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I have taken Norethisterone to delay periods followed by unwanted 72 to avoid pregnancy. I have not got periods till now please suggest if i am pregnant or not?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

Hello doctor,

My periods had to come on 27th of April last month but I took Norethisterone (Regestrone 5mg) twice a day for 4 days to delay my periods. 

While that time I had sex but the condom got torn. After 2 days I took unwanted 72. One week has passed, I am still not having periods.

I took a home pregnancy test, it showed me negative results. But still, now I am not having my periods. 

What should I do? Are there any possibilities left for pregnancy?

Category: Gynaecology

Dr. Ritu Choudhary


Doubts about Failed contraception. 

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Why are so many women getting pregnant while using contraceptives?

  1.  Failure to follow the instructions for a given method of birth control exactly as directed is a key cause of contraceptive failure. If you're using birth control pills, taking them at exactly the same time every single day greatly reduces any chance of contraceptive failure and unplanned pregnancy. When using condoms as a contraceptive, it's imperative that they're used properly and in good condition. Women who use a diaphragm or cervical cap need to make sure that the cervix is completely covered before having sexual intercourse. IUD users need to check that the device is in place monthly.
  2. Another cause of contraceptive failure occurs when contraceptives are used inconsistently. Forgetting to take just one birth control pill significantly raises your risk of becoming pregnant; forgetting to take more than one oral contraceptive in a month means that you should use an alternative contraceptive for the remainder of that menstrual cycle. Barrier methods such as condoms, cervical caps and diaphragms have to be used during each and every act of sexual intercourse; forgetting just one time means you might become pregnant. Of course, natural family planning only works when practised consistently and correctly.
  3. Condoms that break or have even the smallest tear also often led to unplanned pregnancy. Causes of condom damage include improper use, inadequate use of a water-based lubricant, using condoms past the expiration date, improper storage. Jewelry, fingernails and other objects may create tiny tears in condoms that render them ineffective. If condoms are your choice of contraception, make sure to use a vaginal spermicide to decrease your risk of unplanned pregnancy should condom damage occur.    
  4. Contraceptive failure may also happen in women taking certain drugs or herbs.
     If you're using oral contraceptives check with your doctor or pharmacist for any possible drug or herbal interactions that may reduce the effectiveness of your birth control pill.
  5. Believing that you are not in your fertile period is a huge mistake that can potentially lead to an unplanned pregnancy. There is no "safe time" of the month, according to researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health, where they have found that the possibility of pregnancy may occur on almost any day of the month including during menstruation.

Unwanted 72 can cause a delay in periods and irregular bleeding lasting for 2 months from the time of taking the pill. This could be the major reason for missing your periods as it is a side effect of the pill that is not known while self-medicating.

It has been explained that there is an expected delay of about 15 days after having the postponing tabs, and she has understood the same.

1. Can wait until 15th to repeat the urinary pregnancy test. 
2. Can get a USG - abdomen and pelvis to rule out any signs of pregnancy. 

Preferably do it around 15th only, maybe after the Urine test. Please consult after the results

Dr. Ritu Choudhary


Dr. Ritu works as a Assistant Professor in Vyedehi Medical College and in a couple of corporate hospitals in Bangalore.

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Dr. Ritu Choudhary


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Norethisterone & Unwanted 72 to Avoid Pregnancy - JustDoc

I took Norethisterone to delay my periods and later i took unwanted 72 to avoid pregnancy while the condom got torn during sex. Still I am not having my periods