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I have breathlessness throughout winter and using Asthalin rotacaps. Generally I am keeping good health, i have also undergone master health check-up. Please suggest me further steps.

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

I am Male 61 years old. 

Generally keeping good health. Non smoker and no alcohol consumption. I do normal exercises and do jogging regularly. 

I have breathlessness throughout winter and using Asthalin rotacaps. That helps me a lot. This problem is there for about ten years. My BP is always low. About 100/70.  

I went for a master health check up and my reports are not normal as it used to be in the past years.  
ECG Report: Minnesota Code: 1-1-2(V1) 9-1-1(I,II,III) Diagnosis information : 800 : Sinus rhythm 131: low voltage (Limb Leads)
My Blood reports: HB 22.9.  Urea 30. Creat 0.9 mg/DL PBS. 64. PPBS. 102 Total cholesterol 160. Triglycerides. 104 HDL cholesterol. 28. LDL 111 VLDL. 21 

Please suggest me the reports are normal or shall I see a cardiologist? 

Category: General Physician

Dr. Mamta Lokare

St. Johns

Here are 5 Tips for Reducing Shortness of Breath in Cold Weather

Don't Smoke
Cigarette smoke, in an of itself, is extremely irritating tothe airways, containing more than 4,000 toxic chemicals.But, when you combine it with exposure to cold air, your symptoms of breathlessness can increase exponentially. Smoking causes COPD to progress at a much faster rate, leading to further disability and eventually death. If you have COPD, quitting smoking is the best way to slow the progression of the disease and improve your qualify of life, not to mention allowing you to breathe easier in all sorts of conditions, including cold weather.

Avoid Wood Burning Stoves or Fireplaces
People with lung problems are much more susceptible than healthy people to smoke-related health problems. Exposure to noxious particles from wood burning stoves or fireplaces causes both short, and long-term health consequences. It also irritates the airways, especially when you combine it with the inhalation of cold air, often worsening breathlessness. To stay warm, try an energy-efficient electric heater instead.

Exercise Indoors
COPD patients are strongly encouraged to exercise, but when cold weather makes it uncomfortable or even impossible, try exercising indoors. Exercising in the comfort of your own home or a gym is a safe alternative to exercising outdoors. If you must exercise outdoors, be sure to warm up indoors first, for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Wear Protective Gear and Breathe Through Your Nose
Because cold air is very drying and irritating to the airways, it's no wonder that it can increase your breathlessness. Wearing protective gear (like a scarf over your nose and
mouth or a cold weather mask) and breathing through your nose instead of your mouth warms and humidifies the inspired air before it gets to the airways, preventing shortness of breath related to cold air-induced bronchospasm.

Use Your Rescue Inhaler
Take a preventative dose of your rescue inhaler before going outdoors in cold weather, especially if you are planning on taking a walk or doing any type of exercise. A rescue inhaler contains a bronchodilator which opens up and relaxes the airways making it easier to breathe. You should also carry a rescue inhaler with you wherever you go, whether it be for a brisk walk around the block, or when you are out running errands.

Coming to your problem without the actual ECG  I cannot comment, just based on your history, unless I can see the report to read the ECG diagnosis. However your other reports seem ok.

However in a health check up, thyroid is a very important part. Hence get T4,TSH done and also you may get a stress test or TMT done to rule out any cardiac abnormalities. 

These tests are sufficient for now to check your body's status. You can follow up with the reports of the above tests to gain a better insight.

Dr. Mamta Lokare

St. Johns

I'm a clinical cardiologist dealing about the patient at primary level. Before a patient goes for any major intervention we screen the patient and guide accordingly.

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