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My girlfriend experiences hallucinations and sees future which has proved to be true in a few cases. She is stressed out because of family issues.

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

This is about my girlfriend who is 27 years old. For the last couple of years she used to see things, not in a dream. I mean even in daylight she said she feels someone's presence first it was a kid then a women and an old guy so on. She used to say these things to me but i didn't really used think of it too much.
But couple of months back she said that she saw an actor die. I mean she said his name and she said she saw him die and she said she saw in clear. That was the first time she said about seeing a real person. After two months he died. That was a double shock for me because he was healthy and it was an accidental death and second i remember what she said. After that she saw her neighbour in an accident couple of days later he had an accident. Now these things freaking me out, few days back she saw herself hanging dead in a tree near a beach. Today she saw herself with lot of scratches on her face, in her face staring at her.Recently she been through lot of family problems and really stressed out. I want to know what is the real reason behind these things and how it could be stopped.

Category: General Physician

I understand that your girlfriend has been through a lot of problems and that her past is now affecting her present and maybe future and this bothers you. My best advice to you would be to take her to a doctor/(Psychiatrist) or counsel onine in view of the things she is seeing. This could be a mental illness and she will need all the support she can get right now as it is a very difficult phase to pass alone. She can be certainly treated with medicines as well and hence will require a thorough Psychiatric evaluation of mental status and then the right diagnosis and advice can be given. She can also get worse, which is why, time is of the essence here and it is very good to see that you are worried about her. As for the events you mentioned, these could be co-incidences and could also be hallucinations.

Characteristics, forms, and content of auditory hallucinations

The phenomenological complexity of auditory hallucinations was demonstrated long ago. A number of researchers have clustered the multiple phenomenological dimensions of hallucinations into a number of variables.10-12 The table  presents a characterization of the main phenomenological variables in auditory verbal hallucinations, as described by Stephane and colleagues.

In summary, auditory hallucinations may be experienced as coming through the ears, in the mind, on the surface of the body, or anywhere in external space. The frequency can range from low (once a month or less) to continuously all day long. Loudness also varies, from whispers to shouts. The intensity and frequency of symptoms fluctuate during the 
illness, but the factor that determines whether auditory hallucinations are a central feature of the clinical picture is the degree of interference with activities and mental functions.

The most common type of auditory hallucinations in psychiatric illness consists of voices. Voices may be male or female, and with intonations and accents that typically differ from those of the patient. Persons who have auditory hallucinations usually hear more than one voice, and these are sometimes recognized as belonging to someone who is familiar (such as a neighbor, family member, or TV personality) or to an imaginary character (God, the devil, an angel). Verbal hallucinations may comprise full sentences, but single words are more often reported.

Voices that comment on or discuss the individual’s behavior and that refer to the patient in the third person were thought by Schneider to be first-rank symptoms and of diagnostic significance for schizophrenia. Studies show that approximately half of patients with schizophrenia experience these symptoms.

A significant proportion of patients also experience nonverbal hallucinations, such as music, tapping, or animal sounds, although these experiences are frequently overlooked in auditory hallucinations research. Another type of hallucination includes the experience of functional hallucinations, in which the person experiences auditory hallucinations simultaneously through another real noise (eg, a person may perceive auditory hallucinations only when he hears a car engine).

The content of voices varies between individuals. Often the voices have a negative and malicious content. They might speak to the patient in a derogatory or insulting manner or give commands to perform an unacceptable behavior. The experience of negative voices causes considerable distress.12 However, a significant proportion of  voices are pleasant and positive, and some individuals report feelings of loss when the treatment causes the voices to disappear.

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Hallucinations and future seeing

My girlfriend experiences hallucinations and sees future which has proved to be true in a few cases. She has faced a lot of family problems and is stressed out.