Losing weight can be hard. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of different recommendations, and they are often quite… Controversial.

Some diets affirm you can eat ONLY proteins and fats, get into a state called “ketosis” and start using ketone bodies for energy. Other diets affirm that the human body is not accustomed to processing most of the foods available on the modern market and that we should eat exclusively what our paleo ancestors ate. Hell, there are even a couple of Asian approaches that claim you can eat sunlight (yep, sunlight) by staring at it, and gradually give up on food for good.

Sigh. I don’t’ know about you, but I prefer to base my health and fitness aspirations on solid scientific evidence. Also, I love beans.

The best part? Scientific studies claim they are absolutely fabulous to include in your diet if you want to lose weight. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting numbers.

Beans suppress cravings for sugars and processed Food

In 2010, a study researched whether a daily intake of 100 g of chickpeas could somehow affect food choice, hunger, and overall bowel health. In order to check that, they’ve gathered 42 participants and asked them to live 4 weeks on their usual diet, then 4 weeks on their usual diet PLUS 104 g of chickpeas per day, and then just their usual eating regime for 4 more weeks. During all these time, participants were asked to keep track of their hunger and cravings in a “food diary” of sorts, and the results were just amazing. During the “chickpea period”, participants reported that they:
- Tended to eat less in general
- Felt more satiated and energized
- Felt like their bowel function improved
- Experienced fewer cravings for such snacks like cereals

Initiate burning of fat and increase calorie expenditure

Beans are FABULOUS sources of arginine, an extremely important amino acid that’s used in the human body to build proteins. Numerous modern researchers have confirmed that arginine boosts the mitochondria of your cells (the organelles that work as “power plants”) and tweaks the body’s energy metabolism into burning previously stored fat without storing much of fresh one. Instead, arginine promotes muscle building as well. In fact, arginine is one of the reasons why the so-called HCG low-calorie protocol diet is one of the most effective weight loss plans of the last 60 years. The course is supported by HCG oral weight loss drops, a special formula that contains a good amount of arginine (along with dozens of other powerful fat-burners).

Plant-based protein sources are much more satiating than animal ones

A recent study published in 2016 revealed that such foods as beans and peas are much more efficient sources of protein than animal products like all kinds of meat (veal and pork in particular). Moreover, it turned out that a vegetable dish with a moderate to the low content of proteins is actually as filling and tasty as a meat-based meal. Most likely, this is due to the high amount of fibres present in virtually all plant-based foods, but anyway, the message remains the same: eat vegs to keep hunger at bay.

Regular beans consumption decreases serum cholesterol

A lot of animal studies have confirmed that the resistant starches present in beans can reduce the overall cholesterol level in the blood, thus minimizing cardiovascular risk, preventing heart attacks and stroke. All in all, this correlates well with the overall action of beans on body fat and confirms the multimodal benefits that this fabulous food can offer you in the long run. Also, by improving the general health of your cardiovascular system, you are much more likely to achieve great results in any kind of physical performance and make your workouts so much more effective.

Dried beans are among the best snacks ever to avoid junk food

You’ve heard about nuts; you’ve heard about seeds. But what about dried beans, have you ever tried them? Studies confirm that they are absolutely PACKED with micronutrients like zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium – all of which are essential to keep the metabolism of your body working at the perfect rates to lose weight and avoid gaining it for quite a long time. Also, the fibres. And the proteins. It’s an all-win snack!

The Bottom Line

If you are a person who wants some sort of guarantee that their weight loss aspirations won’t be in vain, beans are pretty much the answer. Packed over the edge with fabulous nutrients and beneficial fibres, these are your best friends to slim down in a quick and healthy fashion. To recap, these are the main benefits of taking beans regularly:
• Reduce sugar cravings and desire for processed foods
• Promote burning of fat and increase energy expenditure
• Plant-based protein sources are more effective (in terms of satiety) than animal-based ones
• Regular bean consumption can help you to control blood cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health
• Beans have a lot of micronutrients that ensure your metabolism will be well-balanced and ready to start burning previously stored fats when you stick to a low-carb diet