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I am having severe Ankle Ligament injury which is not healing properly due to low bone strength and Vitamin D levels. How can I improve my bone strength?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

Hello Doctor,

I am having severe Ankle Ligament injury since Dec 9th 2015. I was on cast for 1 month, then i took regular Physiotherapy (Supersonic waves in physiotherapy). My doctor became so worried as there was no improvement in my condition. 

He suggested me to do Vitamin D3 test, my report showed it as 4.91, which is too less. He asked me take sunlight as much as possible and gave a medicine - (D-Shine spray 10,000 IU). He asked me to take this spray once in a week, 5 sprays in empty stomach before meal.

I am an alcoholic and a chain smoker. Do these affect such a situation? 

What i need to do now to raise my bone strength and Vitamin D level? I want to get rid of my Ligament injury, as this has became a big concern for me. Please help!

Category: Orthopedics

Dr. Mahantesh Magadum

Karnataka University

Your Diagnosis is Osteoporosis, because of which you have suffered an ankle injury and obesity in your case complicates the case. Let me first explain in brief about Osteoporosis and some of its causes. Osteoporosis is nothing but decrease in bone strength which increases the risk of a broken bone. Some of the causes are:

  • Lack of Estrogen in women and Androgen in men
  • Inadequate calcium and Vitamin D levels 
  • Age related changes
  • Lack of muscle use

In your case - smoking and alcohol consumption will delay the healing process. I would suggest the following for you:

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in calcium and other vitamins, minerals such as one containing more of milk and milk solids that will help.
  • Calcirol sachets once a week for 8 weeks and then once a month for one year 
  • Follow a weight loss diet for obesity
  • Stop smoking 
  • Do an MRI if not getting better 

Consult again after a few weeks for a followup. 

Dr. Mahantesh Magadum

Karnataka University

Dr Mahantesh Magadum is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in complex shoulder, knee, and hip replacement surgery as well as arthroscopic surgery.

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Severe Ankle Ligament Injury Not Healing Due to Low Bone Strength

I am having severe Ankle Ligament injury which is not healing properly due to low bone strength and Vitamin D levels. I am a chain smoker and alcoholic