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Why do I feel detached from everyone and everything around me? Can it be cured just by therapy without medicines?

Last Updated - Fri, Mar 16 2018

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Detailed Question:

I went to London for my masters. I was alone there. In December 2015, I started suffering from extreme sleep problems. I literally could not fall asleep. I began googling diseases. I thought I had some serious disease and was depressed about this for the next 5 months.

In April 2016, I finally had an MRI and nothing was found to be wrong. However, that night I went to sleep but I had racing thoughts. I immediately thought that I had some mental illness. I became really scared. From then onward, I began googling symptoms of mental illnesses and seemed to be developing those symptoms. I began feeling very detached from everyone and everything around me. 

Then I began being scared of random noises and especially inanimate objects making noises scared me - almost as if they had become real. For the past few days, I began to have or at least began to believe I had paranoia regarding people and things. Any random word would cause an uneasy feeling of suspicion even though I knew it was stupid of me to feel this way. 

Clearly I am having paranoid delusions but also seemed to know that I was having delusions and could fight them and easily dismiss them. Besides when I was distracted or working, nothing happened. My sleep continues to be bad and I wake up many times a day and also experience false awakenings and sleep paralysis. What is happening to me? Is there any way therapy alone and not medication can cure this?

Category: Psychology

Dr. Akila Sadasivan

Ph.D, Child Psychology
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

This is a very genuine mental health issue and you are indeed paranoid. However a very much detailed mental status examination will be required for a diagnosis to be made and surely a Psychiatrist's opinion in this is mandatory. Once a baseline is established and your condition at the beginning of therapy determined, we can then start sessions for treating this. 

Surely a Psychologist's therapy will benefit you and meanwhile you may require medication for first couple of weeks to rid your mind of delusions, paranoia and open it up for accepting truth and real facts and put you at ease for therapy. I hope you don't ignore this health problem and seek professional help either locally or consult an online psychologist at JustDoc. 

Dr. Akila Sadasivan

Ph.D, Child Psychology
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr. Akila Sadasivan is a clinical Child Neuropsychologist in Bangalore. She has been actively involved in providing awareness and intervention for children with psychological, emotional and behavioural difficulties and her primary interest has been working with children and families of children with Specific learning disorder (SLD).

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Dr. Akila Sadasivan

Ph.D, Child Psychology

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I Feel Detached From Everyone & Everything Around Me - JustDoc

I started feeling very detached from everyone and everything around me. I became scared of random noises and inanimate objects as if they had become real