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Diabetes is not under control even after Lantus Insulin.

Last Updated - Thu, Apr 19 2018

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Detailed Question:

My Diabetes is not under Control even after taking many medicines,  I am also getting folliculitis on face due to Diabetes. Please Suggest as my diabetes is not under control even after taking Lantus 20 Units in the night, 10 units of Novorapid in the Afternoon. 

I have consulted a Doctor in Hyderabad and I live in Erode (Tamil Nadu). 

Medications prescribed other than above are
1. Blood Pressure -> Olmin 40
2. Blood Pressure -> LnBloc 10
3. Cardioprotective medication aspirin and clopidogrel

Blood pressure is under control remaining in the range of 140/85.
No history of any heart problem.
I have bipolar disorder and thus I am prescribed psychiatric medication also. 
Please help me by knowing the nature of my ill health.

My main issue is so much insulin is going in the body and has no effect. Readings range between 160 to 260 every day.
However, I request that please do not ask me to take Metformin, that medicine has troubled me in many forms.
Also now I am getting folliculitis on face due to Diabetes and up to now three antibiotics have been used and they are not working.

Can you also suggest some ayurvedic route to control diabetes?

My diet is as follows-
I eat 4 wheat bread toasts in the morning with a little butter on the toast. 
1 o clock I take tea and biscuits.
1: 30, I have lunch comprising of 3 cups of rice, one cup of dal, one cup of curd and one cup
of curry. 
4 PM I take one tea and biscuit. 
In the night I eat only 4 Idly and before sleep, I take an apple.

My details are as follows-
Height 5'7", weight 96 Kg, high body mass index Age 53 Years, Male   
Onset of diabetes since 15 years, BP since age 23 years.

Category: General Physician

Dr. Badakere C Rao


Your diet is the main problem causing the uncontrolled sugars.
Rice is popularly known to increase the insulin, and both cooked rice as well as Idli flour are rice and must be cut down. Please read more about diabetes diet.

The poor control will be quite evident if you continue this diet, and the sugar values you notice are quite high. This is the reason you will need to cut down the carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid tea as much as possible too, because it interferes with the body's metabolism and slows it down, allowing higher sugar absorption and worsening diabetes.

I'm not a big fan of ayurvedic treatment without proper understanding. You can consider IME-9 tablet.

If required, consult with a dietician and/or a diabetologist for a more detailed advice and meal planning tips. We have started a diabetes lifestyle program that helps in reversing the progression of Type-2 diabetes. You can apply for the program here to see if you qualify.

Dr. Badakere C Rao


Dr. BC Rao is a General Physician in Bangalore with over 30 years of experience.

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Dr. Badakere C Rao


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Diabetes not under control after taking Lantus Insulin- JustDoc

My Diabetes is not under control even after taking Lantus and Novorapid insulin injections. Diabetes reading (fasting) is also high. Please suggest a Diet for Diabetes. Also, is there any alternate solution to Lantus and Novorapid injections?