Alcohol is the most underrated abuse of all time. Abusers seldom realise they are not victims of abuse, but abusing it to the point where it becomes an addiction due to the "kick" it provides and the fun in the loss of inhibitions it has to offer.
This fun however has proven to be dangerous not only to the mind, but also the body. This Mental Health Day let's devote sometime to see how teenagers under peer pressure or for the same stunt get caught in this act and are found not only guilty by law, but also guilty with accident victims. It shows clearly how underage drinking and driving has been proven risky for all! This is a mental health issue that can be easily handled with aid of an experienced counsellor and guidance of friends and family. So why wait before its too late?

Leave your comments below and any experiences you would like to share about such experiences with others you know or the past.
Be careful! Drive safe.