You may have heard about pole fitness from a friend or read it somewhere on the internet. However, it was just a passing thing and you easily forgot about it after a few minutes.

But now, here you are again, reading this article out of rekindled curiosity. We've brought together our doctors and fitness experts to write in detail about pole fitness. We've listed some of the reasons we think should be enough to get you to at least give pole fitness a try.

1) It's sexually suggestive

Myth: It's indecent and should only be seen in nightclubs. This is the stereotype, pole dancing is branded with. International Pole Sports Federation is a real thing.

However, this hasn't stopped its continuous rise in popularity, both among women and men. Being branded as such also has its benefits. It opens a great topic for discussion on discrimination, the boundaries on what men and women can do, and how it can empower a person's life. This widens your perspective on many things and allows you to interact with people and talk about things that transcend a simple dance exercise.

2) You become an actor/actress for a moment
You can imagine you're playing the role of a dancer in strip clubs, except you don't need to strip to make everything erotic.

Using carefully planned choreography, slow and precise muscle movements, and inviting floor works, you get to unleash your hidden sensuality without inciting physical contact with your audience. It's a safe way to unleash your inner seductress/gigolo while strengthening your muscles simultaneously.

3) You get to have a bonding moment with friends
Taking classes together with friends makes everything more fun and entertaining. Having someone you can talk to, practice with, and perform for, increases motivation to continue improving your skills on the dance pole.

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4) You get more attention and instruction
Unlike other fitness classes, pole dancing courses usually have fewer students. This gives instructors more time to focus on each student and assist them to achieve proper form and perform better moves and tricks.
It's almost like you have a personal coach because of the attention you can get from your trainer.

5) It combines several disciplines into one
Pole dancing moves are created by combining gymnastics, dancing, and ballet. Add a little of yoga and Pilates, and wear high-heels all at the same time. That's how a regular day works for pole dancers.

Pole dancing also beats individual gym exercises by combining endurance, strength, and flexibility training in just a few moves. After you're done with your routine, you'll feel like you did a whole day workout at the gym. You may quickly get exhausted at first, but you can soon feel the fruits of your labor.

6) It uses your own weight against you
Ask any pole dancer, who have tried both regular gym workouts and pole dancing, which is more difficult: gym weight training or pole dancing. We're sure that most of them will say pole dancing is more challenging.

Despite being more difficult, more women prefer pole dancing over regular gym training probably due to the benefits you get from it. A simple pole climb is harder to do than bicep curls because you're pulling your weight up in the air instead of 2kg of metal.

Even if the exercises are harder to execute, you're working more muscles all throughout your body which is obviously way better.

7) It gives a sense of accomplishment
Those who have tried it went crazy after they successfully executed moves they thought was impossible for them to do. Since the moves are harder to do than expected, you get a sudden burst of confidence and exhilaration when you get to properly execute even one of them. This makes it more addicting in a good way.

8) It does more than just tone your muscles
It looks easy when pole dancers do their act because they've trained countless of hours to perfect one whole routine. It takes incredible amounts of patience and perseverance which are the key factors you should remember if you want to succeed in this art form. As time passes, you also get to build your confidence while you get a more toned body from continuously perfecting your routine.
These key concepts can be applied in other areas in your life, including career and relationship.