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I am feeling stressed about pregnancy due to late periods. I have not felt any symptoms of pregnancy but I am very scared. Please help me.

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

Detailed Question:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had periods on 18th March last month and on that day in the night my boyfriend touched his penis to my vagina once with protection and later in the morning without protection. He did not insert the penis, just touched or a bit inserted as i was resisting it.

I always had periods two three days before last month date. But this time I am two days late.I have taken a lot of stress after this happened but became normal as I read that stress can affect periods. But as soon as my dates started coming near, I went for a trip for three days and did Rafting, Trekking, etc. I also lost 1-1.5 kg weight during this month. 

Post this, I started thinking and worrying a lot, about getting pregnant full day. I have not been able to sleep or eat properly. My heartbeat rises when I think about this. I have not felt any such symptoms of pregnancy, but I am very much scared. Please help me as soon as possible. What should I do please suggest?

Category: Gynaecology

Dr. Ritu Choudhary


Periods or menses are easily affected by hormonal changes due to:

  • Sexual activity 
  • Exercise 
  • Weight fluctuations 
  • Diet 

In your case all these factors are present and hence there could by a normal physiological delay in menses. You can ideally wait 15 days after missing your periods before getting a check up. But if you don't get them even within that time, you can get an Ultrasound scan of Abdomen and pelvis to check for other causes and consult reports with a Gynecologist.

Dr. Ritu Choudhary


Dr. Ritu works as a Assistant Professor in Vyedehi Medical College and in a couple of corporate hospitals in Bangalore.

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Dr. Ritu Choudhary


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Feeling Stressed About Pregnancy Due to Late Periods -Ask JustDoc

I am feeling stressed a lot about pregnancy due to late periods. I have not been able to sleep or ear properly. My heartbeat rises when I think about this.