When the monthly cycle is delayed, women are in state of the biggest panic. But what are the real reasons that your period is delayed? When this is combined with other physical uneasiness, it is natural for you to get all tensed up. This is an easy question to answer for a doctor. So we asked a Gynaecologist for the top 10 most common reasons patients missed their periods and here they are:


This is the most common and most feared reason women miss their periods. But there are certain days of the cycle that are more fertile than others and some days that are less. That means the possibility of getting pregnant depends on the days that you were sexually exposed (intercourse or others).


This is primarily an imbalance of hormones that causes the ovaries to blow up and multiply in cystic formation. With multiple cysts, ovulation is disturbed and that causes periods to be delayed. Read more about it here.

3.Primary Amenorrhea

This is when a woman has never had her periods from the start. At age 16 is when a girl should attain puberty and start menstruating, but if she doesn't it could be a problem.


A fibroid is a mass of tissue that maybe dense and located in your uterus. This can cause your period to get delayed once or every cycle till treatment is started.


All women attain a time when they no longer menstruate due to aging and low estrogen. This has other effects on the body such as Osteoporosis as well, but the major change is loss of periods. While it maybe a welcome change, but it is important to speak to your doctor regarding this before hand to get the correct diagnosis.

6.Lifestyle changes

If you have been working out too much or if you have changed cities or changed your diet and schedule, it reflects on your body in ways you might not realize.

7.Emotional Stress

If your past month or months have been an emotional rollercoaster or if there has been a news that surprised you, it could affect your hormones and in turn your periods.

8.Hormonal Imbalances

Certain hormonal imbalances due to physical problems in the body can lead to missing your periods because the body only menstruates when the estrogen, progesterone, FSH & LH are all balanced at a certain level. Any abnormality can tip this balance and cause anovulation and lead to amenorrhea.


This acts as a partial contraceptive and prevents new mothers from getting periods till they are breastfeeding. Once you stop breastfeeding, your menstrual cycle should return to normal and regular. You can read more about it here.


Certain medications like pills taken to avoid periods, or injections or hormonal therapy taken can have an effect on periods and delay them. Also chemotherapy can delay or completely override the period cycle for any amount of time.

So now you know what could be the likely cause you're missing it, but to get a complete treatment, it is best to speak to a doctor here.