Start engaging in exercise several days per week. That doesn't mean you have to go to the gym. Take a walk, ride a bike or do something else that you enjoy. Just make sure you do it with plenty of time to spare before you go to bed or you may have trouble settling down.

    5 Avoid Caffeine

    When people have trouble sleeping, they often turn to caffeine to help them get through the day. This is a bad idea, particularly if you are consuming caffeine later in the day to help yourself get through. Caffeine makes it hard to sleep; try some herbal tea instead.

    6 Go Natural

    There are a number of natural remedies out there that can help with sleep and really aid you when looking for rest. We would recommend Sleep Bubble, it is a site that has a wide range of information on this sort of thing and could really help you.

    7 Relax

    Take a little time for yourself before bed and do something that you like. You could read a book or take a bath, for example. These activities are soothing and will help your mind and body to settle.

    8 Don't Force It

    If you are having trouble sleeping, don't make yourself lay there, counting down the minutes as you edge closer to the morning. Get up and do something calm until you feel tired. Then, try again.

    9 Regulate Your Eating

    Eating a lot of food right before bed can cause problems for you when it is time to lay down. Alcohol is problematic as well; while it may make you sleep at first, it can cause issues as the night wears on.

  • Benefits of a Career in Social Work

    Are you looking for a career where you can impact the world? If so, looking into a career as a social worker. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that social worker openings are expected to grow by 19 percent during the next decade. This growth rate is larger than many other occupations.

    In order to work as a social worker, you must have a Master of Social Work degree. Luckily, with the advances in technology, a number of schools offer courses online to help you earn your degree. In addition to positively impacting the world, there are a number of reasons why you should choose to be a social worker. Continue reading to learn why.

    Social work will significantly improve your mental health

    It is a well known fact that the more you interact socially, your mental & emotional health will become better. Social work gives a whole new perspective about the world around us. You will meet different type of people and interacting with them will help you introspect yourself better. It can be as good as a therapy session. According to online counsellors, online counselling expert at JustDoc "I always recommend my friends and family to volunteer for social work, as much as possible. This is essential for maintaining a good health."

    The Demand for Social Workers is Increasing

    The demographics in America are changing which has increased the demand for social workers. The American population is aging. By the year 2050, approximately 88.5 million Americans will be 65 years old or older. Only 5 percent of the social workers in America specialize in gerontology. Furthermore, the aging population depends on the healthcare system. This has resulted in more and more hospitals needing the assistance of social workers to help coordinate care and follow-up.

    Immigration is also changing the demographics of America. The United Nations estimates that over the next 35 years, two million people will move from poorer nations to developed nations annually. More than half of those immigrants will move to the United States of America. Furthermore, by the year 2050, these minorities will make up more than half of the population in America, which will increase the need for multilingual social workers.

    Approximately 80 percent of social workers are female. For this reason, male social workers are in high demand. Organizations worry that their male clients may not be comfortable asking for assistance from a female social worker. These organizations are looking for male case workers and believe that male case workers can better understand the needs of male clients. Therefore, if you are a male, your services will be in high demand. Check out the number of jobs on sites such as Service Care Solutions.

    New Technologies and New Approaches in Social Work

    As technologies continue to evolve, social work will change. For example, in healthcare facilities that are patient-centered, the facility will rely on a social worker to help coordinate care. Electronic health records and cloud computing will enable a social worker to coordinate care between caregivers, physicians, home health aids, pharmacies and nurses. Those who understand today's technologies and want to help improve the life and health of their clients may enjoy a career in social work.

    Partnerships between governments (public) and private sectors known as PPPs, help to improve communities. Social workers may need to work with partners in both the public and private sector to increase a client's resources. Social workers use PPPs to develop programs to help people in their community.

    Flexible Careers

    Social workers can specialize in a certain area. As your career evolves, you may decide to change the type of client population you wish to work with. For example, you may start out working in a government agency to help senior citizens or disabled children. Over time, you may wish to transition into the private sector and offer counseling services to other groups. With a social workers degree, you can do this without changing your career or education.

    A social worker often receives a number of benefits, such as a pension program or amazing health insurance. Social workers can work in assisted living facilities, hospitals, government agencies, schools or substances abuse clinics. If you wish to change from one area of expertise to a different area, you may need to earn a different certification. Luckily, this will not cost a lot of money.

    Changing the World One Person at a Time

    Although social work is stressful, you will have the opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of others. You may be working with youngsters who are getting in trouble, substance abusers or poverty stricken families. You may counsel sexual abuse victims or senior citizens who have been mistreated. As you can see, you will be dealing with people and issues that can break your heart. A social worker will help make a difference in people's lives. There are very few careers that are as challenging and rewarding as a career in social work.

    If you are looking for a career that will challenge you, give you multiple opportunities for growth and development and make a real change in society, check out a career in social work.

  • How do your relationships describe you?

    Ever heard the quote "Birds of the same feather flock together"? Not only is it true in its true meaning, but also as a proverb.

    Just like upbringing in our family, our parents or other relatives have a huge influence on how we look at the outer world, we develop environmental changes as we age with those who are around us. Be it friends, business associates, work colleagues, relatives, siblings, schoolmates, roommates, clients or bosses and everyone else. We know our opinions are formed based on what our relationships think about a certain topic.

    We also act a certain way because it is how we learnt it from those around us. And that affects the way we think. So if you have a belief about something very strongly that reflects in most of your actions, chances are there could be someone who has brought about that belief among your relationships. Most times it is our parents or family, other times it is your friends or schoolmates or college batchmates or roommates.

    Although it is definitely not true that all the qualities of your friends or relationships are imbibed as such in yourself, but often a lot of similarity exists on a broad perspective of many things. If it your loved one that you are closest to and interact most with, it is sure that some of the opinions and qualities you possess will be in common, as well as it is sure that some of your opinions and qualities will be influenced by new things you learn in the relationship.

    Relationships may change us without us realizing it, so if we want a certain trait, we must associate with those who believe it. This is also the reason why temples were built. Churches, mosques, gurudwaras and all religious monuments preach to people of their religion who believe in a certain way of life and a God. This brings us to one very important understanding, that is this: if you have positive people in your life, who stand by what you say & do, your perspective will be generally positive. On the other hand, if you carry negative people in your life, who give you stress, don't support you, or keep nagging, you will have a negative impact as well. No matter how much a stranger or a therapist counsels you, as long as you have those people in your life, things are difficult to change.

    So it all boils down to who we associate ourself with. If its someone worthy, you will also improve, so look around and make the changes for a healthy mind and clear soul.

  • What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

    Mr. Donald Trump from USA says PTSD affects only those who are weak at heart or mind in a recent press statement.

    Truth is PTSD is an unwanted after-effect that many of people do not get a chance to forget and relive it for their entire lives. Sometimes such an incident can often stay in the minds of people for a long time and can then trigger a set of events that maybe unwanted or unnatural. The mind is a clean slate but it can be easily disturbed by events like death of a loved one in a war, an accident, kidnapping or a bad phase of any type of abuse in victims.

    Get Online Counselling on JustDoc

  • Is your child really safe from abuse?

    We all think our children and relatives are safe from any type of incidents of abuse, but the facts state otherwise. A lot of cases are discovered when its too late and many interventions are aimed at life support and sustaining a good environment.

    These children especially require child psychologist sessions to correct the damage that has been caused to them. Connect with a good therapist if you know someone who needs a counselling. Beware of the signs when they appear and always pay attention as a parent to your child's abnormal behaviour.

  • Signs you're in a wrong relationship

    A lot of things can go wrong in a relationship and sometimes we cannot even predict them.

    11 years ago Brangelina started off at a high note, but hit the rock bottom for few reasons common to everyday relationships. Before you consider taking the plunge into marriage, have you considered if yours is the right partner?

    Does your partner listen to you attentively?

    Chances are if you have a good rapport, you must also engage in meaningful conversations atleast once a while. Everyone, man or woman long to have a deep and insightful discussion about life and choices. If your partner completes you and supports you when you're at your weakest, it is a good trustworthy connection. The point here is to develop a bond and understanding, where the two of you get space to share as well as breathe.

    Does your partner look at you with love or lust?

    If your partner is only in the relationship for the physical intimacy or 'action', possibly this won't run for too long. Lust is easily replaced by other partners once lost and partners lose interest very quick if they are not serious about you. If your partner thinks about growing old with you and talks about it, and not just the "last night you spent together", that's a positive sign in a relation.

    Is your partner ready for commitment?

    Whatever be the past history or his/her affairs, but if your partner has chosen you, both of you must be ready to look at a long life together and have a positive outlook to each other's families. Whether its about having babies or about the "wedding day", your partner should be at your side, every step along the way.

    Is your partner's relationship with you detrimental?

    Does your partner drink, smoke or abuse drugs a lot more than one should? If yes, do you feel ashamed about the fact and do you think it affects your relationship in a negative manner? Or has your partner ever physically or mentally abused you in private or in public? If yes, then you need to give a serious thought to the future of you two, since it won't be long before you will have to call it quits.

    Brangelina had to divorce because of Pitt's abusive side and negligent parenting. We hope you take our advice seriously and give your relationship a thought. While a lot of aspects can be fixed in a relationship, but these are big issues that will inevitably lead to a break-up eventually. So before you fall into the trap, know the compatibility you both share and discuss these points with your partner as well.

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