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I think I have autophony because I hear my own voice at times

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

Hello doctor,

  • At times, I have been getting autophony for the past 3-4 years.
  • It happens at random time and is not related to my physical state as it happens even when I am at college with friends and while running also.
  • I can hear my own voice as well as breathing sound and heartbeat, which is very irritating.
  • Sometimes, I hear a mild pop sound and this opens my ear.
  • I found my symptoms to be similar to those of patulous eustachian tube when I googled.
  • The ENT that I am consulting has been treating me for plugged ear for the past one month. This has reduced the occurrence of the issue to an extent.
  • But it starts recurring whenever I stop the medication and there is a feeling of heaviness also throughout the day.
  • What should I do so that I can treat the autophony and remove the heaviness? Please help!

Category: General Physician

Dr. Haleema Yezdani

MBBS, FICC (fidm)


I understand your problem and it must be very difficult to keep hearing whatever you say including your breath sounds. By going through your history I feel you have fluid in your middle ear cavity and a patulous eustachian tube. 

Let me explain the condition first:
  • The tube that connects the middle ear to the throat is called Eustachian tube.
  • In order to maintain the proper ventilation of the ear, it is inevitable for the eustachian tube to function normally.
  • The feeling of heaviness that you are having is because your eustachian tube is malfunction or not functioning properly.
  • The condition in which the eustachian tube remains open for the majority of time is called patulous eustachian tube.
  • It can happen due to many reasons including mild cold or allergy.
  • In few cases they may need to draw fluid out from your ear endoscopically.

But, the symptoms can definitely improve by the following treatment:
  • Please take steam inhalation around 3 to 4 times a day.
  • It will help to open the closed eustachian tube.
  • To treat the allergy, please don't take anti histamine as the fluid accumulation may increase due to that.
  • Please take mast cell stabiliser like Montek Lc to treat allergy.
  • Over The Counter (OTC) medication like Febrex also helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Hope this helps alleviate your problems. If not, you can consult a General Physician on JustDoc for an instant consultation.

Dr. Haleema Yezdani

MBBS, FICC (fidm)

Dr. Haleema did her fellowship in critical care in 2009 and is presently doing Fellowship in diabetes.

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Dr. Haleema Yezdani

MBBS, FICC (fidm)

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