• How Alcohol Abuse can be the worst teen abuse of all?

    Alcohol is the most underrated abuse of all time. Abusers seldom realise they are not victims of abuse, but abusing it to the point where it becomes an addiction due to the "kick" it provides and the fun in the loss of inhibitions it has to offer.
    This fun however has proven to be dangerous not only to the mind, but also the body. This Mental Health Day let's devote sometime to see how teenagers under peer pressure or for the same stunt get caught in this act and are found not only guilty by law, but also guilty with accident victims. It shows clearly how underage drinking and driving has been proven risky for all! This is a mental health issue that can be easily handled with aid of an experienced counsellor and guidance of friends and family. So why wait before its too late?

    Leave your comments below and any experiences you would like to share about such experiences with others you know or the past.
    Be careful! Drive safe.

  • 5 Tips To Avoid Stress Induced Weight Gain

    Have you ever thought why you gain so much weight when you are under stress? All of our jobs are stressful and no one can go stress-free in today's world. However what you can do is take care of your one life the best you can. So follow these tips to keep your weight in control and stress under check.

    1. Take 5 meals in a day but small ones

    Avoid eating heavy meals at a time together as your stomach cannot handle the sudden weight. Eat at a regular time and keep it fixed, because your stomach secretes acid as per your body’s clock at the same time everyday, so eating at that time digests most of the food. Taking food at irregular intervals on a day-to-day basis has been found by research to be the biggest cause of stress-related obesity. Also when you eat smaller meals spread across the day 5-6 times, it effectively reduces the calories you take in a day since your meals are smaller and lighter even though you are eating 5 times.

    2. Exercise for atleast 45 minutes daily

    This is a must for a healthy body and mind. Yes, a healthy mind too. Exercise releases endorphins while working out and increases adrenaline in your body, that in turn increases oxygen flow to each cell of your body, making it breathe better. What’s to learn is, there are hardly any better things you can do to better help you maintain weight and keep your health good. A good workout makes your heart rate rise and your body “sweat it out”. You can skip a day at work, but at all costs avoid skipping a day at the gym, unless you are ill. Atleast spend 45 minutes of a good activity (not walking) such as running, jogging or on the gym equipment.

    3. Manage your Stress and Anxiety:

    Stress is a major problem in everyone’s life. A lot of people don’t even realise they are in stress until they start facing problems due to stress. Most people don’t want to change their lifestyle even if they are under stress. Stress can be a major deteriorator for your body’s metabolism as it takes up all the available energy and eats up a lot of space in your head. Instead free up the space available from stress and use it instead for good thoughts that help keep your body’s metabolism to function well easier. Practice cutting out unnecessary thoughts and negative actions at home or work and keep calm, to avoid obesity. Typically stress-related fats are deposited around your belly area. So if you do start developing fat around there, be sure to check your schedule for signs of stress. In severe cases do take a stress counselling.

    4. Sleep on time and for a fixed duration:

    Sleeping helps your body rejuvenate and replenish itself, cutting out all the toxins accumulated over the day. On an average 7 hours of sleep are advised by sleep experts and this is non-negotiable, unless you are less than 3 years of age, in which case the amount of hours are higher! So without this element, your body will stress out in itself without you noticing and that is how all the world’s illnesses are born. To keep yourself in fit shape, this is a must-do and you have to find time to give yourself an uninterrupted sleep.

    5. Quit smoking:

    The stomach lining are slippery, like a drainage pipe so that fats do not get stuck there, however, smoking erodes this lining and makes it rougher, prompting you to eat more to keep your stomach calm. This is easier said than done, I understand, but once you realise the reasons you want to quit for, your motivation itself carries you down the journey. Read about help on how to stop smoking here or you must consult the right doctor for this.

    Also more importantly, avoid checking weight daily. You can monitor it once a week at most. And avoid falling prey to the millions of unwanted pills for weight loss that have flooded the internet without even working yet costing you a fortune. Weight gain was a natural process, if you have to lose weight, it has to be natural too, unless you are suffering from an illness. Consult a doctor always before beginning a weight loss program to measure its safety and customise it for your health parameters.

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