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My father has stopped responding to anything and doesn't want to get up from bed and have food. Doctors say he is fit and fine. Can you explain this sudden change in mentality?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

Hi doctor,  

I would like consultation about the condition of my father. He was healthy and was very active. But he started having issues like memory loss, urinary inconsistencies and also problems in walking. 

We took him to a neurosurgeon and they suggested Lumbar Puncture after which he was active in hospital. But just as we returned home he stopped even responding to our normal questions. We took him back to the hospital and there he was conversing fine with doctors and nurses, but just as we returned home, he stopped responding. He is not ready to even get up from his bed at home, but doctors say he is fit and fine. 

Right now the condition is that he is not even talking to anybody about anything and is not even responding to anything. He is not even getting up from his bed and is asking us to lift him up for everything. He doesn't want to even get up and have food. What could be the possible reason for this sudden change in mentality? 

Please suggest the further course of action.

Category: Psychology

Dr. Vinaya Prabha

Counselling Psychologist, PhD

Thank you for asking this query at JustDoc. 

As age progresses, a lot of changes occur in the body which a person may not like such as your father's symptoms. He maybe able to carry out functions at the hospital but feels dependent on house members to take care of him because psychologically he wants to be cared for, on account of his age. 

The only best solution to this is to speak to him about his difference in actions and behavior and ask him as to why he needs this special care. It is possible that he is under mental trauma from the symptoms or the pain and hence does not want to talk, but by agreeing to his demands you or your family will be pushing him further down the road to dependence and must take care to keep him as healthy on his own as possible. You can also consult a psychologist for any further queries. 

Dr. Vinaya Prabha

Counselling Psychologist, PhD

Dr. Vinaya Prabha has great experience in handling cases related to relationship problems, parenting concerns, pre-marital counselling, emotional & psychological abuse, building self-awareness, self-confidence, marital problems, study-related issues, career planning, handling emotions, finding the meaning of life, etc.

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Dr. Vinaya Prabha

Counselling Psychologist, PhD

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Father Stopped Responding to Anything & Doesn't Want To Get Up

My father has stopped responding to anything and doesn't want to get up from bed and have food. Doctors say he is fit and fine but he doesn't talk to anybody