India is the world's capital of Diabetes, which means we have the largest number of Diabetics. Somehow the one thing that most of us don't know is that our diet could be contributing factor to this chronic illness. It is one of the things that makes us different from other populations and it could be the most vital. If we correct this one feature, we might be able to avoid this "epidemic".

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Our food is something that can easily push us towards Diabetes or prevent it, depending on our body's reaction to glucose. Foods rich is sugar, that can increase blood glucose should be avoided (this includes tea and coffee). Also processed foods with trans fats and high cholesterol should be avoided, especially those fried foods and/or ones with sugar syrups. These foods disrupt the body's balance of glucose and insulin and cause inflammation and increase risk of obesity.

Carbs in your diet must also be eaten in moderation, because they can increase blood glucose. Glycemic Index is how the food increases the blood glucose. Some foods have higher GI, while others like dry beans, dals, vegetables low in starch whole wheat breads and cereals have a low GI and are better.

Eating a healthy diet is the easiest way to prevent Diabetes. And while it seems like it is just a "sugar disease", it is not. It has a whole lot of other problems it causes in the body due to Diabetes. These can be prevented but never cured by eating more fruits and vegetables in your diet that are fresh. Small meals with whole grains (wheat instead of maida), fish more than red meats, beans & dals (pulses), and liquid oils.
Avoid saturated fats, high-calorie snacks and desserts, like chips, ice cream etc.

Even 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis or losing upto 10% of your current weight(in overweight individuals) reduces the risk of Diabetes Type 2(the most common form).

But anyone facing frequent urination, thirst, unusual weight loss, lethargy, frequent infections should definitely see a doctor to get a Diabetes check. However, it can be kept under control with diet & lifestyle modification.