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I have been suffering pain in urinary bladder which is causing frequent urination specially in night time and 3-4 hours during the day. Please help.

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

I have been facing some pain in my urinary bladder since last week. This becomes more prominent at night time. I feel like the bladder is full but the urination happens a little(average) only. 

I go to bed at 11 PM and have to wake up at near about 2 times(1 PM and 4 PM) due to the pain. I frequently urinate at the 1hour interval. Is this normal? Please suggest.

In the daytime:  Pain is particularly in the lower left abdomen with white discharge at that time(pain period for 3 hrs ). This happens for 3-4 hours only and then it stops. 
The frequent urination also happens during this time only. The vaginal tract and bladder feel like burning after urination. 
Age: 25 F
Married for 1 year with no child.

Please suggest and also let me know if any more information is needed for the same.

Category: General Physician

Dr. Surbhi Agarwal

People's College of Medical Science and Research Center, Bhopal

The symptoms you describe such as dysuria, the frequency of urination etc are clear signs of UTI. 

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that affects part of the urinary tract. When it affects the lower urinary tract it is known as a bladder infection (cystitis) and when it affects the upper urinary tract it is known as kidney infection (pyelonephritis). Symptoms of a lower urinary tract include pain with urination, frequent urination, and feeling the need to
urinate despite having an empty bladder.

For your urinary tract infection, you require the following tests to be done to check the level of the infection:- 

kindly get your CBC, ESR, random blood sugar, urine routine and microscopic and USG abdopelvis done and revert.

Meanwhile, you can use the following medicines: 
Liquid cital - 1 tsp thrice a day along with water

Also, increase water intake and drink more water than you usually do. This should flush out any infections present as it avoids cluttering of bacteria in the bladder curing the infection. In some cases, drinking cranberry juice also helps.
Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol and any other fizzy beverages including tea or coffee as this concentrates the urine making it worse for you.  If your pain is severe, you can take - Tab Cyclopam - Twice daily after food for 3 days. 

If the issue persists please consult. Take care and get well soon.

Dr. Surbhi Agarwal

People's College of Medical Science and Research Center, Bhopal

Dr. Surbhi Agarwal is a General Physician in Maharashtra with over 11 years of experience.

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Pain in Urinary Bladder Causing Frequent Urination - JustDoc

I have Pain in urinary bladder since last week. It is causing frequent urination and pain in lower left abdomen. The vaginal track and bladder feels like burning after urination.