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Extreme weight loss - Symptom and Diagnosis

Last Updated - Fri, Jun 08 2018

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Detailed Question:

Am 26-year-old guy. Am worried about my extreme weight loss. I have skipped my exercise and daily routines recently. My weight reduced suddenly from 89 kg to 79 in  1 month. I was having food but not on time. Please help me on this ? is it depend on my body mass index? How to calculate BMI?

Category: General Physician

Dr. Preeti Kathail


Hi, welcome to JustDoc.
Weight loss is a normal thing in your age due to dieting or exercise or it can be starting of some illness. This is mainly because of reduced fat or body fluids. Exercise and dieting can also result in quick weight loss due to a decrease in body fat. And reduce in body fluids can be due to the reaction from medicines, less water intake, or sickness like diabetes. There are many benefits of weight loss
If you have recently experienced rapid weight loss, call a physician immediately to obtain an accurate diagnosis.
Causes of Extreme weight loss :
  1. Change in diet: Diet change like eating less food and avoiding junk foods can be a reason for weight loss. Stress and busy schedules can cause weight loss. Changing to vegetarian food also can be a reason.
  2. Excercise: Increase in daily exercise can also be a reason. Increase in the calorie amount you consume might help to prevent the weight loss and can maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Digestive Disorders: Reduced food intake or low nutrition in food can be a reason. Stomach upset can reduce your food appetite and decrease the number of calories you consume.
  4. Disease or illness like diabeticsOther reasons for extreme weight loss are the reduced appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea which can be an indication of major illness like cancer. Diabetics can also be a common reason for this, which can be measured using Glucometer. This instrument is used to calculate blood sugar level. The normal sugar level is between 72 to 99 mg/dL when fasting.
  5. Aging
Important Test to check :
  1. Take the test for hyperthyroidism also called as Graves' disease along with Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free T4 and T3 tests.
  2. Take a HbA1c test to check diabetes
  3. Take Complete blood count (CBC test) to check leukemia
  4. Take liver and kidney function test. 

BMI is a mathematical index using person’s height and weight. This explains your body shape and could indicate any health problems. We cannot find excess fat using as BMI does not measure the difference between excess fat and muscle)
                                                   BMI = kg/m2 
That is BMI equals weight( in kilograms divided by height ( in meters) squared.
BMI Table : 
  • Less 19  is underweight
  • Between 19 and 25  is ideal
  • Between 24.5 and 30  is overweight
  • Between 30 to 35  is category 1 obese
  • Between 35 to 40  is category 2 obese
  • 41+  is morbidly obese
If your BMI is in the obese range I would recommend you to take an Obesity panel test. When measuring body weight and height, personal trainers or personal dietician should ask their patient to remove their clothing like jackets and shoes for an accurate result.

Dr. Preeti Kathail


Working as physician and diabetologist in multispeciality hospital and diabetes clinic.

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