• A New Dimension with Netmeds

    Through today’s increasingly digitally connected world, new technology has significantly impacted the healthcare field in areas of communication, treatment, research, and information gathering.

    We launched JustDoc in 2015 with a vision to leverage technology to improve healthcare. Allowing patients to do video consultations with doctors 24/7 via our website and app, JustDoc became the new ‘Skype for patients’.

    We were fortunate to partner with Mohit Saxena (Co-Founder, InMobi), Tracxn, Mohandas Pai, Raghunandan G (Co-Founder, TaxiForSure), Singapore Angel Network and others in growing JustDoc. With a team of over 300 doctors from top hospitals in the country, we reached to even a bigger audience, via phone or site.

    Over the next 2 years, we focussed on providing a better service to patients and adding more specializations. With the addition of Cardiology, Oncology and other super specialities, we are able to offer patients help in 17 different specializations. In our years of service, we have facilitated over 400,000 consultations till date and handled more than 1000 consultations per day. We also had plans on partnering with government and private hospitals for its services to bring about a pan-India experience.

    The vision and mission of our company are more of a promise to connect a patient to a doctor in no time, via a digital platform; thereby making health care accessible to everyone in a developing country like ours. With Online Patient-Physician communication, the patients are able to self - educate themselves on medical issues and treatment options. Doctors establish contact with patients, launch public awareness campaigns and more.

    With our ambitious approach to shake the healthcare sector in the country, we’ve re-routed ourselves to achieve our goals. Online pharmacy NetMeds has acquired JustDoc in a cash-and-stock deal. As a part of the acquisition, the JustDoc team has been fully absorbed by Netmeds in order to integrate its technology to roll out a new service in the coming days.

    We'd like to thank all of our customers, doctors, employees and investors for being part of our journey. If you have any questions about how this acquisition will affect you, please write to us at support@justdoc.com.

    If you are a customer, you can continue to user JustDoc platform for doctor consultation and diagnostic booking. Furthermore, you can also order medicine from anywhere in India on Netmeds Website.

  • Important Tips on How to Use Cialis Tadalafil Generic

    Sex can be considered one of man’s best inventions; it is what holds our relationships together. Unfortunately, while most men can attain steady erections for hours, there is a section that has to deal with frustrations due to their inability to rise to the occasion. There is nothing wrong with erectile dysfunction (ED) since it is a common, not life-threatening condition that can be treated. In as much as the main function of all ED drugs is to treat erectile disorders, each ED medicine differs from the other in terms of the chemicals they possess, their purpose, and timing of use. Without understanding these fundamental concepts, you should not purchase drugs, let alone use ED drugs.

    One of the most renowned erectile dysfunctional drugs is Tadalafil, otherwise known by its brand name Cialis. The drug helps men with ED attain a steady erection for up to 36 hours. The drug works by blocking the activity of enzyme cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) found in the smooth muscles of the penis, causing an increase in the levels cGMP in the smooth muscles. This in turn causes the muscles to relax and vasodilate, triggering flow of blood into the erectile tissue, resulting in a firm and long-lasting erection. Although accustomed to treating erectile disorders, it can also be used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy symptoms.

    Uses and Effects

    Cialis Generic is an oral tablet that is consumed by mouth with water. There are two types of these tablets: regular and once-a-day tablets. The once-a-day pill should be taken on a daily basis and is available from as low as 2mg per day. The regular Cialis tablet is administered only once a day, but strictly when necessary. In as much as the standard tablets exist in small quantities of 10mg, it can be taken in large amounts of 50mg and above. However, the right dose should only be prescribed by the doctor. It important to point out is that the efficiency of Cialis Tadalafil does not depend on the quantities taken but on individual response to the treatment. You can take the medicine with or without food.


    There are many other important factors to consider when taking Cialis Generic. It is important to adhere to the dosage instructions to avoid experiencing side effects of the drug or its complete ineffectiveness. Firstly, take the once-a-day tablet at the same time daily, possibly at sunrise, after lunch, or in the morning. Secondly, try and avoid alcohol and tobacco during the course of your treatment. Alcohol can not only affect the drug’s performance but might as well lower blood pressure and even affect the overall sexual performance. The case is the same for grapefruit and its products.

    You can buy Cialis Tadalafil Generic on Meds4sure.

    It is also important to disclose all your medical conditions to your doctor during your consultation. Let a physician and/or pharmacist know if you suffer from heart diseases, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases, ulcers, and allergies. Therefore, opening up to your doctor no matter how mild you may think your medical condition is will go a long way in averting severe side effects of the drug or worsen the current health complications. It is also important to disclose information about the drugs you are taking. Following these “rules” will help you avoid possible drug interactions that might come with severe side effects.

    Suitable examples of such drugs are nitrates used for treating chest pain including, but not limited to Isosorbide Dinitrate and Nitroglycerin. Also, recreational drugs like poppers should not be used during treatment with Cialis to avoid excessively low blood pressure.

    Another factor to consider before purchasing and using Cialis Tadalafil is the source. It is true that there are many pharmacies, both offline and online that you can get the drug from. However, the authenticity of these establishments is very important as it is essential in determining the quality of the medicine you eventually purchase and use. This ensures that you get correct and a professional piece of advice and a prescription, as well as a quality medicine from reputable manufacturers. It is also important to think about your lifestyle. Avoid the use of narcotics and minimize the alcohol consumption. You should also avoid using marijuana or other hard drugs as they are known to affect the effectiveness of the drug.

    Sex is psychological, in as much as it requires physical involvement. You must, therefore, ensure that your state of mind is perfect and focused on the business at hand. Typically, using Cialis might cause some side effects like mild headaches, nausea, muscle and back pain, nasal, dyspepsia, and flushing. The risks of these side effects are likely to increase if the medicine is abused or misused.

    Cases of low blood pressure, deformation of the penis, long and painful erections (priapism) along with the loss of vision are common when using Cialis Tadalafil. All these can immensely affect your sexual life, even though the main reason for using the drug is to manage ED. In such instances, the best thing to do is to seek immediate professional medical attention; call your doctor or pharmacist.

    Bottom Line

    People love sex. Actually, it is considered the pillar of most relationships. It is therefore paramount to do everything in your power to protect your sex life. It is, however, important to remain cognizant of the fact that erectile dysfunction can be caused by a myriad of reasons; any man can be affected. You must remain vigilant and seek requisite medical attention as soon as you experience symptoms of ED.

    While it is true that there are many readily available remedies, both off-shelf and prescription drugs, it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice from a qualified and competent physician first. The best way to get right Cialis Generic is to make good use of online sources. The Internet is flooded with websites selling this drug. Carefully review each site and only purchase from the best online pharmacies. When used accordingly, Cialis Tadalafil can definitely help manage ED. It is considered a weekend pill because its effect lasts up to 36 hours, making it the most convenient ED drug in the world.

  • Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

    April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month, but the issue should really be addressed all year round.This disease is the most common cancer among men ages 15-34 and has been responsible for over 9,000 fatalities in the last year according to the American Cancer Society. The cancer itself is almost 100% curable if diagnosed early enough. The sooner you are able to identify the symptoms, the better chance you will be able to treat it. There are steps you can do for self-check-ups and this should be done at minimum once a month. It is very easy and takes up little to no time, so follow these steps:
    1. Make sure that you are checking one testicle at a time. The best time to do this is after a shower, in front of a mirror. Make sure that your scrotum is relaxed.
    2. Place your thumb on one side and your middle and index finger on the other side of the testicle. Gently roll your fingers around. Repeat for both testicles.
    3. Make sure to check for any type of changes in size or consistency. If there are hard lumps or rounded bumps there might be a problem.
    4. If you experience any irregularities, contact your doctor immediately.

    It is important to pay attention to your help and check yourself regularly so that you’re aware of any signs of possible cancer. Self-examinations are lifesavers, so make sure you know what to look for. You can take action before the stages of cancer progress. In the visual below, Hims put together some information about what to expect if diagnosed with testicular cancer.


    Knowing what to expect if you get testicular cancer can be really crucial in living a normal life. If the cancer was detected late, there is a possibility to have both testicles removed. It is recommended to save the sperm if you plan to have children in the future. In most cases, one testicle would be removed. After surgery, it is a definite possibility to have children so do some research and be aware of your options. However, your sex drive will be highly impacted, making it much more difficult to sustain an erection to have sex. Hims came up with a way to prescribe Sildenafil to men right to their door by connecting with online doctors. After answering a few questions from the doctors, they will ship you the prescription to your home. No in-person conversations or long wait times.

    By knowing what to look for, you have the knowledge to make a difference in your life. It is important to make the self-checkups part of your monthly routine. If you were to be diagnosed, you will know what to expect and how to maintain good sexual wellness.

  • Tips for a Career In The Medical Field

    The medical field is a very multifaceted field that is very challenging. Health care professionals have a high level of expectations in the job and many people don't realize how important each and every task is from the housekeeping staff to the surgeons. However, in spite of the complexity of the field, medical professional's resumes have to have a goal and a purpose. They must be noticed by the employer. There aren't any specific standards to make them stand out other than the following tips to help you reach out to the potential employer and get the job you apply for. You can also apply for a job at JustDoc, please mail your resumes to doctors@justdoc.com

    Simplify the context and the structure of your resume to help it stand out from the crowd. In the medical world, there are terminologies, and there are procedures that are already so complex that it's challenging. Just because the person reviewing your resume is in the medical profession doesn't mean that they understand all of the terms that you're using in your resume.

    Keep the verbiage simple to ensure that everyone can understand it. You will have patients and co-workers from all walks of life and you want to make sure that you capture the attention of the reviewer. Simple is a good way to capture this attention. While you need to ensure that you're using the appropriate fonts and styles, you will also want to be careful to keep it simple. Use bullet points and easy to understand words.

    Be very specific about the job in the cover letter and the resume. There are a wide variety of jobs in the medical field so it's important to be concise and to the point. A resume service can help with this and if you’re interested in getting someone to showcase your abilities, then read this piece on the ultimate guide to choosing the best resume writing service.

    A pediatric nurse isn't going to have the same responsibilities that the psychiatric nurse is going to have. Yet, the term nurse is often all that is stated on the resume. The key here is to give concise information on what job you're desiring.

    Highlight your skills, achievements and your experiences. This will help you to stand out from the crowd. Your resume is going to be more interesting if it can showcase your abilities and experiences. Recruiters and hiring managers want to know how you perform and any significant contributions you've made in the past. Thus, you'll want to emphasize these achievements and contributions so that they don't have to look for them.

    Be very accurate and concise regarding your training and your education. In the medical industry, they want to see degrees and the right education. Newly graduated personnel should highlight and emphasize this section to ensure that they're standing out from the crowd. Always remember that the pertinent training and the educational background are indicative of how proficient and capable you are in the various non-clinical and clinical tasks. While this doesn't have to be a long detailed report, it should show what you've done and any courses that have been completed. Always state the degrees, courses and anything else that you've accomplished. Name the school, the year that you graduated and declare all certifications and licensures as well as the dates and where they were obtained.

    Proofread! This can't be emphasized enough. Always cross check and ask a friend in the profession to look it over too. The more eyes, the better. Constructive feedback is important and will keep you from any typos and grammatical errors.

    Keep it short, recruiters will lose interest in long resumes that are too wordy or too poorly structured. Attach an appropriate cover letter that will enhance your chances of being called in for that interview.

  • Tips For Practicing Safer Sex

    How can you enjoy and explore your sexuality while reducing the risks of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STD)? Well, chances are you know the answers to this question, but from time to time, our judgment fails us, only to end up not using protection. In this brief post, we are going to list a few tips that may help you be more proactive when it comes to safe sex. Listen to what our sexologists have to say about it.

    Create limits and boundaries regarding safe sex in advance. One of the best ways to go around this is by writing down those limits as it will help you remember that they’re crucial and non-negotiable.

    Always carry your own condom. Do not expect your partner to have the condoms. Always bring your own and remember to check the expiry date.

    Saferstdtesting advise that you make safer sex and part of sex, instead of perceiving it as something that interferes with the enjoyment.

    Avoid having sex when too drunk or high. That’s because alcohol can force to make poor decisions including having unprotected sex.

    Role-play safer sex conversations with pals. Practicing what to say and do as well as coming up with strategies for handling tough situations can help you become more assertive and comfortable when talking about sex in a real scenario. The reason you may want to do this with friends is that the best advice and input comes from those who really understand your concerns and share your experiences.

    If you have a history of sexual abuse, consider consulting a therapist, counsellor or even a support group. These parties can be of great use in the healing process and can help you choose an excellent partner and settings that make you feel most comfortable.

    Do not rush into higher-risk sexual activities. It is advisable to start with the low or no-risk activities as they help you build trust and communication.

    Work towards being able to talk comfortably about sex and sexual health with your partner and friends. It is easier to be safe when you are not embarrassed.

    Choose sexual partners who do not put all the responsibility for safe sex on you. Pick partners who are just as proactive in safety discussions as you.

    Do not shame yourself if you find it difficult. Most people have been brought up with the stigma that talking about sex is not romantic. However, that could not be farther from the truth. It not only shows what you like and don’t like about sex but also help implement healthy sexual habits.

  • The Benefits of Charging Stations in Hospitals

    A hospital is usually an emergency setting. The hours of waiting can be stressful, regardless of the situation and the last thing you and your loved ones want to worry about is cell phone battery level. More often than not, the battery percentage is the last thing on a person’s mind when rushing to a hospital, and it’s not uncommon to come across people desperately looking for a charger in this environment.

    Even if you have a charger, chances are you will be searching everywhere for an outlet or a USB port to juice up your cell phone. However, this can be a dangerous thing. Most people do not consider the safety of charging and this may put the lives of patients in danger. For example, if you plug in your charger into a hospital’s machine USB port, you may be compromising its function since it might be gathering important patient’s details or even keeping them alive. As such, it is essential to have ideal charging solutions for people when in an emergency.

    That said, here are some of the benefits of mobile phone charging stations in hospital environments.

    The first and perhaps most important benefit of having ideal charging stations is people will avoid plugging into restricted outlets and USB ports that could compromise certain devices’ functions.

    Another benefit of cell phone charging stations rentals is significantly reduced stressed for patrons. During critical times, patients and their loved ones need to communicate with each other and their friends. A phone is crucial at this time, and with ideal charging solutions, they don’t have to worry about battery juice.

    Charging station solutions, a great example being Veloxity, can be utilized for corporate branding and even patient education. This significantly reduces the need for conventional paper materials.

    Since will are in an era fueled by technological advancements and innovation, providing charging stations in various institutions and facilities including hospitals has become a standard practice. Veloxity solutions make the installation process quick and do it in a convenient manner.

    With cell phone charging solutions, it is not just the individuals in the waiting rooms that benefit. Employees and hospital guests can take advantage of these solutions as well. The stations can be installed in various places such as waiting rooms, next to vending machines and almost anywhere accessible to most people. You don’t have to worry about that battery low warning anymore while in a hospital.

  • An interesting way to lose weight

    We just entered into a new year and among the most common New Year Resolutions is to shed off the extra weight gained around the last year. At the same time, it is also a fact that one of the most alarming issues among the people of all ages is the obesity. No doubt it is because we are least bothered by our eating habits and day to day lifestyles.

    Obesity is Escalating at an Alarming Rate:

    We do not get involved in any kind of physical activity and at the same time, we no more eat healthy foods. Getting women involved in the workforce, families hardly get home cooked food. Most of the time we see people hanging out eating junk food which ultimately leads to obesity.

    This is the case with people of all ages and from all walks of life. There was a time when obesity had nothing to do with the kids. Today we see this problem so common among the children. Again, it is because they remain intact with their tablets, video games and phones that they do not get them involved in any kind of physical activity.

    Weight Loss Plans in the Market:

    Considering the intensity of this issue we see so many weight loss plans in the market and not all of them are meant for everyone. At the same time, it is worth stating here that people are equally worried about getting themselves back in to shape. Then again a very small number of people remain successful in losing the desired weight.

    Physical Factors Related to Weight Gain:

    There are several things to be known in this regards. Several physical factors that enhance the risk of getting overweight. Some of these are as follows:
    1. Prenatal factors like gestational diabetes, maternal overweight, maternal smoking etc
    2. Genes
    3. Chemical exposure such as bisphenol A, the pesticide DDT
    4. Hormonal factors like Cushing’s disease, PCOs
    5. Medications like anti-seizure, antidepressants etc
    6. Little sleep affecting the hormones that control the appetite, weight gain and other eating habits
    7. Exposure to antibiotics that change the bacteria in the gut
    8. Lifestyle that makes the person eat too much making unhealthy choices and least movement

    No doubt we cannot undo the prenatal and previous experiences, also we cannot change the genes however we can change our lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle and get facilitation in losing the weight. This is where hypnosis can be really helpful for the people.

    Unconscious and Emotional Factors that Add to the Weight:

    At times, our mind believes that the food is one of the essential tools to facilitate people in functioning properly in their day to day activities. Therefore, if a part of a person believes that being overweight is associated with necessary behaviours, you may less likely be careful towards the personal eating habits. Some of the examples are as follows:
    1. Eating in order to enhance the comfortable feelings
    2. Eating in order to reduce the feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety and several other emotions
    3. Weight being acting as a buffer between you and the people around you particular with the ones that share the intimate relationships with you
    4. Positive identification in your life i.e. past, or present
    5. Thinking good times to be the ones that are dense with calories, processed, fatty, and sugary foods
    6. Fattening beverages and food items that are thought to be rewarded for the good behaviours
    7. Considering the obesity to be a defence against the fear of failure
    8. Weight acting as a rebellious attitude against the ones who upset you about being overweight

    Researchers about Hypnotism and Weight Loss:

    Several types of research have shown that the stress reduction and weight loss with hypnotherapy work really well like relaxation training, mindfulness, and other cognitive behavioural therapy. Yet again there have been researchers that have found that hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy working to lose weight prove to be more effective in every possible manner.

    How Hypnosis Changes your Body and the Mind?

    Hypnosis facilitates you in knowing about the unconscious barriers to lose weight and add to the chances of success with the help of a variety of suggestions. Some of these are as follows:
    1. Inner ally development supports the person in making the necessary changes.
    2. Increase the confidence and competence with the help of affirming and encouraging language
    3. Visualizing that you have achieved your goals of losing weight and making you feel good about it
    4. Getting in partnership with the part of unconsciousness brings the required change
    5. Comforting the part of you that has always been afraid of change
    6. To understand that why you need to use the weight as a tool
    7. Reframing your previous eating habits to lead you to a safe and healthy eating practices
    8. Visualization of healthier tools in order to navigate the personal relationships
    9. Mental practice to ensure that healthy tools are automatic

    Is Hypnotism Really Useful?

    It has been recently that hypnosis has been proven helpful in aiding the weight loss process in certain cases. But as people believe in what they see hence not so many people believe in it. It is still considered to be a wrong notion and nothing else. It has been reported that most of the people willing to lose weight report that they battle with specific food items to maintain their health.

    Dieticians view: For instance, most of the dieters say that they find it really difficult to resist the sweets while there are other people who claim that they find it hard to battle against the crunchy or salty food items. Moreover, dieters also say that there are certain times of the day when they feel they have issues in resisting them from eating weight adding food items.

    To be honest, all these thought processes and behaviours can be well taken care of by changing the eating habits. It can be well done with the help of hypnotism.

    Conclusion: In a nutshell, at this point in time, excess weight affects the lives of people severally and at the same time losing weight is also a challenge indeed. Hypnosis either self-qualified or via professional learnt is facilitating in shedding off the extra pounds. When it is done with the help of hypnotism it remains there for long periods of time.

    Therefore, shun the idea of hypnotism and weight loss only when you adopt it and remain unsuccessful in losing the weight. It has proven to be effective in several cases. Need is to be focused and adopt the technique in a professional manner.

  • Patient Retention Tips for Clinical Trials

    The strategies and techniques used for recruiting patients have changed substantially given the growing engagement of patients within clinical research trials. Also, there have been dramatic changes in the very tools that patients use when they're trying to learn about trials. Keep reading to learn 5 of the best practices you can use to successfully recruit patients for your office or practice:

    1) Know who your target audience is. One critical question to ask might be phrased: "What's the specific population of patients for this particular study?" Another could be: "Where would this patient population be most likely to attain their education and information?" A third good one is this: "Are these patients likely to be engaged in social media or online avenues?" Also consider just what channels do patients engage with; what kinds of HCPs can treat the particular condition in question; the optimum ways to work in conjunction with HCPs, healthy systems, and hospitals in the identification of eligible patients; and the extent to which professional allies, such as nurses, social workers, and pharmacists, might be involved in the treatment of the condition in question. If the trial is abroad you may need to take cultural aspects into consideration and if it’s in a different language life sciences translation services could be a necessity.

    2) Create a promotional plan that is heavily based on the known preferences of target audiences. It needs to include outreach efforts to both advocacy groups and HCPs. Your promotional plan should also involve numerous media channels, covering radio and TV, print, and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    3) Identify screening mechanisms to sort prospective patients. Once potential patients are identified, you need a screening process in place, which can be implemented through a study website, an interactive voice response system, or even a dedicated call centre. Both the exclusion and inclusion criteria of the study should be evaluated in any screening process. Figure out if HCPs like skilled nurses are necessary for more complex pre-screening, should extensive medical knowledge be required. Also factor in the possibility of multilingual communication being necessary. Is so, the pre-screening questionnaire should be translated. Also, consider partnering up with any pharmaceutical call centre offering multilingual operators.

    4) Accelerate the process which refers patients to a study site. After an initial screening gets completed, there should be a process in place that expediently and efficiently refers a patient to a study site for further evaluation. Numerous options exist for this, including warm transfers, where the call centre operator can start up three-way calling that connects a prospect to their closest available research site. Appointment scheduling is another possibility, where site appointment openings are listed in a database the call centre can use to schedule something immediately. Appointment confirmation materials are another good idea, as these can include the time and date of an appointment, driving or transportation directions, pre-visitation instructions, and general information about the study.

    5) Put a system in place to patient referrals can be tracked for following up. Once a patient gets referred to a particular study site, it's crucial that the site quickly contacts them for further evaluation and potential study enrollment. Expedient follow-through and appointments getting scheduled to require the right system and process. Online solutions that track patient progression starting with referral and ending with enrollment are good ideas. A study site could have an online portal that lets them see what patients are referred to their particular site, providing information on the larger enrollment process. Portals need to be secured and HIPAA-compliant. Online systems mean that an underperforming site gets identified quickly so that necessary resources can be reallocated to it. A sponsor could even analyze how many patients didn't get through screening, making necessary adjustments to exclusion and inclusion criteria. Any patient recruitment initiative which incorporates these five areas is going to speed up the timeline for patient recruitment and boost the chances of a patient enrollment quota being successfully met.

    When It Comes To Retaining Patients, What Are The Best Practices?

    Once a patient is enrolled in a clinical study, the focus is then on retention throughout the trial, as well as ensuring compliance. When study-related tasks and responsibilities are at the forefront of their mind, an enrolled study participant is far more likely to stay within protocol guidelines. Many potential solutions lie at your disposal here. You can ensure compliance with your study-related obligations by using reminders through telephone, mail, and email; appointment scheduling; online patient diaries; online or telephone reporting mechanism; and centralized communications for information sharing, following up, after-hours support, and rescheduling appointments.

    In conclusion, recruitment, paired with retention, is crucial to the timely completion of clinical trials. Industry Standard Research pooled industry leaders in 2015 about recruiting and retaining patients, and over a quarter of them reported that the best possible practice was to use a whole basket of approaches covering many different recruitment outlets. Obviously, no individual recruitment approach works in all circumstances, but a varied mix of many different initiatives can prove successful.

    If you're working in a life-science company that wants to develop and then implement initiatives to recruit and retain patients, then you need plans customized to your target group. A pharmaceutical call centre proves useful in this, given the tools and resources they have to speed up your enrollment and boost your patient retention rates.

    Know about uses and side effets of popular drugs


    Millions of people all over the world are suffering from one or other form of mental illness. In a highly developed country like the USA, one in every five adult persons experiences mental health problems. Mental health involves social, psychological as well as emotional well being. Our psychologists & psychiatrists share their experience of dealing these issues with society.

    It governs our ability to handle stress and relate ourselves to the society. The factors which contribute to the mental illness are
    • Hereditary factors • Passing through stressful situation for a long time • Insecurity and uncertainty • Trauma • Biological factors such as imbalances in various neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin etc.

    Treatment of mental illness

    There are several types of mental disorders such as depression, bipolar, panic attack, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia etc (source). The treatment involves counselling, therapies and medications. Usually, the treatment of mental illness prolongs for pretty long time. In some severe cases, it may be necessary to provide treatment for the whole life. The modern fourth generation psychiatric medicines work in neurotransmitter level providing great relief to the hapless patients. In almost all the countries of the world social stigma about mental illness poses obstacles in bringing the suffering patients to the ambit of modern treatment. The other hindrances in tackling the problem are lack of facilities and a dearth of qualified psychiatrists and mental health nurses. The World Health Organization has taken up a comprehensive plan of action for 2013-2020. It will focus on attitudinal changes for doing away with social stigma and criminal discriminations which have isolated the patients from society as well as the expansion of facilities for providing quality service to the mental health patients.

    Mental health and the nurses

    The mental health nurses have big roles to play in this crusade against mental disorders. The role of mental health nurses is distinctly different from the general nurses. The role demands great stamina both in physical as well as mental levels. The mental health nurses have to work in different environments which may include outpatient department and wards of hospitals, homes, in residences and community centres. The patients vary from children to very old.

    The various roles of mental health nurses

    ¬ Dealing with and providing cares to the acute patients. During the acute stage of the illness, the patients can be unpredictable and demanding. The nurses have to be highly compassionate and energetic in order to build a healthy emotional relationship with the patient. The patients may have various emotional as well as physical needs which may seem to be unnatural when compared to a general patient. The nurses have to meet all such needs in order to provide effective care to the patient. At times the nurse has to be diligent and at other time, demanding strict compliance from the patient may serve the purpose. This will only be possible when the patient will start believing the nurse and depend on the nurse for every emotional and physical need. The patient would find the solace from the confidence, enthusiasm and love in the eyes of the caregiving nurse.

    ¬ Administration of medicine and carrying out other treatment paraphernalia. Regular time bound medication is the core of the treatment and the responsibility for this lies on the nurse in totality. Often the medication may have some side effects. The nurse must be well equipped to deal with such side effects of the medicine. The nurse has also to monitor the result of the treatment and give feedback to the psychiatrist treating the patient. The nurses have trained in different faculties of nursing as well as symptoms of mental disorders. This theoretical knowledge strengthened by the experience in nursing gives them the power to recognize and identify the status of mental disorder of the patients, the improvements or deteriorations etc.

    ¬ Helping the patients in their endeavour to face specific mental illness symptoms. The nurses are well trained to help the patients deal stressful situations. In various stages of the illness, the patients may require overcoming many challenges. The nurses give them proper guidance at such circumstances. In most cases, the patients may refuse the medicines. Such situations are quite challenging for the nurses. The patient may become angry and behave rudely with the nurse. But the nurse has to be patient and keep calm. The confident and patient dealing of the nurse will surely bring senses to the patient.

    ¬ Helping the family to deal with the situation. The family members of the patient particularly the caregiver have to pass through stressful situations. The social stigma and various prejudices about the side effects of the medications make the situation very tough for them. Due to the intimate attachment with the patient, every suffering of the patient pains them. It is the duty of the mental health nurse to provide comfort to the family members. This they do by depicting the right picture of the illness, by identifying the improvements, by creating high hopes about the remission, by giving advice how to deal with the long treatment modalities, by telling the importance of keeping themselves healthy physically and mentally.

    ¬ Improvements in personal hygiene of the patient. Most mentally ill patients neglect personal hygiene. It is very important to bring them back to good personal hygiene habits. The nurses can play a very important role in this. Disciplining personal hygiene habits disciplines the mental faculty of the patients. This, in turn, helps in improving the mental illness. Regular physical exercises, games, swimming etc should be encouraged. This improves alertness of the brain. Physical exercise also improves the status of the neurotransmitters.

    In order to successfully accomplish all the above roles, the mental health nurses have to be versatile and perceptive. The nurses have to work around the patients’ lives. This may require arduous and long hours of work as well as travel to reach different locations. The jobs of mental health nurses are really a test of their inherent strength of personality and character. The nurses require lots of walking and should wear good quality shoes. This would provide comfort to their tired feet while giving a solemn look.

  • 5 Reasons Why Beans Are Your Best Friends To Lose Weight

    Losing weight can be hard. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of different recommendations, and they are often quite… Controversial.

    Some diets affirm you can eat ONLY proteins and fats, get into a state called “ketosis” and start using ketone bodies for energy. Other diets affirm that the human body is not accustomed to processing most of the foods available on the modern market and that we should eat exclusively what our paleo ancestors ate. Hell, there are even a couple of Asian approaches that claim you can eat sunlight (yep, sunlight) by staring at it, and gradually give up on food for good.

    Sigh. I don’t’ know about you, but I prefer to base my health and fitness aspirations on solid scientific evidence. Also, I love beans.

    The best part? Scientific studies claim they are absolutely fabulous to include in your diet if you want to lose weight. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting numbers.

    Beans suppress cravings for sugars and processed Food

    In 2010, a study researched whether a daily intake of 100 g of chickpeas could somehow affect food choice, hunger, and overall bowel health. In order to check that, they’ve gathered 42 participants and asked them to live 4 weeks on their usual diet, then 4 weeks on their usual diet PLUS 104 g of chickpeas per day, and then just their usual eating regime for 4 more weeks. During all these time, participants were asked to keep track of their hunger and cravings in a “food diary” of sorts, and the results were just amazing. During the “chickpea period”, participants reported that they:
    - Tended to eat less in general
    - Felt more satiated and energized
    - Felt like their bowel function improved
    - Experienced fewer cravings for such snacks like cereals

    Initiate burning of fat and increase calorie expenditure

    Beans are FABULOUS sources of arginine, an extremely important amino acid that’s used in the human body to build proteins. Numerous modern researchers have confirmed that arginine boosts the mitochondria of your cells (the organelles that work as “power plants”) and tweaks the body’s energy metabolism into burning previously stored fat without storing much of fresh one. Instead, arginine promotes muscle building as well. In fact, arginine is one of the reasons why the so-called HCG low-calorie protocol diet is one of the most effective weight loss plans of the last 60 years. The course is supported by HCG oral weight loss drops, a special formula that contains a good amount of arginine (along with dozens of other powerful fat-burners).

    Plant-based protein sources are much more satiating than animal ones

    A recent study published in 2016 revealed that such foods as beans and peas are much more efficient sources of protein than animal products like all kinds of meat (veal and pork in particular). Moreover, it turned out that a vegetable dish with a moderate to the low content of proteins is actually as filling and tasty as a meat-based meal. Most likely, this is due to the high amount of fibres present in virtually all plant-based foods, but anyway, the message remains the same: eat vegs to keep hunger at bay.

    Regular beans consumption decreases serum cholesterol

    A lot of animal studies have confirmed that the resistant starches present in beans can reduce the overall cholesterol level in the blood, thus minimizing cardiovascular risk, preventing heart attacks and stroke. All in all, this correlates well with the overall action of beans on body fat and confirms the multimodal benefits that this fabulous food can offer you in the long run. Also, by improving the general health of your cardiovascular system, you are much more likely to achieve great results in any kind of physical performance and make your workouts so much more effective.

    Dried beans are among the best snacks ever to avoid junk food

    You’ve heard about nuts; you’ve heard about seeds. But what about dried beans, have you ever tried them? Studies confirm that they are absolutely PACKED with micronutrients like zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium – all of which are essential to keep the metabolism of your body working at the perfect rates to lose weight and avoid gaining it for quite a long time. Also, the fibres. And the proteins. It’s an all-win snack!

    The Bottom Line

    If you are a person who wants some sort of guarantee that their weight loss aspirations won’t be in vain, beans are pretty much the answer. Packed over the edge with fabulous nutrients and beneficial fibres, these are your best friends to slim down in a quick and healthy fashion. To recap, these are the main benefits of taking beans regularly:
    • Reduce sugar cravings and desire for processed foods
    • Promote burning of fat and increase energy expenditure
    • Plant-based protein sources are more effective (in terms of satiety) than animal-based ones
    • Regular bean consumption can help you to control blood cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health
    • Beans have a lot of micronutrients that ensure your metabolism will be well-balanced and ready to start burning previously stored fats when you stick to a low-carb diet