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Perimenopausal Breathing Problem and a Bloating Sensation for the past one and a half years.

Last Updated - Wed, Apr 18 2018

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Detailed Question:

Hi doctor!

I am an old female. My age is 51 and I have been experiencing breathing issues and a bloating sensation for the past one and a half years. These symptoms started in previous June and I decided to consult a Gynecologist as I had irregular periods also and suspected these to be related to my transitioning into menopause.

She asked me to do a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test and except for a raise in my hormone level, everything was good. She inferred that my symptoms are due to transitioning into menopause.

Later, this August, my left ovary started paining severely and I went back to my Gynecologist. She was worried that I had ovarian cancer as I kept on having the bloating feeling. So she made me undergo a radical hysterectomy. Luckily for me, there was no cancer. She assured me that the breathing issue and bloating feeling would subside after surgery and I felt relieved. 

For 2 weeks post the surgery, I noticed some breathing issue when I tried to walk and expected it was normal after the surgery. But, the bloating feeling was absent during this period. I was finally relieved that the issue is gone. But, after the 2 weeks of happiness, both the issues relapsed. The same feeling before surgery returned.

I'm clueless as to what doctor I should consult now! I have heard that during menopause there will be breathing issue and stuffy feeling but in my case, it has been there for too long. Can you help my identify the exact problem and which specialization doctor I should consult regarding this?

Please note that I am also suffering from OAB and under medication of 40 mg of Sanctura every night. I am under this medication since 2008 and don't think this could be a reason for my issue. I also have 600 mg of Magnesium to counteract the constipation as a result of having Sanctura. I am under no other medication.

Category: Gynaecology

Dr. Garima Sawhney

M.S.- Obstetrics &Gynaecology
Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College & Hospital, Pune


Thanks for your question at JustDoc.

The kind of symptoms you are experiencing is most likely due to perimenopausal period. Yes, your symptoms have persisted for more that one and a half years but it is not uncommon as the symptoms can even appear in the perimenopausal period. The perimenopausal period can start even a year before the real menopause begins.

The fact that you observed a rise in hormonal levels validate the assumption that you were in the perimenopause phase.

But the shortness of breath is definitely a symptom to be concerned about especially at the age of 52 years. I would recommend that you get thoroughly investigated in terms of pathology due to any other vital organ like lung or Heart. The points which prove against any vital organ involvement is the chronicity of symptoms. But the persistence of shortness of breath definitely has to be investigated further.

ECHO and chest X-Ray is warranted initially which will guide you to the right speciality that you may have to consult. If all those evaluations are negative, then the symptoms are definitely due to perimenopausal hormonal imbalance. Please start relaxation techniques like yoga or breathing exercises. You should avoid dairy products, smoking, alcohol, caffeine consumption as well. It is also advised to dress in loose and layered garments.

Vitamin E (or Evion 400mg), ginger/green tea, Acupuncture, Soya Milk can also provide relief to an extent but the only medical treatment would be Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Oestrogen / Estradiol (E2) Test

You can also consult a doctor for more follow up questions.

Best wishes!

Dr. Garima Sawhney

M.S.- Obstetrics &Gynaecology
Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College & Hospital, Pune

Dr. Garima Sawhney is a Gynecologist in Gurgaon. Her expertise and utmost care and compassion for her patients makes her one of the most sought-after Gynecologists.

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Dr. Garima Sawhney

M.S.- Obstetrics &Gynaecology

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Perimenopausal Breathing Issue and Bloating Feeling - JustDoc

I have been experiencing breathing issues and a bloating sensation. I have irregular periods also and suspect these are related to my transitioning into menopause.