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I had a bad childhood because of which my mental happiness is missing. I get scared of everything now. Please help.

Last Updated - Fri, Jan 04 2019

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Detailed Question:

I am a 21 year old Indian male and have 5 members in my family. We are three children and I am the middle one. My father and mother don't love each other. I don't see they talk to each other with love. I haven't seen the love in these 21 years. I just think daily what is reason for that? Why they can not love each other? 
When i was a child, my father never used to talk me with love. And he did not allow me to go to play. Ours was a very restricted life. I just wanted a life with freedom. But my father didn't allow me anything. All my friends used to go to play. 
This is not my problem now. At this time, now I am in 21 he did not change that culture. Daily he slaps my mom. And I have been seeing that since my childhood. My mind is fully broken. Now I am studying in BBA final year. Now my mind totally misses the feeling of happiness and my I am having a dark mind. When I was a child, I never used to get scared of anything. But now I get scared of everything. Please help me doctor my mind is missing. 

Category: General Physician

Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine
Angeles University

I can understand as a child with a troubled parenting you have undergone a lot. Your parents difficult relation has affected you mentally and to get back to normal in life, you will need counselling. Consult with a Psychologist with a few sessions to allow the correct thoughts and mindset to be introduced. Discussing your problems will genuinely help you in getting over this phase in life and moving on building your own relations. This is very essential in life for your to progress at a healthy pace too. 

Ways to live a happy life according to a Phychologist

1) Practice Gratitude
2) Smile more
3) Maintain an optimistic approach
4) Learn when to say 'No'
5) Unplug and spend more time in nature
6) Practice forgiveness
7) Try new things
8) Surround yourself with Supportive people
9) Embrace your mistakes
10) Find a place of flow

Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine
Angeles University

Dr. Aditi Gupta has worked in the emergency department for Hospitals like Fortis Hospital (Bengaluru)and St.Philomena's Hospital(Bengaluru). She has also participated in numerous health studies in Philippines.

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Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine

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