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Suffering from Fatigue Due to Vitamin D Deficiency

Last Updated - Wed, Apr 18 2018

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Detailed Question:

Hi doctor,

I am 35 years female, and have occasional chronic fatigue. Doctors checked thyroid (including ultra sound scan) and routine blood tests including diabetics and cholesterol reported normal. 
When fatigue increases, I feel completely exhausted and slowly my legs, hands and whole body become very weak one by one. It starts with legs, then hands and finally not able to open mouth or talk. When I was taken to hospital at this condition, they checked my ECG all times and also electrolytes level (potassium, sodium etc.) and everything showed normal. Only thing they found was Vitamin D deficiency and after 1 year course its also at normal level. What more tests I have to undergo? Do I need to go for an Echo test even if my ECG is perfect all times.

Category: Nutritionist

Ms. Pushpanjali Bangam

PG Diploma(Dietetics & Nutrition Management)
Utkal University

A Vitamin D deficiency can put you at risk for such problems alone. And for this you require a proper correction of the Vitamin D. This is the vitamin that controls your body's bone development and maintenance and hence a deficiency can give you pains in different areas. Even though your ECG is normal, if you think you suffer from chest pains, you must consult a Cardiologist for the same to check if you require 2D Echo and other tests. I hope you take care and get well soon. Here are the medications for Vitamin D correction:

D-rise sachets once a week only in a glass of water for 2 months followed by every alternate week for 2 months and repeat Vitamin D levels to follow up.

Vitamin D Deficiency

If you shun the sun, suffer from milk allergies, or adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, you may be at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced by the body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. It is also occurs naturally in a few foods -- including some fish, fish liver oils, and egg yolks and in fortified dairy and grain products.

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, because it helps the body use calcium from the diet. Traditionally, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with rickets, a disease in which the bone tissue doesn't properly mineralize, leading to soft bones and skeletal deformities. Research is revealing the importance of vitamin D in protecting against a host of health problems recently.

Signs You May Be Vitamin D Deficient
  • You Feel "Blue"
  • You Have Darker Skin
  • You're Overweight or Obese (or Have a Higher Muscle Mass)
  • You're 50 or Older
  • Head Sweating
  • You Have Gut Trouble
  • Your Bones Ache
Fatigue and Vitamin D - Correlation

new study published by Vitamin D Council shows that Vitamin D and fatigue have a high correlation and addressing the deficiency of Vitamin D shows significant improvements in fatigue levels. Deficiency of Vitamin D caused muscle weakness along with bones and eventually leading to more tiredness.

Symptoms and Health Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency

Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness can mean you have a vitamin D deficiency. However, for many people, the symptoms are subtle. Yet, even without symptoms, too little vitamin D can pose health risks. Low blood levels of the vitamin have been associated with the following:
  • Increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Cognitive impairment in older adults
  • Severe asthma in children
  • Cancer
I hope this answers your question about fatigue due to vitamin D deficiency. You must take advice from dietitians on how to make sure you have enough Vitamin D intake.

Ms. Pushpanjali Bangam

PG Diploma(Dietetics & Nutrition Management)
Utkal University

Ms. Pushpanjali is a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplify what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care. Apart from being a dietitian, she is a natural therapist who does not just provide diet therapies to prevent or to cure any physiological ailments but also study, and eradicate the stress factor in an individual.

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Ms. Pushpanjali Bangam

PG Diploma(Dietetics & Nutrition Management)

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Fatigue Due to Vitamin D Deficiency - Signs & Symptoms - JustDoc

Suffering from fatigue due to Vitamin D deficiency while other tests like thyroid , blood tests, ECG, electrolytes level show normal. A new study shows that Vitamin D and fatigue have a high correlation and addressing the deficiency of Vitamin D has significant improvements in fatigue levels.