What does the best swimmer in the world today really eat?

Okay, this is an informative piece and I would not advise you or anyone to try this at home. Michael Phelps has been a world class swimmer and a big part of this is due to his diet. But it is not easy to adapt to this too. A breakfast of 3 fried egg sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and mayo. Along with that 2 cups of coffee and 3 chocolate chip pancakes. 5-egged omelettes and french toasts with powdered sugar along with 1 bowl of a special porridge is a good diet. This is a lot for someone even for 2 days, but for Michael Phelps it gives him the energy he needs. So much so for his breakfast.
The lunch then includes half a kilo of pasta in red sauce and 2 large ham & cheese white bread sandwiches with 2 energy drinks.
The dinner is composed of another half a kilo of red sauce pasta with 6-8 pizza slices and energy drinks.
This is what he eats to get the body prepared to win those gold medals at the Olympics.

How does swimming affect your body then?

Swimming is one of the sports that requires the highest amount of energy. This is clear from the fact that the largest amount of energy is burnt and fast, when you swim compared to other sports for an equal amount of time. This means a good diet is essential to contain all the calories consumed during the game.
Swimmers who are professionals are noted to have developed toned thigh and calf muscles from the continuous motion of the legs. It is not only one of the best but also one of the toughest sports to compete in the world.