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My Dumbbells Exercise is Causing High Pulse Rate

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

This started in Nov 2013, for the first time I started taking dumbbells for exercise. I didn't know the weight to start so I took 20 kg (10kg in both hands). Within a week of exercise, I felt shortness of breath and so I stopped doing it and went to see a doctor.

He told me to take ECG and it came out normal but had higher pulse rate. When he checked my bp it was also high like 140/90. So he prescribed Nebicard 2.5 one tab per day morning and it brought down my heart rate and BP. 

Since then I am not able to work harder and when I do something then excessive sweating and higher pulse happens. So I went to see a cardiologist and he asked for an echo test. 
It was taken lying down and he told there is no problem but I have a Bicuspid Aortic Valve. He told to continue with Nebicard and take echo every once in a year. 

But even today I have symptoms like higher pulse and I can feel the heart beating hard when I touch the chest wall. Also when I stand up suddenly my heart rate first increases and then decrease after 7 seconds and I have sweat, Sometimes this is accompanied by breathing difficulty. This stops to normal after 1-2 min. This is happening to me since Nov 2013 and still going on. 

What is wrong with me, is BAV causing this or what test should I take now. 
Should I take stress Echo test?

Note: I have done all blood tests, thyroid tests, kidney Doppler. All are normal.

Category: Cardiology

Dr. Mamta Lokare

St. Johns

The Bicuspid aortic valve indeed is causing the symptoms you have mentioned and this can be a heaviness in chest, shortness of breath, etc. 

These are best managed by a Cardiac Valve specialist and they usually monitor you for signs of other related problems. The treatment for this is usually a surgery that replaces the defective valve with an artificial tricuspid normal one. This will relieve you from all your symptoms and shall last for a decade at least. The surgery is performed by a Cardio-thoracic surgeon and recovery usually does not take too long. 

You can discuss this with your doctor and speak to a heart surgeon about your options.

Dr. Mamta Lokare

St. Johns

I'm a clinical cardiologist dealing about the patient at primary level. Before a patient goes for any major intervention we screen the patient and guide accordingly.

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Dumbbells Exercise Causing High Pulse Rate - Ask Doctor on JustDoc

I started taking dumbbells for exercise. Within a week of exercise, I felt high Pulse rate, Doctor told that I have a Bicuspid Aortic Valve.