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I have itching problem under my private organs and on Scrotum

Last Updated - Thu, Apr 19 2018

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Detailed Question:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have itching problem with my private organs. In the evenings, itching starts on the scrotum and under that only. No other body part has the itching except on the scrotum and it's all sides. It happens in morning also. 

After bathing I apply Tenovate cream or Itch guard on the affected area. Then I get relaxed for a couple of days. I take cetirizine tablet in the evening if the itching is too much. I get relaxed for 3-4 days after taking this tablet. 

This is happening for more than 3-4 months now. There is no enlargement of the scrotum or any other signs there. Secondly, I have dark circles under my eyes. The darkness has started spreading towards my forehead slightly now. Kindly advise the remedy. I will be very thankful.

Category: Dermatology

Dr. Shricharith Shetty

MD, DNB - Dermatologist

Your Diagnosis: Fungal infection Candidiasis

of the skin develops when it becomes infected with fungi - Candida. A small amount of Candida fungi naturally lives on the skin. When this begins to multiply uncontrollably, however, it can cause an infection. This may occur because of:
  1. Tight clothing
  2. Warm weather
  3. Infrequent undergarment changes
  4. Poor hygiene
  5. Some medications affecting immune system
  6. Incomplete drying of damp or wet skin
This is a common infection, however, you should never self-diagnose or self-prescribe medications for yourself since this worsens the problem and delays the actual treatment. You must use a feminine wash such as Vwash over the intimate areas to keep it clean and maintain personal hygiene always.  Keep the affected area dry and apply quadriderm cream over the affected area. 

The following tablets you can take for your itching problem and follow up if no improvement in symptoms after regular cream and tablet treatment. Avoid intercourse temporarily while in therapy since you may pass the infection to your partner and get it back from her after the medication is over.

Consult again with a dermatologist for any other queries on JustDoc.

Dr. Shricharith Shetty

MD, DNB - Dermatologist

The service offered by Dr. Shricharith Shetty include all kind of problems related to Skin, Hair and Nails. Areas of Interest: Acne, Hair loss. Working as Consulting dermatologist for more than 4years in Manipal with experience in treating skin of various colours.

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Dr. Shricharith Shetty

MD, DNB - Dermatologist

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Itching Problem Under My Private Organs And On Scrotum - JustDoc

I have itching problem under my private organs and on scrotum and its sides. However there is no enlargement of scrotum. After bathing I apply itching cream. You have candidiasis which is fungal infections on your private parts that are causing the itching. Read more to know about the creams and ointments that you can apply.