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I have dry skin on my penis shaft and it is itching badly

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

Hi Doc,

My penile shaft has grown an odd looking piece of dry skin around the surface. So I had a similar condition two years back where there was dryness on the penis, but eventually, it got cured on its own with time.

Now for around 3 months, I've been facing a similar problem all over again. The skin is dry as I can feel it while touching. It also itches a lot when I start scratching it. Sometimes the dry shaft skin comes off while itching but regrows again the next day. I'm completely frustrated by this problem now

  • I'm 19.5 years old
  • I eat healthy food & work-out every day
  • I masturbate every day
  • I smoke 2 cigarettes a day

Kindly help me with the problem of dry skin on penis. I'm quite embarrassed to see a physician for this problem. What should I do?


Category: Sexology

Dr. Andrew Rynne


The dry skin on the shaft of penis & itching that you described can be a sign of dermatitis. This is due to irritation to the penis which can be triggered due to multiple reasons. However, we must consider other infective causes as well, like Candidiasis. 

  • If you have applied Benadryl cream, lotions or ointments on your penis, it might not be washed properly. This may further cause red rash & dryness. This can also be caused by washing penis with soap. If this is the case, please avoid such creams. Use lukewarm water or moisturiser to stop this dryness.
  • It might also be caused because of Psoriasis, but that would be evident on the entire body. So, if you have psoriasis, please talk to a dermatologist. (It is an uncommon disease with visible symptoms)
  • If you had protected or unprotected sex in the recent past, it might cause dryness of skin and might even indicate an STD. You need to do an STD panel diagnostic test to make sure that is not the case.
  • Tinea Curis - It is red & itchy skin rash on genitals & thighs. It is also called jock itch and is not very harmful. Dryness of penile shaft is also a side-effect of this itch. You may want to ask a dermatologist & he or she may give anti-fungal medications.
  • Eczema - It is a long-lasting case of atopic dermatitis. It is also evident with brown-patch of skin on body parts. But it might cause dry skin on penis.

General pointers for safety & improvement.
  1. Keep your penis hydrated well 
  2. Use Lactocalamine. It will calm the dry skin from becoming flaky again. 
  3. If you do masturbate, make sure to use lubrication. 
  4. Allow the area to be airy by wearing loose clothes 
  5. and if it is bothersome, use an anti-histamine like Cetirizine

You also can ask a sex doctor online about the dryness of penis and a get detailed diagnosis of your problem. Hope I helped with this information.

Dr. Andrew Rynne


Dr. Andrew is a sexologist working in Ireland. He specializes in vasectomy, sexual medicine and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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