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I always think anything will get my blood pressure high due to previous experience. Please help

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

I am 32 years old and thanks to god I am all fit. Last year in the month of October I had a very tiny problem of blood pressure, which used to be on the higher side usually (not very high though). Regarding habits - I used to drink daily (300-350 ml) in the evening and used to smoke (12-15 sticks) daily and rajnigandha (5-8 pkt) and no physical work. But when this happened I underwent all the tests regarding blood and heart.They were all okay.

After that I started morning walk (4-5 km), decreased drinking (200-250 ml and that too not daily), quit rajnigandha and smoking. Mow, usually my BP stays normal or on the lower side. I know that I am all fine but I don't know why I think I might have an heart attack or any other problem. 

To prove myself wrong I again underwent an ECG and thanks to god that was normal. Previously I used to be a very cool headed person (friends and relatives used to seek my help psychologically) but nowadays I am taking my psyche to a very low level (I am unable to help myself). I used to be very happy all time but now I am not (even among my friends). This is not my business problem nor my family problem but I don't know why I always think that anything will get my Blood Pressure high and I might land up in a worse condition which I don't even want to think of. All in all I am damaging myself.

Category: General Physician

Dr. Surbhi Agarwal

People's College of Medical Science and Research Center, Bhopal

The anxiety you have towards getting Hypertension is quite appropriate and genuine. And for this you must get a regular BP check up. You can also buy a BP machine at home for daily use. This practice will ensure that you keep a watch on your Blood pressure as well as have no doubts regarding your wellness. With the kind of habits you had previously and the elevated pressure you mentioned, it is possible to get a high BP problem once again. I'm sure a session with a Psychologist will also help in calming your anxiety and fears down and you should seek therapy as well. Meanwhile get an annual health check up so that all parameters can be gauged. Visit JustDoc for online consultation.

Dr. Surbhi Agarwal

People's College of Medical Science and Research Center, Bhopal

Dr. Surbhi Agarwal is a General Physician in Maharashtra with over 11 years of experience.

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I always think anything will get my blood pressure high - JustDoc

I always think anything will get my Blood Pressure high as I faced high Blood Pressure problem last year. I had habits such as drinking, smoking and no work out