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I have high sugar level for last 2 weeks. also having eye vision problem in my left eye. As per eye doctor there is no problem, diabetes Dr told that it is because of sugar.

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

Sugar level for last two weeks 225 fasting and pp 320. Now started with insulin tablet for 10 days the level today comes to 164.

Also having eye vision problem in my left eye. As per eye doctor there is no problem. 
And MRI has been donee by neurologist there is no problem as per report. 

Now diabetes Dr told that it is because of sugar. Please Suggest.

Category: General Physician

Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine
Angeles University

Your eye problem is indeed due to Diabetes. Your diabetes once controlled will help the eyes also to get better sometimes. You must continue the medicines prescribed.

Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications. Acute complications can include diabetic ketoacidosis, nonketotic hyperosmolar coma, or death. Serious long-term complications include heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes.

Here is a sample diet to help you understand the diet. 

Early Morning: Green tea ( sugar less)
Breakfast: non fried preparations/ whole wheat bread/ vegetable poha, upma, etc. / idli sambhar etc
Mid-Morning: Fruits ( avoid the carbohydrate rich fruits like grapes, banana, custard apple and watermelon)
Lunch: 2 dry chapatti + sabji 1 katori + dal or skimmed curd 1 katori + salad 1 katori Evening Snacks: Tea / Coffee sugarless + high fiber bis. OR Sprouts 1 katori 
Dinner: 2 chapatti + vegetable 1 katori + skimmed buttermilk 1 glass + salad 1 katori. 
Exercise regularly for atleast half an hour.

Along with insulin injections, take Tab volibo 0.3 mgs - Take it thrice daily before each major meal.

Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine
Angeles University

Dr. Aditi Gupta has worked in the emergency department for Hospitals like Fortis Hospital (Bengaluru)and St.Philomena's Hospital(Bengaluru). She has also participated in numerous health studies in Philippines.

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Dr. Aditi Gupta

MD - Internal Medicine

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High Sugar Level Causing Eye Vision Problem - JustDoc

I have High sugar levels for last 2 weeks it has also caused problem in vision of my left eye.