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Fracture in Left Foot is not Healing due to Osteoporosis

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

I had a fracture in my left foot on Dec 29 2014. After consulting the doctor, I came to know that its due to osteoporosis. I have been using medicines from then but the result is nothing and it pains a lot. I can't even walk as it pains throughout my foot. 

I am 92 kg weighed. I daily walk in my college so it pains a lot for 24 hours like hell. Please help me. I know that I am obese but in order to reduce my weight my foot should be in a right condition but it's not. Please help me.

Category: Orthopedics

Dr. Mahantesh Magadum

Karnataka University

For Osteoporosis there are a lot of options like:
  • Calcitonin nasal spray(Rock bone C nasal spray). - Once a year 
  • Injection of zoldronic acid- once a month
  • Tablet of alendronate- once a week 
  • Tablet of osteophos  
  • Injection Teriparatide

You may discuss with your treating doctor and decide what is best for you. Once the pain is reduced you may start exercises. Take balanced diet rich in calcium (1000mg/day) and vitamin D (1000 i.u. /day) along with vitaminB12 and B6. Vitamin D is available in weekly dose pattern as well as injection. Just talk to your local doctor as the above written medicine are prescription only. 

Here is a sample diet to help you understand the diet for weight loss:
  • Early Morning: Green tea ( sugar less) 
  • Breakfast: non fried preparations/ whole wheat bread/ vegetable poha, upma, idli sambhar etc. 
  • Mid-Morning: Fruits ( avoid the carbohydrate rich fruits like grapes, banana, custard apple and watermelon) 
  • Lunch: 2 dry chapatti + sabji 1 katori + dal or skimmed curd 1 katori + salad 1 katori 
  • Evening Snacks: Tea/Coffee sugarless + high fibre or Sprouts 1 katori 
  • Dinner: 2 chapati +  vegetable 1 katori + skimmed buttermilk 1 glass + salad 1 katori

Osteoporosis is a bone disease. Its name comes from the Latin for “porous bones.” The inside of a healthy bone has small spaces, like a honeycomb. Osteoporosis increases the size of these spaces, such that the bone loses strength and density. At the same time, the outside of the bone grows weaker and thinner.

Risk factors
There is no single cause of osteoporosis but there are many risk factors which include:  
  • Older age (>50 years)
  • Physical inactivity
  • Thin build   
  • Female gender  
  • Excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption    
  • Smoking  
  • Family history of osteoporosis
  • Low dietary calcium intake
  • Low levels of vitamin D  
  • Long-term use of some medications eg: corticosteroids, thyroid medications, epilepsy medications   
  • Deficiency of oestrogen in women eg: post-menopausal, irregular periods, surgical removal of the ovaries, early menopause(before the age of 40 years)

Prevention is better than treatment and evidence suggests that maximising bone density in early and middle life helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. Steps that can be taken to help prevent osteoporosis include: 
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight    
  • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Undertaking regular weight bearing exercise
  • Not smoking
Considering HRT for women during menopause

Lifestyle Changes
  • Exercise
  • High calcium Diet
  • Minimizing Smoking, alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Reducing the risk of fractures
  • Exposure to sunlight

Ask a bone doctor to know more.

Dr. Mahantesh Magadum

Karnataka University

Dr Mahantesh Magadum is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in complex shoulder, knee, and hip replacement surgery as well as arthroscopic surgery.

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Fracture Due To Osteoporosis Not Healing - Ask on JustDoc

Fracture in my left foot due to Osteoporosis is not healing with medicines. It pains a lot when I walk. I am obese but can't reduce my weight because of this.