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As consulted with doctors i have anxiety and sleeping disorder because of that when i concentrate on any object i feel i am constant and the objects slightly oscillating from left to right or different. Kindly help

Last Updated - Fri, Jan 04 2019

Detailed Question:

During sleeping at midnight, I feel moving and suddenly awake from sleeping. When I checked in open eye everything is ok. 

I am taking pills like BP- Olmin 10 (morning), Nexito frort (night) and toficlam - 50 (Morning & Evening). 

Consulted doctors earlier, they told anxiety disorder and sleeping disorder. Since 6 month I I am taking medicines and felt some improvement but it still continues for which I am always worried.

But in day to night I don't feel any kind of problem or pain in any parts of the body. Sometimes (not regularly) when i concentrate on any object i feel i am constant and the objects slightly oscillating from left to right or different. But i can read everything as usually and don't have pain in both eyes.
Kindly suggest what to do?

Category: General Physician

Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine
Angeles University

Diagnosis:Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are a group of mental disorders characterized by feelings of anxiety and fear.Anxiety is a worry about future events and fear is a reaction to current events. These feelings may cause physical symptoms, such as a fast heart rate and shakiness. There are a number of anxiety disorders: including generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobia,
social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, and panic disorder. The disorder differs by what results in the symptoms. People often have more than one anxiety disorder.

The real problem is anxiety and that you worry too much. While this causes your body and mind harm, it can also lead to many other problems, one of which you already have- Hypertension. 
High Blood pressure can in turn cause a lot of discomfort and must not be left alone. You should speak to a counselor to take sessions to calm your mind regularly. 

My advice would be:
Consult again after check up with Optician for both eyes to know power. Continue old medications and practice yoga and meditation to relieve anxiety.

Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine
Angeles University

Dr. Aditi Gupta has worked in the emergency department for Hospitals like Fortis Hospital (Bengaluru)and St.Philomena's Hospital(Bengaluru). She has also participated in numerous health studies in Philippines.

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Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine

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Eye Problem Due to Anxiety and Sleeping Disorder - JustDoc

I have anxiety and sleeping disorder for past 6 months due to which i have problem in my eyes of concentrating on the objects.