We just entered into a new year and among the most common New Year Resolutions is to shed off the extra weight gained around the last year. At the same time, it is also a fact that one of the most alarming issues among the people of all ages is the obesity. No doubt it is because we are least bothered by our eating habits and day to day lifestyles.

Obesity is Escalating at an Alarming Rate:

We do not get involved in any kind of physical activity and at the same time, we no more eat healthy foods. Getting women involved in the workforce, families hardly get home cooked food. Most of the time we see people hanging out eating junk food which ultimately leads to obesity.

This is the case with people of all ages and from all walks of life. There was a time when obesity had nothing to do with the kids. Today we see this problem so common among the children. Again, it is because they remain intact with their tablets, video games and phones that they do not get them involved in any kind of physical activity.

Weight Loss Plans in the Market:

Considering the intensity of this issue we see so many weight loss plans in the market and not all of them are meant for everyone. At the same time, it is worth stating here that people are equally worried about getting themselves back in to shape. Then again a very small number of people remain successful in losing the desired weight.

Physical Factors Related to Weight Gain:

There are several things to be known in this regards. Several physical factors that enhance the risk of getting overweight. Some of these are as follows:
1. Prenatal factors like gestational diabetes, maternal overweight, maternal smoking etc
2. Genes
3. Chemical exposure such as bisphenol A, the pesticide DDT
4. Hormonal factors like Cushing’s disease, PCOs
5. Medications like anti-seizure, antidepressants etc
6. Little sleep affecting the hormones that control the appetite, weight gain and other eating habits
7. Exposure to antibiotics that change the bacteria in the gut
8. Lifestyle that makes the person eat too much making unhealthy choices and least movement

No doubt we cannot undo the prenatal and previous experiences, also we cannot change the genes however we can change our lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle and get facilitation in losing the weight. This is where hypnosis can be really helpful for the people.

Unconscious and Emotional Factors that Add to the Weight:

At times, our mind believes that the food is one of the essential tools to facilitate people in functioning properly in their day to day activities. Therefore, if a part of a person believes that being overweight is associated with necessary behaviours, you may less likely be careful towards the personal eating habits. Some of the examples are as follows:
1. Eating in order to enhance the comfortable feelings
2. Eating in order to reduce the feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety and several other emotions
3. Weight being acting as a buffer between you and the people around you particular with the ones that share the intimate relationships with you
4. Positive identification in your life i.e. past, or present
5. Thinking good times to be the ones that are dense with calories, processed, fatty, and sugary foods
6. Fattening beverages and food items that are thought to be rewarded for the good behaviours
7. Considering the obesity to be a defence against the fear of failure
8. Weight acting as a rebellious attitude against the ones who upset you about being overweight

Researchers about Hypnotism and Weight Loss:

Several types of research have shown that the stress reduction and weight loss with hypnotherapy work really well like relaxation training, mindfulness, and other cognitive behavioural therapy. Yet again there have been researchers that have found that hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy working to lose weight prove to be more effective in every possible manner.

How Hypnosis Changes your Body and the Mind?

Hypnosis facilitates you in knowing about the unconscious barriers to lose weight and add to the chances of success with the help of a variety of suggestions. Some of these are as follows:
1. Inner ally development supports the person in making the necessary changes.
2. Increase the confidence and competence with the help of affirming and encouraging language
3. Visualizing that you have achieved your goals of losing weight and making you feel good about it
4. Getting in partnership with the part of unconsciousness brings the required change
5. Comforting the part of you that has always been afraid of change
6. To understand that why you need to use the weight as a tool
7. Reframing your previous eating habits to lead you to a safe and healthy eating practices
8. Visualization of healthier tools in order to navigate the personal relationships
9. Mental practice to ensure that healthy tools are automatic

Is Hypnotism Really Useful?

It has been recently that hypnosis has been proven helpful in aiding the weight loss process in certain cases. But as people believe in what they see hence not so many people believe in it. It is still considered to be a wrong notion and nothing else. It has been reported that most of the people willing to lose weight report that they battle with specific food items to maintain their health.

Dieticians view: For instance, most of the dieters say that they find it really difficult to resist the sweets while there are other people who claim that they find it hard to battle against the crunchy or salty food items. Moreover, dieters also say that there are certain times of the day when they feel they have issues in resisting them from eating weight adding food items.

To be honest, all these thought processes and behaviours can be well taken care of by changing the eating habits. It can be well done with the help of hypnotism.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, at this point in time, excess weight affects the lives of people severally and at the same time losing weight is also a challenge indeed. Hypnosis either self-qualified or via professional learnt is facilitating in shedding off the extra pounds. When it is done with the help of hypnotism it remains there for long periods of time.

Therefore, shun the idea of hypnotism and weight loss only when you adopt it and remain unsuccessful in losing the weight. It has proven to be effective in several cases. Need is to be focused and adopt the technique in a professional manner.