• A Beginner's Guide To Better Sleep

    Better quality sleep makes a better you. So, if you’ve problems getting to sleep then follow these great tips. Talk to a doctor about your sleeping pattern.

    (1) Increase The Bright Light Exposure During The Day

    The human body has a natural time-keeping clock which is known as the circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm is highly influential in a person's sleeping patterns because it affects the brain, body and hormones; thereby helping you stay awake during the day and telling the body when it is required to sleep. Natural sunlight or bright light experienced during the day can help one's circadian rhythm behave in a healthy manner. In addition to improving one's level of energy during the day, it can increase the quality of a person's sleep during the night.

    Research has discovered that patients with insomnia who are exposed to bright light during the day will experience an improved quality of sleep and sleep duration. Furthermore, the patients also reduced the time taken to fall asleep by approximately 83%. Another study found that elderly individuals exposed to two hours of bright light during the day experienced a further two hours of sleep per night with an increased sleep efficiency of 80%.

    To date, the majority of sleep pattern research has been conducted on patients with severe sleep conditions. However, it has been reported that people with average sleep patterns can also benefit from exposure to bright light during the day. Daily sunlight exposure can be gained in various ways including the use of an artificial bright light device.

    (2) Do NOT Consume Caffeine Late In The Day

    Needless to say, caffeine is consumed by a large proportion of the US population. Research has found that approximately 90% of the US population drink caffeine on a daily basis . While it can be considered detrimental to one's health, caffeine does have several benefits. In fact, a single dose of caffeine can contribute to increased energy, focus and sports performance. However, if the caffeine is consumed late in the day, the stimulation of the nervous system may negatively affect one's body and impact on relaxing before going to sleep.

    According to research, consumption of caffeine up to six hours before heading to bed can significantly worsen a person's quality of sleep. Evidence found that the caffeine consumed can remain elevated in the blood stream for approximately six to eight hours; therefore, drinking a large amount of caffeine after 4-5 pm is not advised. This is particularly true for people who are caffeine sensitive or have difficulty falling asleep. If one chooses to have a cup of coffee in the evening or late afternoon, it is recommended that the coffee is decaffeinated.

    (3) Do NOT Drink Any Liquids Before Going To Bed

    Excessive urination during the night, also known as 'nocturia', is a condition that can negatively affect one's quality of sleep and daytime energy. By drinking large amounts of liquid before going to bed, it is possible to experience symptoms similar to those with nocturia; however, some individuals are more sensitive than others.

    While it is important to hydrate, it is recommended that one reduce fluid intake later in the evening. For example, one should not drink any fluids approximately one to two hours before going to bed. It is also advised that one use the bathroom before going to bed as this will decrease the chance of waking during the night.

    (4) Try To Sleep And Rise At Consistent Times

    The body's circadian rhythm operates using a set loop cycle that aligns itself with sunrise and sunset. By being consistent with sleeping and waking times, it is possible to increase one's quality of sleep in the long-term. Evidence has found that individuals who engage in irregular sleeping patterns and who go to bed late over weekends will experience poor quality of sleep.

    Research has also found that irregular sleeping patterns can alter a person's circadian rhythm and reduce the levels of melatonin - the hormone that signals one's brain to engage in sleep. If you struggle with sleep patterns, it is recommended that you attempt to develop a habit of going to bed and waking at consistent times each day and night. By keeping to this practice you will soon find that your body will begin to follow the times naturally.

    (5) Use A Comfortable Bed, Pillow And Mattress

    Some individuals may wonder why they sleep better when at a hotel. Research has found that the quality of the mattress has a beneficial effect, as well as the relaxing environment. It has also been reported that new bedding can encourage good sleep patterns.If you’re mattress is getting on then maybe consider a new one - these from Hampton and Rhodes tend to get interesting reviews.

    Consult a doctor online for more information. Don't just take our word, feel free to google JustDoc and read thousands of amazing reviews.

  • Great Tips for Choosing a Hospital Bed

    What do you need to do in order to choose the right hospital bed? Do you want a bed that you can lower every time you need help getting up especially in the morning? Or do you need a bed that is raised so that the caregiver will have an easier time tending you? What do you need the bed to do to ensure that you or your loved one is feeling comfortable using the bed? Have a list where you note down the features that you would love to see in the hospital bed and bring the list to the local provider. They will go through the list you have and consider the features you are looking for in a hospital bed, and also help you in finding the one that will fit your budget. Do you want to know what is usually recommended by Orthopedists around the world

    How long will you or your loved one need the bed for? If you or a family member is looking for a long-term hospital bed, a long-term care (extended-use) might be the better option. This is because they have been built to last, operates quietly and comes in a wide range of colors and styles that are abler to match the décor of your home. If the bed is for temporary use such as recovering from lines or surgery, a standard hospital bed will be all you need. People who need intensive, long-term, and around the clock care can get medical-surgical beds.

    What is the weight capacity needed? The specifications of the bed will have a place indicating the weight capacity of the bed. When considering the weight capacity of the bed, you need to remember that the weight of the mattress, bed linens, and anything else that is going to be placed on the top of the bed. When considering the weight capacity of your mattress, you need to go with one that can handle at least twenty to twenty-five percent of your actual weight.

    When choosing a hospital bed manufacturer you need to consider, how many hours will you or your loved spend on the bed? If you or your loved one is going to spend more than 15 hours daily in the bed, then it is a good idea to go with a full electric bed. You should take this approach when choosing a mattress too. The more time you are going to spend on the bed, then the more likelihood of developing bed sores; making it important to choose the right mattress that will be able to prevent bed sores is key. With a full electric bed, you can expect to change the position regularly which will help in alleviating pressure points on your body.

    How mobile are you or your loved one? Do you have the ability to get in and out of the bed on your own? Do you need a bed that you can lower in order to get out more easily? Can you sit upright on your own easily? Are you completely immobile? You will need to answer these questions before getting help from the local expert in choosing the right hospital bed for you.

  • Tips for Melting Away Belly Fat

    The Modern Lifestyle are based on some pretty unhealthy food stuffs and many different habits that can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Out of convenience and necessity many healthy food choices are side lined and this can eventually lead to stored packets of fat from all those calories that are going unused.

    Belly fat is unsightly for sure, but the disadvantages are not merely esthetic. Belly fat is an especially unhealthy form of weight gain called visceral fat and can have long-term effects to the health and function of the vital organs. Excess fat also lowers the body's capacity to fight disease, improve energy levels and even break out of the vicious cycle of poor health choices.

    Following are a few pointers from the wisdom of Ayurveda that can help to reduce unwanted weight in the belly region.

    Warm water with lemon in the morning

    One of the easiest way to give your metabolism a boost in the early morning and begin the day banishing your belt roll over is with a glass of warm lemon water each morning. All you need is a cup of warm water and some honey or a dash of salt if you prefer. Add a few drops of honey and the potion is complete.

    Chew raw garlic in the morning

    Eat a clove or two in the morning, a few more if you feel up to it. Chew the garlic raw and allow the juices to do their important work. This is a pretty potent and pungent remedy and may take some getting used to. Stick to the plan and work through the pain and soon you will enjoy the benefits.

    Jeera water in the morning

    Jeera water is easy to make, considerably more pleasant than garlic and a good way to begin burning belly fat. Just boil some water with about a tablespoon of cumin seeds. Allow this to seep for about five minutes and then enjoy the tea warm. It is effective at shedding unwanted fat as well as reducing the bloat. This utilised alongside some of the procedures from Dore Aesthetics can work wonders.

    Go for whole grains

    Whole grains for rice, wheats and oats carry more nutritional content than their processed white counterparts. This fiber and nutrition is far better for your health and improves your digestive process. This improved function will result in a better weight balance and great figure.

    Stay away from chemical sugar

    Sugars are nice and sweet, but be sure to steer away from those processed and chemical sugar options. Stick to the healthy sugars in fruits and away from the overloads available in ice creams, soda pop, doughnuts and chewing gums. These are masters at increasing body fat and can do so in record times.

    Water, water all day!

    Water is the element that brings life and without plenty of water in your daily diet you will not have the fluids to regulate weight loss. A grown adult should have at least 8 cups of water a day for optimal health. If you not drinking enough water throughout the day, this is one of the easiest ways to initiate a healthy change for the better.

    To calculate exactly how much water you need each day, follow this rule. Divide your total weight in kilos by 30. The answer will be your ideal amount of water a day in liters. A 90-kilo person should be drinking 3 liters of water each day.

    Say yes to raw foods

    Be sure to get plenty of regular intake of raw fruits and veggies. Raw foods have considerably more vitamins and nutrients and are far better at regulating an ideal weight.

  • The Hidden secret of Juicing

    Juicing Ideas

    Juicing is healthy, but eliminating the rest of the foods from your diet plan isn't healthy and can lead to medical issues, some severe. When used properly, juicing may be superb addition to your day-to-day diet. Juicing does remove a number of the fiber from vegetables and fruits. Inside this review, you will also see if juicing is truly going to aid you misplace weight for the long run.

    What You Must Know About Juicing

    Juicing will be able to help you slim down, and quick. It can also help you decrease weight quickly when you have an event to attend and you have to be a couple pounds lighter. It might be safer to try out a more steady means to lose weight. If you prefer to slim down, a detox diet really isn't the way to do it. You will regain weight once you quit the diet regime. Losing weight is just a side effect.juicing

    A Secret Weapon for Juicing

    Cabbage is among those foods that's related to weight loss too. What's more, beetroot is full of vitamin C. It is regarded as a health option by several individuals because it posesses a good deal of nutrients and vitamins.

    What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Juicing

    Sooner or later, eating six meals per day makes you wish to eat more. Distinct foods have various amounts and kinds of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. You're also permitted to consume different foods, given you could restrain yourself and eat moderately. Additionally, you're not confined to be totally deprived from different foods either. Processed foods are undoubtedly an extraordinary boon. Although whole foods are extremely healthy, they lose the majority of their nutritional value on account of the heat involved with the cooking practice. It enables you to eat healthy whilst incorporating one of the most nutritious food on Earth into your everyday diet.

    Lemon juice is full of vitamins and minerals, too, which you might actually find handy if you're inside this sort of diet. Pure juice also consists of lots of healthy enzymes that help enhance your metabolism and support a healthier digestive system. While juicing for losing weight is an excellent way to drop a couple of those additional pounds, additionally, it has tremendous health benefits. One method to juice for losing weight is through juice fasting. A beetroot juice is the right example.

    Since fruits and vegetable are loaded with virtually all the necessary minerals and vitamins, it's also believed that juicing might help combat cancer. It is a low calorie, high nutrition food. In India, it's the fruit that is often eaten and called Imli.

    You also need to make sure the diet is sustainable and it's something you are able to carry on doing even after you drop the weight. This diet is based on the thought of eating raw foods as a way to find the absolute most from the nutrition readily available in food. The juice diet isn't a newcomer in regards to the bandwagon of famous diets.

    Should you be likely to do this diet, it is best to speak with your physician initially and also have a true diet plan ready so you may ease into it after you've completed the first 3 days to jumpstart your system. Diet has turned into a big issue for men and women in contemporary times. This diet is also known as the three day tuna diet based on what portion of the world your are from. A Detox diet is actually not really a bad idea. More than a few folks are quite skeptical in regards to this detox diet. Remember that if you prefer to try the lemon detox diet, make certain you first talk about this with your physician.

    Hopefully you're just thinking about doing this juicing diet for three days as a way to slim down quickly to jumpstart a new diet program, because this diet is hardly something that you ought to do long-term or often.

    Should you be likely to begin this diet, make sure that you can afford to keep yourself updated with the food and supplements it requires. This 7 day long diet will make it possible for you to slim down quickly. What's more, this diet is only suggested for adults.

    The juicing diet is quite easy to handle and it's best for beginners also. It will work to support and enhance the best effects offered by these physical activities instead of the idea that it works only by its own. 

    You're permitted to eat as much as you like, provided your diet is chiefly consisting of these particular forms of foods. The three day diet includes severe calorie restriction. Don't forget, juice has calories, and nutritional benefit. Although calories are included, they're not sufficient to sustain a body properly with time.

    Talk to a nutritionist online for more details

  • 20 Secret Superfoods to Lose Weight Naturally

    Have you ever wondered why some people lose weight (fast, healthy, and with taste) while other folks get stuck in tiresome diets with little effect? The trick is simple: it’s not about the foods you give up, but the ones that you choose to regularly eat.

    They are often called “super foods” for their extremely high amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They are the perfect breakfast, dinner, and afternoon snack. They are your most loyal allies in the ancient war against the flabby stomach, the love handles, the double chin.

    So when you find yourself thinking about what to eat to lose weight fast, just close your eyes and pick a number from 1 to 20: this powerful list will give you an ultimate answer collectively written by our dieticians & nutritionists. Let’s go!

    Spinach Superfood

    1) Spinach
    Benefits for your weight loss: two cups of spinach contain just a bit more than 15 calories, almost 2 g of protein, and 1.4 g of dietary fibers. In other words, this low-carb grassy veg is perfect to curb hunger without damaging your health. Spinach is also rich in iron (great for your blood vessels and blood cells), calcium (strengthens your bones), vitamins K, C, E, A.

    Apple Superfood

    2) Apples
    Benefits for your weight loss: do you recall the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” It turns out that apples keep not only doctors at bay, but excess weight too. A medium apple presents you with roughly 4 grams of dietary fiber, making it one of the best snacks for those crazy days of running around. Forget about fast food, apples are your best friends! Besides the fibers, apples are also rich in antioxidants (which lower risk of cancer and promote cell reparation), vitamin C, B, calcium, and potassium.

    Dark Chocolate Superfood

    3) Dark chocolate
    Benefits for your weight loss: dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, a subtype of antioxidants. They improve your heart’s health, reduce risk of cancer, and even slow down ageing. Chocolate also has a rather high fiber amount (around 3 grams per ounce), and is just super tasty. Did you know that chocolate fights back depression and improves motivation too? For better results, opt for unsweetened bars with no less than 70% cacao.

    Chilli Peppers Superfood

    4) Chili peppers
    Benefits for your weight loss: all spices are great for losing weight in the fastest and tastiest way possible. Chili peppers boost your metabolism and increase your body’s core temperature, almost literally burning your previously stored fats. Besides that, spices might help you to stay away from salt, which can be disastrous for your diet. A good trick to prepare chili peppers if you’re not exactly a lover of super spicy food would be to grill it until almost black on the outside. By this time, its inside should be soft and resembling a puree. Still hot and spicy, but not as much as in its raw state!

    Oats Superfood

    5) Oats
    Benefits for your weight loss: oats are one of the best sources of beneficial carbohydrates for any dieter. They are also tremendously rich in fibers (half a cup of dry oats has around 5 g of the nutrient), and this fact directly guarantees that you won’t feel hunger anytime soon after eating a good portion of this food. Combine oats with a tablespoon of honey or fresh berries, add a pinch of cinnamon or pour over some Greek yogurt – the combinations are almost endless, and most of them are perfect for losing weight!

    Kale Superfood

    6) Kale
    Benefits for your weight loss: one of the most popular ingredients for green smoothies, kale is a powerful veg to help you lose weight. One cup of this beautiful food has around 5 g of fibers and just 36 calories. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids (which help you to fight inflammatory processes and support your immune system), vitamin K, A, C, antioxidants, and detox nutrients, like natural sulfur.

    Salmon Superfood

    7) Salmon
    Benefits for your weight loss: omega-3 fatty acids, before anything else. You’ll get from 500 to 1,000 milligrams of this valuable nutrient with each three ounces of cooked salmon. Omega-3s are an essential component for the process of building muscle, which is perfect for losing weight. After all, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when you move (and the more fantastic you look after slimming down.)

    Grapefruit Superfood

    8) Grapefruit
    Benefits for your weight loss: all citruses help to keep your metabolism on a good rate, and grapefruits are the most powerful for this matter. Multiple scientific studies confirmed that dieters who eat grapefruits lose significantly more weight that those who don’t. Freshly squeezed juices are also great, but you’ll get more benefits by eating this fruit as it is, thanks to its great amount of fibers.

    Cinnamon Superfood

    9) Cinnamon
    Benefits for your weight loss: diets can be quite boring sometimes, so cinnamon is here to spice up your menu. The more interesting it is, the more likely you’ll stick to it! Just a little pinch of cinnamon can bring most of your dished to the next level of sophistication, so don’t hesitate in using it. Besides that, this fantastic food supports your immune system and helps you to fight chronic diseases. It also lowers blood glucose levels, which is fantastic for your weight loss.

    Quinoa Superfood

    10) Quinoa
    Benefits for your weight loss: quinoa is one of the best sources of protein among all vegetables. It comes in top 150 low carb foods which were recently published by Besthcgdropswebsite.com. It also has almost twice as much fibers as most other grains! Other beneficial properties of quinoa include a high amount of iron, magnesium, and manganese, which help you control blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

    Lean Meat Superfood

    11) Lean meat
    Benefits for your weight loss: proteins, proteins, proteins. A 4 oz sirloin piece has approximately 36 grams of protein. Niacin, zinc and selenium go as a pleasant bonus. The trick here is to pick really lean meat, with as little fat as possible, then you can be sure you won’t mess with your weight loss course. Again, steaks are NOT the problem: extra calories and fats are. A piece of lean meat is a great source of proteins (and happiness), so don’t skip on it! This is an essential component of one of the best dinner to lose weight fast.

    Eggs Superfood

    12) Eggs
    Benefits for your weight loss: eggs are easy to take with you wherever you go. The perfect snack to chase hunger away without indulging in a hot dog or hamburger. Contrary to an old myth, eggs cannot hurt your heart and blood vessels, so don’t hesitate in eating as many of them as you need. Professional nutritionists affirm that dietary cholesterol shouldn’t be your primary point of concern in the war against fats. Rather than that, try to stay away from saturated and trans fats, and your diet will be great!

    Goji Berries Superfood

    13) Goji berries
    Benefits for your weight loss: It may come as a surprise, but this red beauty is packed with proteins, which makes it a fabulous snack. Goji berries are also rich in antioxidants, and vitamins. They help you to control blood sugar levels, have appetite-suppressing properties, and taste just heavenly in a salad or a bowl of oats.

    Bananas Superfood

    14) Bananas
    Benefits for your weight loss: bananas may have a rather high calorie amount (a medium piece has around 100 calories), but they are extremely filling and packed with beneficial nutrients. After all, what would be better: to eat one 100-calorie banana and stay full for several hours, or snack on a 50-calories low-carb fruit and then give in to temptation and devour a bowl of ice cream half an hour later? The answer is obvious. Besides that, bananas are rich in potassium. Did you know that people on a potassium-rich diet have a risk of heart diseases lower by whole 27%?

    Avocados Superfood

    15) Avocados
    Benefits for your weight loss: psst, want to hear a secret? Avocados have even more potassium than bananas. They are also rich in healthy fats (monounsaturated fatty acids), which help to fight inflammation, chronic diseases, and even were associated with a lower risk of cancer. Avocados are a fabulous component for salads, sauces, sushi, or just as a butter substitute (ripe avocados are extremely soft, you can literally spread them over a toast.)

    Broccoli Superfood

    16) Broccoli
    Benefits for your weight loss: broccoli is a type of food that no dieter should leave without attention. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, chromium, and folate, broccolis bear just 55 calories per cup (approximately 150 g). Remember that the best way to prepare broccolis is either to keep them raw or steam them for a very short time (no longer than 4 minutes. This way you’ll preserve most of the nutrients that broccolis have to offer you!

    Almonds Superfood

    17) Almonds
    Benefits for your weight loss: several scientific studies confirmed that eating almonds brings you a significant amount of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps preventing cell damage and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Almonds are also rich in proteins (30 g in one cup) and dietary fibers (18 g in one cup). So each time you ask yourself “what should I eat to slim down?” – grab a handful of almonds as a snack.

    Chia Seeds Superfood

    18) Chia seeds
    Benefits for your weight loss: chia seeds are known for their ability to produce a jelly-like mass in your stomach and guts when consumed. The fact may sound gross, but this is exactly why we feel full for hours straight after eating a bit of chia. These seeds are also digested very slowly, which means that their carbs will provide you with energy for a significant time. The best way to eat chia seeds, perhaps, is to sprinkle them over salads or add them into smoothies.

    Flax Seeds Superfood

    19) Flax seeds
    Benefits for your weight loss: just imagine that one tablespoon of flax seeds contains just 55 calories, but whole 3 g of fibers. Besides that, flax seeds earned the love of dieters from all around the world for their amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which is almost 2 grams per tablespoon. The easiest way to take flax seeds is in grounded form, then you can add them to your smoothies or even use it as flour and bake something!

    Beans Superfood

    20) Beans
    Benefits for your weight loss: beans are known as one of the best sources of plant protein, and protein is essential for losing weight. In fact, scientific researches confirmed that people on a protein-rich diet tend to lose more weight than those who stick to just a mostly low carb diets like hcg. This can be explained by the fact that proteins have a rather high satiety index, and they are an essential component to build muscle. The more muscle you build, the more weight you’ll lose!

    Extra tips & tricks to speed up your weight loss:
    1) Drink plenty of water. This simple action suppresses your appetite and gives you enough energy to not hate your diet.

    2) Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Sleep deprivation is a confirmed risk factor for gaining excess weight. Get enough rest during each night, and see your pounds vanishing with each passing day!

    3) What do you eat? Ask yourself this question every day to keep track of your alimentary habits and see whether they fit your long-term goals or not.

    4) Prepare your meals beforehand. Then you won’t have to fight back the urge to buy something nasty in the store when you feel a sudden hunger during the day.

    5) Don’t worry, be happy. Stress is a double-edged sword – it makes some people lose weight, while others experience just the opposite. In any case, do your best to stay cheerful and happy, as this is what ultimately matters in life!

  • Is Ear Cleaning Necessary?

    Under normal circumstances, your ear canals should never need to be cleaned unless a buildup of wax causes a blockage called cerumen impaction, where earwax completely fills the ear canal and prevents your doctor from doing a proper ear examination. Ear canal cleaning is a bad idea and one that all doctors agree on as our ears are perfectly capable of doing the job without any extra care. Ask a doctor to know more.

    The Reason For Wax In Ears

    Our bodies naturally produce wax to lubricate and protect our ears from infection and dryness. Wax contains anti-bacterial properties to fight off infection and acts as a filter to keep harmful dust and dirt from entering the inner ear by trapping them in the wax. When you move your jaw while talking or chewing the earwax is moved out of the ear canal into the opening where it dries up and drops out. Earwax is formed by glands in the outer section of the ear canal and not in the inner ear, and the only reason why earwax is found deep within the ear against the eardrum is that it was forced there by efforts to remove the wax with something like an earbud or another object.

    The only time it may become necessary to remove wax from the outer ear canal is when it has become hardened and affects our hearing. The only way to clean this hardened wax is by softening it in order to remove it. Using cotton swabs or pointed objects can cause serious problems such as infection, a ruptured eardrum, and significant loss of hearing. Oddly shaped or very small ear canals may make it difficult for the wax to be excreted and could cause cerumen impactions.

    When To Seek Medical Care

    If you suspect an ear impaction you should first visit your doctor who will use an otoscope to examine your ears. Unless you have a perforated eardrum your doctor may recommend using drops to soften the build-up of hardened wax for a few minutes and then allowing it to drain out. Sometimes it may be necessary to use a bulb syringe to gently flush the ear with warm sterilized water to help rid the canal of wax. Ear wax removal from a specialist is the best way to ensure your ears are clean.

    Ear candling is not recommended as clinical trials have found that it does not have the intended vacuum effect, with the result that no wax is removed. In addition, this practice is highly dangerous as it uses an open flame and could result in serious injury.

    If you have the following symptoms associated with ear impaction you need to go to a hospital:

    1. A severe spinning sensation.
    2. Loss of balance.
    3. Inability to walk.
    4. Persistent vomiting
    5. Persistent high fever
    6. A sudden loss of hearing.

    If ears are left alone they will generally do a good job of keeping the ear canals free of wax, you just have to trust the process and not take any unnecessary measures to clean them yourself.

  • What Alcohol Does To Your Body

    To many people, drinking is all about enjoying the moment, relaxing, and an opportunity to socialize with friends, family, and even meet new friends. While the pleasurable effects of having a drink may be undeniable, drinking too much can have severe consequences on your health and body. Some of the harmful effects of drinking too much include: reduced coordination, slowed reflexes, poor judgment, warped thinking, impaired motor and memory functions among many others.

    Some of these effects start to show even on your first beer, though mildly. The more bottles you empty to your stomach, the stronger these effects become. While drinking a glass or two of beer may be pleasurable, anything more than that starts to ruin everything. Prolonged drinking overworks your liver as it tries to remove toxins from the blood, and could also cause cancer.

    Excessing drinking not only affects the body but also has psychological effects too. Most people start suffering from anxiety, depression, withdrawal from society, have unprotected sex, and even become violent. Many of these effects can also lead to domestic violence, suicide, road accidents, and drowning. Knowing what your limit is can however save you from all these.

    What Happens To Your Body When You Take Alcohol?

    Approximately 33% of alcohol is absorbed directly into the body within the first 5 minutes of drinking. Absorption starts right away from the stomach lining, with the remaining percentage is absorbed slowly as it moves down the small intestines. Once it has been absorbed into the bloodstream, the alcohol molecules are dispersed and absorbed into every little tissue in the body through the highly permeable cell membranes.

    Should one ingest more alcohol than his/her body can take alcohol levels in the blood (BAL) increase significantly. The rise in blood alcohol levels starts impairing his/her regular body functions, balance, and cognitive functions. Some people may begin experiencing deteriorated health, weight reduction, and even seem much older than they are.

    alcoholic person

    In layman's language, high blood alcohol levels pose a more significant risk to the individual's health. To avoid this, men are advised to take only two drinks per day, with women only allowed to have just one. Binge drinking (having more than five drinks) is dangerous as it could turn your life around- to the worst.

    Alcohol starts taking a toll on your body and health with the first sip. Some of these effects start right from your brain to every other part of the body. The inability to control alcohol dependence or use (alcoholism) is more of a disease than a habit. If anyone cannot function without having a bottle of beer in the morning, he/she should seed immediate professional treatment. Alcoholism is a disease which if not managed in time, can lead to fatal conditions including death.

    Long-term Effects of Alcohol on the Body

    1. The Brain
    The brain is the first organ to experience the effects of alcohol on the system. It starts off as temporary amnesia where one is unable to remember parts of the previous night. Most drunkards experience vision/speech impairment, impaired memory, and mild seizures while intoxicated. Prolonged drinking is also believed to lead to Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS), commonly related to mild brain cell damage.

    Taking copious amounts of alcohol also forces the body to produce dopamine and GABA in excess. The two chemicals are known to calm the brain and induce the pleasure feeling at the same time. Too much of dopamine and GABA (neurotransmitters) can trigger increased heart rate, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, spasms, hallucinations, night terrors, depression, and aggression.

    Endorphins, one of the natural neurotransmitters produced to reduce pain and especially in rewarding actions (sex, exercise, eating, etc.) can also be produced in excess due to high amounts of alcohol in the system. Although this chemical is meant to help you have pleasant feelings and relaxed, too much of it causes reduced sex drive, extreme fatigue, depression, and anxiety among other problems.

    2. The Liver
    The liver is the hardest hit whenever one gets drunk. The liver is responsible for breaking down or metabolizing alcohol as it gets into the bloodstream. The more alcohol you have in your blood, the harder the liver has to work to break it down. The liver is only capable of breaking down one drink in an hour, which is way less than the amount a casual drinker takes. Under normal circumstances, alcohol is broken down into acetaldehyde, an extremely toxic compound. Prolonged exposure to acetaldehyde is also believed to cause cancer.

    In addition to producing acetaldehyde, lots of fats are produced in the process. These lipids accumulate inside and around the liver, making it inefficient in breaking down toxic compounds. When the liver becomes clogged with these fats, it causes fatty liver disease. This condition is characterized by an inflamed liver or alcoholic hepatitis.

    Continued drinking causes hepatitis to graduate to liver cirrhosis, one of the most dangerous conditions anyone can have. Liver cirrhosis renders liver cells incapable of regenerating, which almost always leads to liver failure or liver cancer.

    3. The Breasts
    According to research, binge drinking raises the risk of breast cancer in women by more than 35%. Alcohol triggers increased estrogen production and levels in the body. Too much estrogen is known to cause a viable environment for cancerous cells to start developing in and around breasts. It only takes three drinks per week to increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer by 15%. The risk is even higher if one is younger.

    4. The Stomach
    Alcohol triggers two things in the stomach: increased acidity and inflammation of stomach wall lining. The increased acidity is believed to cause gastritis, while inflammation on the walls of the same can cause internal bleeding in the stomach, as well as stomach ulcers. A torn stomach lining causes anemia and stomach pains. A sore stomach after taking alcohol is also related to chronic cholecystitis or infection of the gallbladder.

    5. Pancreas
    The pancreas also gets a hit from excessive alcohol use. Having too much to drink is often linked to reduced insulin production. A reduction in insulin production is the leading cause of diabetes.

    6. The Heart
    Too much alcohol in the bloodstream is believed to cause cardiomyopathy (stretching and looping of heart muscles), and myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscles). The two conditions can be fatal if not diagnosed in time. Alcoholism is also known to increase blood lipids and high blood pressure. The raised cholesterol levels can lead to hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.

    7. Bones
    The heavy presence of alcohol in body cells and tissues is also known to dissolve calcium in bones. This increases the risk of bone deterioration, bone fracture, and osteoporosis. Even the lowest amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream can inhibit calcium absorption into the bloodstream. Prolonged exposure of the same can cause your bones to become too weak to support your weight.

    8. The Central Nervous System
    Any slight presence of alcohol in the bloodstream (from the first sip) causes short-term effects such as blurred vision and blurred vision. As the percentage increases, you start experiencing weakened muscles, impaired memory, and reduced reaction time. According to alcohol and drug recovery centre Alo House, alcohol in excess, however, causes cell damage in the nervous system leading to neuropathy. While some of these effects will fade away as alcohol levels decline, binge drinking can make them worse.

    9. The Colon
    Long-term exposure to alcohol and excessive consumption of the same causes development of benign and tiny tumors in the colon. Although these may be harmless in the initial stages, adenomas can lead to the development of pre-cancerous, and larger polyps.


    While alcohol may seem to help drown your worries, you need to be responsible enough to know your limits. Having too much of it can have disastrous effects on your body, and the entire system. Thousands of patients today are fighting for their lives from conditions caused by excessive drinking. Stay away from alcohol if possible to be safe.

    If you have a drinking habit, you can leave it with the help of counselling - talk to an online psychologist

  • 12 Essential Tips That Can Help Keep Your Sinuses Healthy

    Dealing with congestion, sinus pressure, and pain can be a nightmare. Try using the following 12 tips to keep your sinuses clear and healthy:

    Ask a doctor to know more.

    1. Keep your pillow clean and free from allergens.
    You can kill off any dust mites by putting your pillow in your clothes dryer for 10 to 15 minutes on a biweekly basis. Consider investing in a hypoallergenic pillowcase and mattress cover, as well, to keep allergens in check.

    2. Use vibration to clear your sinuses.
    Humming can cause vibrations in your sinus cavity, loosening up congestion. This is particularly effective if you take a cue from monks and hum the word "om".

    3. Avoid dairy products.
    Dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt contain a protein known as casein that may increase allergy symptoms. You can reduce your symptoms by skipping dairy products in favor of nondairy alternatives like coconut milk or almond milk.

    4. Open up your sinuses with acupressure.
    Applying outward pressure to the indentations located on either side of your nostrils can open up the sinuses, providing instant relief.

    5. Keep your sinuses moisturized.
    Sometimes, congestion is not the problem - dryness is. A moisturizing nasal spray can help restore moisture to the sinuses. You also may want to consider using a humidifier.

    6. Stay hydrated.
    According to ENT Specialists of Austin, drinking enough water can do wonders for your sinuses. Aim for eight glasses of water a day to keep your sinuses from causing problems.

    7. Avoid foods that cause inflammation.
    Certain types of food can cause inflammation in the body. For instance, mushrooms, sauerkraut, dried fruit, and peanut butter can all make allergy symptoms worse.

    8. Create an allergen-free sleeping environment.
    Keep the area around your bed free from clutter. This includes removing any books or magazines before you fall asleep. Frequently vacuum your bedroom to remove as many allergens as possible.

    9. Make sure that bacteria is not making the problem worse.
    If you have common symptoms such as congestion, sinus pressure, pain, headaches, and postnasal drip, you may have a bacterial or fungal infection in your sinuses. The Sinus Survival program provides helpful tips on how to deal with these issues.

    10. Eat foods that reduce inflammation.
    Foods like olive oil, blueberries, green tea, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, turmeric, and kale all have properties that help reduce inflammation, making them a great choice for preventing sinus pain.

    11. Look into natural treatments.
    There are a lot of natural products out there that are designed to reduce sinus problems. From grape seed extract to the Discovery formulation by Dr. Maspuier, you can experiment with various natural products to see which ones provide you with the most relief.

    12. Tap into the power of magnesium.
    Taking a 400-500 mg dose of magnesium glycinate shortly before you go to bed can not only help keep your sinuses clear but can also help you sleep better. Of course, check with your doctor first to make sure that it is safe for you to take magnesium.

  • Five Benefits of Human Growth Hormone and few Natural Ways of Increasing this Hormone

    Human growth hormone plays a crucial role in stimulating growth, creating cell regeneration and also helps in maintaining the health of the human brain tissues. This growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is considered as a major hormone that promotes human development and makes you feel youthful.

    However poor growth hormones, can lead to various health issues like, genetic disorders in females, kidney disease, acute depression, reduced bone density, memory loss, hair loss, dry skin, frequents fits of fatigue and many others.
    There are various benefits of HGH treatments for all ages, let’s look at some of them:

    1. Enhances Healing- Growth hormones help in better bone healing by regulating the mineral and bone metabolism. This factor has been especially noticed with regards to fracture healing. Doctors usually recommend its application to accelerate the bone metabolism.

    2. Increases the overall Muscle Strength- Human growth hormone is popularly recognised as a stimulator for improving the muscle strength. These hormones improve the muscle functioning by stimulating collagen production in the skeletal muscle and tendons. Scientifically, it has been proved that the use of growth hormones in patients with lower body strength have been very beneficial in normalizing the muscle strength.

    3. Lowers the risk of Cardiovascular Disease – Adults with lower HGH, are more at risk of experiencing a cardiovascular disease. These individuals are observed to have higher body mass, and an altered lipoprotein metabolism which further increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. However those with a balanced growth hormone are found to be less prone to heart diseases.

    4. Better Psychological Health – A balanced growth hormone is a key determinant in maintaining your sound mental and cognitive health. Frequent mood swings or short-term memory loss can also be cured with the help of growth hormones.

    5. Improves Sleep – Growth hormones are usually secreted in the first few hours of your sleep. Therefore adults who have erratic working hours, suffer from irregular sleep or disturbed sleep. Lack of sleep modifies the pituitary and hypothalamus functionality in our body which directly affects the release of growth hormone in our body.

    Today there are various medications and injections that can combat the growth hormone deficiency in adults. Supplements like L-glutamine and L-arginine, can help in increasing the human growth hormone. However there are few natural ways of doing it as well, let’s look at some of them.

    1. Exercise & Yoga- The best way to increase the HGH levels is by getting into a strict regime of exercise. Yoga can help you boost your HGH, all you need to do is practice some breathing exercises daily along with Surya Namaskar and stretching poses. So just spend 10 minutes of your day doing workout and keep your HGH levels under control.

    2. Laugh Enough – Did you know that a heartfelt laughter can not only make you a happier person but also increase your growth hormone? Researchers have observed that Laughter can substantially increase your growth hormones and endorphin levels.

    3. Liver Cleansing – HGH, helps the liver to produce IGF-1, which in return stimulates the production of cells that increase body mass and enhances energy levels. Therefore, a detoxed liver will not only balance HGH, but also improve the overall functioning of your metabolic system.

    4. Vitamin C – Food rich in vitamin C, can help in increasing the growth hormone secretion. You can try adding fruits like strawberries, acerola cherry, papayas, oranges and guava to your diet and supplement the intake of vitamin C.

    At the end, it is evident that Human growth hormones play an important role in keeping our mental and physical state healthy. If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, resulting from low HGH, then immediately contact your doctor. Additionally you can add the preventive measures to your daily life. Remember, a healthy HGH is a healthy you. So laugh often, exercise regularly.

    Source: https://hghinjections.com/hgh/hgh-therapy-for-anti-aging/

  • 5 Best Pharma Companies to Work for

    Here is the list for 2017

    5 Pfizer

    Glassdoor rating: 3.7

    Pfizer is an American biopharmaceutical company. It has earned a reputation for being a global leader due to its world-renowned, best-selling drugs like Lyrica and Viagra. Pfizer develops drugs for numerous therapeutic areas like cardiology and immunology. The company has more than 2,200 reviews, and has emerged as a well-rounded employer, with good scores in every category. Praise was especially given praise in terms of company and benefits as well as work/life balance. There are several Glassdoor reviews that mention the option for undertaking development and training as well as outstanding international career opportunities.

    4 Novartis

    Glassdoor rating: 3.8

    Novartis Pharmaceuticals placed on the 2017 UK Top Employers list compiled by Top Employers. It is a well-established world leader within the life sciences industry. Novartis is based in Switzerland, and specializes in numerous therapeutic areas, including gene and cell therapy, dermatology, immunology and oncology. In general, the company receives high scores in all areas. Some of the things that Glassdoor reviewers were especially impressed with include the company and benefits, culture and values and career opportunities (tends to first hire from within). Some reviews praised Novartis' dedication to delivery and innovation, while others focused on its international, dynamic working environment.

    3 Roche

    Glassdoor rating: 4.0

    Roche Pharmaceuticals is among he largest pharmaceutical companies. The Swiss company has a presence in more than 100 countries. Founded more than 100 years ago, Roche has developed into a world leader in several different disease areas including metabolism, cardiovascular, immunology and infectious diseases. This is a growing area according to Quintiles. Roche makes it way into the top 5 comfortably, with 83% of its employees willing to recommend the company and 94% stating they approve of the CEO of the company Severin Schwan. Roche is praised in the reviews for its outstanding career opportunities and work/life balance. Several also suggest that there is good networking and communication with international colleagues. Several countries named Roche as Top Employer in 2017, including Italy, France, Poland, Spain and the UK.

    2 Eli Lilly

    Glassdoor rating: 4.1

    Eli Lilly was found in the USA 140 years ago. It is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. The company is ranked consistently as an outstanding employer. It has received numerous employer awards including earning a spot on the Business Insider list of Top 50 best work companies to work for in America, and Top Companies for Executive Women, 15th in Company for Mentoring and 10th in Company for Opportunity. Eli Lilly has garnered more than 1100 Glassdoor reviews and has been commended above all for its culture and values, in addition to its work/life balance and company and benefits.

    1 Johnson & Johnson

    Glassdoor rating: 4.1

    According to Glassdoor, Johnson & Johnson is the best pharmaceutical employer. The global pharma company was founded in 1886 in America and has developed into a household name due to the numerous well-known consumer goods that it manufactures including Neturogena, Listerine and Benadryl. Johnson & Johnson is also ranked by Glassdoor as one of the Best Places to Work in the US. The site has more than 3,000 reviews on the company, with most of them praising the company for its stimulating work environment, excellent career opportunities and culture and values.